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400 mile MPG Test with the 2022 Jeep Gladiator Overland

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400 mile MPG Test with the 2022 Jeep Gladiator Overland

Back in 2019 i sent in a request to jeep about the brand new gladiator that was three years ago they sent me a nice little gift pack thanking me for looking at it this is out on my desk for three years now and guess what this last week i got it a brand new 2022 jeep gladiator overlander today on reviews it we are going to talk about this vehicle and take it on

A mileage test for over 400 miles hello i’m todd cotta and thank you for watching reviews it yes i have been uh driving all kinds of trucks these days the other day i got rid of my at4 looks just like this right here and i wanted to do something a little bit smaller not so off-roady i looked at lots of different options i looked at the colorado’s the canyons the

Rangers the forerunners the forerunners the frontiers and the toyotas the tacomas but nothing really fit me and you know it’s been 15 years since i’ve owned a jeep so i dropped it went down and picked up this 2022 gladiator overland now what i am not is a off-roader rock crawler in those things i do go to the mountains i do camp i do those things but i don’t

Consider myself a hardcore person when it comes to off-roading and all those kinds of things and that’s why the overland fit my needs perfectly this package on this one here has the led package it’s about 1500 bucks 500 bucks for the bed liner that it came with and this one has the preferred customer equipment package which is about 4 000. with that you get the

Bigger screen you have better controls leather interior get a lot more options when you get that preferred customer equipment package and frankly this is exactly the vehicle i was looking for in the jeep lineup you have the the basic sport and then the variants of that like the willys and a few other ones down there on the base model end and then you come up to

This one the overlander which if you look at the jeep lineup on the wranglers this one would be considered the sahara edition but they call this the overlander because we have the painted fenders and all those things next up is the rubicon which has been the long-standing number one seller for jeep and then now they have the mojave version of this which is even

Higher specked out and much much much more expensive so today this is the introduction to my truck and this whole video is going to be about ride comfort it’s going to be about mileage and what it’s like to drive this thing from central california all the way to las vegas and we’re going to hit that right now as we got up at 6 00 am gassed up in hanford and

Headed off through the central valley of california lots of farmland and great sunrise over the sierras we then headed up the tehachi pass to mojave across mojave to see the wind mills as they were turning in the wind and we stopped in barstow for fuel well we’re about halfway to vegas and um we are in barstow california nice little truck stop pilot gas prices are

554 for unleaded fuel here let me take a look at our mile so far we are at 212.8 miles and it says here we have 19.6 on the screen is a mixture of uh mountain driving and flatland driving high desert and agricultural so uh 20 miles a gallon we’re gonna go fill it up right now and see what we got i’ll come right back with you okay okay we just filled up we’re at

Uh the pilot here and it’s uh 10.905 gallons let’s go do the math okay so let me talk about what we did real quick uh we drove the speed limit so uh on the freeways where it was 65 we drove 65 and the sp fairways where it was 70 we did 70. light winds all day long averaging about 55 degrees outside to 60 degrees and the final number is 212 0.8 miles divided into

10.905 is 19 point let me see if there we go 19.514 miles per gallon not too bad for a jeep going at highway speeds now the other day when i was driving on a local freeway at 55 miles an hour i was fighting up to about 23 miles per gallon but uh you know what two people with a whole loaded luggage and everything else at 19.514 not too bad we’re gonna do one more

Time this time we’re heading from barstow all the way to vegas and we’re going to do one more mileage check we’re back in the jeep looking at the mileage 128.9 right there and 6.737 is 19.13 so we lost about a half a mile a gallon with that wind butting at us but we were going 71 miles an hour and still getting past like we were standing still so it looks like

We averaged just over 19 miles a gallon all the way from central california to vegas not too bad for a brick going down the road this is the v6 motor pentastar v6 i just couldn’t justify the um four thousand dollars for that diesel for the amount of long trips i take and the amount of miles i drive per year so you know what not too bad and we are getting ready

To go to conference well if you look ahead of us here you’ll see the wonderful town of los vegas city i should say now i’m here with rick and me and we’ve been going for almost uh what six hours now we left six a.m yeah noon uh is this a jeep like you’ve ever ridden in before not at all it’s a very comfortable and kind of like a leisure automobile yeah i’ve

Owned jeeps in the past and wind noise and i guess i guess the hardest thing about driving this thing is it compared to my gmc at4 that i just sold is that it’s not as solid on the road you know it’s not as heavy so you can feel the wind a little more and when trucks go by but ride wise it’s been very you’re talking two different classes of automobiles that’s

True that’s true but i gotta tell you this is a beautiful riding uh smooth uh with the exception of the heavy winds which we we and everybody else on 15 have been experiencing it’s been a awesome ride you know that and the wind noise uh has gone a little bit more because we’ve got 40 mile-hour winds coming at us the wind noise has been a little more uh active

You might say but uh overall with uh this v6 and this uh gladiator with the overland edition i think it’s a smashing success what do you think i do too good well there you go guys thank you for watching reviews it please subscribe below i hope you enjoyed this review and here we are arriving in vegas you know my prologue to our video right now is what do we

Get coming home we know we got just about 19.5 getting there but let’s see we got coming home we filled up in jean which is right outside of las vegas and now we are almost home in bakersfield and let’s see what we got right now all right we got uh 12.217 now let’s go inside and uh do the math all right so we have the final numbers now we’re at 267 miles and

The car says 21.8 right there now let’s take a look at the calculator 12 21.87 miles per gallon coming back non-stop we stay maybe we made one stop in between here so there’s one stop in the middle of 267 miles and we got right at 21.9 miles per gallon and that is highway speeds at 70 miles an hour cruise control set for a jeep that’s fantastic i could have

Probably gotten two or three miles gallon more if i was in a diesel but this is the v6 now if i made this trip every day a diesel would be worth it but but i don’t do this every day it’s more city stuff and the amount of miles i drive per year it would take 10 years to offset the cost of the diesel well there you go that was a little add-on to the video we hope

You enjoyed it please subscribe below and thank you for watching reviews it

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400 mile MPG Test with the 2022 Jeep Gladiator Overland By Todd Cotta