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440hp Turbo 1994 Mazda Miata POV Drive (Binaural Audio)

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Take a ride in this 440hp Turbo Miata. The 1.8L engine has been built and bored to 1.9L and it’s ready to spin the rear wheels on demand.

Welcome back i’m tedward and this is a 1994 mazda miata but it has 440 horsepower this turbo n a miata is honestly terrifying i’m gonna take you out for a drive we’re gonna go as hard as we can safely on public roads but i’m not gonna lie uh i was unaware how sketchy and terrifying these can be uh it’s built all right so first let me just show you around the

Car we’re on fox coilovers we’ve got will wood brakes you’ve got to make this thing handle and stop we’ve got safety components added like this nice roll bar and some sweet sparco racing seats now these are hard mounted to the floor they’re not on sliders so i took the liberty of giving myself a pillow so i can sit in here so first let me just pop the hood

And show you what we’re working with and i’m gonna grab this hood prop over here very technical i love it when people build psycho cars oh baby look at that what a genius all right so don’t boost your stock block too too much right you don’t want to make more than like 275 to 300 horsepower on a stock block this one has been built so yes it has the original

Stock crank but it has upgraded forged pistons and rods and all kinds of good stuff we’re actually working with r35 coils to keep up with this thing there’s your big old ford warner turbo putting out about 22 psi and as pretty as it is under here it doesn’t matter because this is all about the driving experience there’s definitely no nannies on this car and

He’s got the perfect keychain all right before we go for a drive i just want to say shout out to garage 42 storage facility up in woburn massachusetts for helping support this video they’ve got my m5 up in their beautiful climate controlled facility right now so if you need to keep your baby safe for the winter or just for the foreseeable future give the boys up

At garage 42 a call all right let’s do it that’s how you know you’ve got a tuner car and it’s a miata we’re gonna go top down you will see me start in second gear it’s geared super crazy low it’s actually the nb 6 speed transmission and rear end so first gear pretty useless the first thing i noticed when i drive this car is this clutch catches immediately

The second you start coming off that pedal you are moving the car’s so light that you’re just gonna go there’s no waiting the next thing is that the throttle is incredibly sensitive probably too sensitive i would i would back that off a little bit just to have more control over the modulation we need to find some bigger roads who who says that in a miata how

Are you in a miata thinking i don’t have enough road to go wide open honestly going wide open in this car already feels like it’s going to be terrifying it revs to 8 200 rpm pretty much right to the edge of the tack i would never ever ever give this to somebody who didn’t have experience or respect for power are you kidding me uh yeah i’m like a little scared

Of it let’s go find some faster roads this is this is gonna kill me your best options for making power in a miata or building a power miata number one you’re gonna do an ls swap in it you do what the fly miata boys do number two squirrel don’t kill yourself thank you number two you do a honda swap you get vtec you basically make an s2000 with a miata very cool

Or number three like this you build up a 1.8 liter strapper turbo to it and send it to the freaking moon wow wow oh my god i’m not joking like i i’m pretty blown away right now i promise this is not an act i don’t think i’ve even come to redline i’m still sitting kind of around 7 500 rpm but like i said there are weak points in these cars and once

You’ve built up the internals of the engine you’ve really just got to think about the gearbox in the rear end so you know you’re not going to see me slamming third because i don’t want to give this poor guy a gearbox full of six neutrals when he gets it back this is just so unnecessary i love it you know when you have cars like this it really means that you

As the driver have to not die you’re you’re in charge it’s all up to you whether you survive or not i can i can light these tires up pretty much any time i want just with making a dumb move on that throttle there’s no abs it’s a very light car on a relatively stiff suspension i mean it’s compliant enough that i can daily drive it i can definitely use this but

Over big bumps i mean on throttle at speed you’re gonna float you know you don’t wanna go airborne mid-corner in this car if we’re comparing this against that touro brz that i drove the other day i mean no question this is significantly faster i want to tell you about the steering and the dynamics i mean it’s a miata but i’m so focused on not dying because i

Let the rear end loose boost schools fast i mean i’m having to think about this like i’m driving a drag car you know when you drive a drag car and you really want to get on it you can’t just go you have to pick and choose the roads that you’re on if there’s too many bumps doesn’t matter if it’s a straight line it’s too dangerous i’m having to really put in

The thought when i drive this that hey not only are you going in a straight line but you’re not going to hit a bump that’s going to unsettle the car and kill you i know we look at miatas and think they’re cute this is anything but cute never done that to me out of before when was the last time you made a pass like that in sixth gear and a miata i did once

Drive in any miata from boston to los angeles the gearing wasn’t much better than this but i was certainly not able to make passes i can’t believe you can just go 100 in this miata frankly yeah this car scares me but i can get used to it i think you need seat time and stuff like this you just need to approach and slowly approach limits until you break them

And realize oh that’s what happens when you break the limits you got to teach yourself in cars like this but holy cow sandro don’t give the keys to normal people they’ll die and it’s not like you got to reach very far to get into the power i mean it’s right there there’s no joke oh i love it oh i love it i don’t want to give it back but i also don’t want to

Die in it tumble weeds everywhere man i’m starting to think was he being generous by letting me drive this car or is he just trying to get me killed i’m gonna be straight up this car totally overkill you do not need 440 horsepower in an enemy miata is it fun oh yeah i am having the best time however i will say i don’t know that i’d use this as like a track

Card this is a hoot man on the street because you get to just rip and you will blow the doors off of literally everybody i mean unless they’re like legitimate drag cars that are built this is pretty quick you know this is this is definitely faster than most people and most normal like tuner cars so do you need to turbo your miata no you don’t need to do it but

This is a lot of fun and if you’ve got passion for miata if you love the platform and you just want something that’s just silly and outrageous and a little scary this is an amazing amazing way to build the car thank you so much for watching liking commenting and subscribing don’t forget for the love of god respect the drive because man if you don’t do it in

Something like this you’re just gonna die terribly unsafe place to be oh my god teenagers you just have to have the self-restraint not to unleash it everywhere i got you tonight you

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440hp Turbo 1994 Mazda Miata POV Drive (Binaural Audio) By Tedward