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BMW Z4 M40i by @Mosselman Turbo Systems

What’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by auto top now my name is max and today we are checking out this bmw z4 m40i by muzzlemon now we’ve made a review with the stock car which we really really liked but i always felt that it could use a little bit more power i mean an m340i has 370 horsepower 74 horsepower and this only has 340 so i always

Felt like it could do with a little upgrade now this is muscle man’s car and we’ve been at mozaman a couple of times they tuned our m135i we filmed at their dyno they are awesome guys and they deliver a great product now this car is for sale at muscle month we’ll take a walk around i’ll show you the spec i’ll show you all the goodies on it and then you can decide

If you want to buy it but if you are interested in buying it contact muscle mom i’ll put their info in the description so that’s what we’re going to start with and after that we’ll take it for a little drive towards the old man for an ultraman blast this spec oh my god i’m getting old getting up is getting harder and harder the spec we’ve got this frozen dark gray

Which is really nice it i think it fits the z4 very well because it makes it a little less friendly you know a z4 we drove uh the stock car in in like a red a bright red and it’s a very friendly and safe car i think the mods especially the wheels with this color this frozen dark gray and all the black accents around the car like the grill and the front bumper it

Really really adds some anger to it and a bit of seriousness what’s up so the z4 i think this is optional but this car also has the dark headlights i think i think you can get that as an option that the interior of the headlight is all black but yeah i really like it and then we’ve got these wheels these hre wheels 20 inch um really really beautiful wheel and

Then we’ve got these pilot sport 4s tires by michelle around that uh just a regular and performance brakes they are really great but this is a beautiful wheel very very nice and then we’ve got these little side blades in black as well mirrors all this surround stuff we’ve got this dark gray fabric roof and i have to say that the wheels do make it look a bit more

Like a sports car you know also a little less friendly and then at the rear we’ve got a ramus exhaust just the rear silencer is by ramus so it’s opf and cat and everything is it’s very safe a little muscle one sticker there and then let’s check out the engine the b58 three liter inline six turbocharged engine we know and love and then we’ve got another lovely

Mod here which is an inventory intake absolutely gorgeous carbon fiber intake and we’ve got a remap by muscle mom so this car now delivers 400 horsepower and 610 newton meters of torque and that’s up from as i said 340 horsepower and 500 newton meters of torque so this is like the first step the the first stage of tuning your car if you have a z4 and you want a

Little bit more power is that 4m40i and you you know you’ve gotten used to 340 horsepower this is a very good and safe step i mean this is basically foolproof now you should never say something is foolproof because then it will go wrong but this is basically foolproof and the engine can cope with this super easily i did forget one more mod we’ve got a kw suspension

Kit so this is a plug and play kit that fits to the car and uses the regular driving modes to adjust the stiffness of the dampers so that is really nice start it up and then on the interior we’ve got this lovely red leather which i really like i think in my stock z4 and 40i review we had that red car and i said it was a bit boring inside because everything was

Black so i really really like this this is a really cool spec on the inside with the door panels as well and then the speaker covers in that aluminium very very nice now you can see it’s a real two-seater it is a very nice place to be it’s the car sort of wraps around you yeah you sit nice and low it’s a very very nice roadster all right the strange this always

Reminds me of a lexus f logo you see what i mean the little very strange all right whatever sport plus traction control off there we go now the whole transformation of this car from very friendly to a little less friendly to a bit more serious and a bit more sports car that goes for the exterior but it also goes for the power train of course and the suspension

And the sound so basically everything has been turned up a little bit you can already hear you can hear that even turkey intake blowing off you can hear the exhaust is a bit louder than stock it’s nothing crazy though and then you’ve got the increase in power which is also very very noticeable it’s just all been turned up and it’s really nice because the car

Can handle it so easily um that 340 horsepower is is nothing for for this car for this chassis it can handle so much more all right so now the launch control doesn’t really work anymore with this tune so we’re just going to floor it because oh that’s quick because the traction control you have to have the traction control in sport mode in this car to have

Launch control and the traction control just thinks what what’s happening there’s too much power and it’s it’s just not delivering so just flooring it from a standstill is the fastest way to get away and it’ll do 4.4 seconds from zero to 100. now you might think you know the stock car does 4.5 that’s not that big of an increase but we’ve actually been able to do

4.7 in the stock car that was the quickest we were able to do so it’s still three tenths of a second oh that’s lovely that is absolutely lovely you can just feel that the car is so much more eager to go and that combined with that much louder exhaust note you still have that bit of blow through the exhaust but that’s also because you have that opf you can hear that

It’s not completely free-flowing but it is much better than stock the stock car sounds nice but this is just a little bit deeper and a little bit more racy and it will go sideways so easily break traction and just it feels so controllable okay i’m going to close the roof we can do that while driving up to 50 kilometers an hour no one behind us and it goes really

Quickly actually that’s it wow that’s quick all right so the dampers i have to say i’m in sport plus mode right now so they should be in their most stiff setting it’s a really nice balance because you can definitely feel that the car is a bit lower bit more direct but you don’t miss out on like the roadster cruiser capability it’s still very very comfortable

Actually all right at the ultraman full throttle now here we go so the stock car is limited at 250 kilometers an hour this doesn’t have a limiter anymore so we should be able to get up there quickly and then passed it quickly so it actually pulls through pretty impressively that’s 280. but it is apart from you know the wind noise you get of course with this

Convertible roof it’s very subtle it’s very easy laid back almost you can feel that this car can do this and it’s quite happy to do it now of course we also measured the 100 to 200 performance of this tuned car now the stock car we measured at 11.75 this car we measured at 9.61 uh so that is that is a big difference that’s more than two seconds quicker than the

Stock car i would say that is a very good result we also measured the zero to 250 kilometers an hour which was five seconds quicker so this did 27 seconds very very impressive five seconds quicker than stalk the amazing thing is you can see you can hear i can feel it it runs like a bmw there are no weird things hitches glitches whatever in the power delivery

It is it feels like a stock bmw it basically feels a bit like as that 4m would feel maybe you know that would have a bit more power but you can definitely feel that it’s a bit more sharp it’s a bit more aggressive it’s a bit faster obviously i’m curious why why why is the bmw not making a z4m i mean the s58 in this car would be absolutely amazing right i

Think that would be an awesome awesome car because this chassis is amazing it it feels so compliant yet when you want it to you can throw it around throw it into a corner you can drive it on track the stock car is actually faster than the bmw m2 around the nowhere great so it’s a very capable car and then this muscle montu just adds a little bit of spice which

It can definitely use the stock car is amazing but this definitely brings everything up to a level that you would enjoy for a bit longer and would also maybe extract some more joy from because it is a bit more challenging to drive so as i said this car is for sale at muscle man if you’re interested check out the details in the description uh it is an amazing car

I’m going to end this review here we are at the border so fun is over thanks for watching hope you enjoyed it you can subscribe by clicking the big button in the middle you can also check out this video on the right or go check out this playlist on the left see the next one bye

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