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4K Review 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Ext cab Z71 Off Road 4×4 Virtual Test-Drive & Walk-around

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Hello everyone i’m pat today i’m gonna be showing you the 2002 chevy silverado z71 off-road starts up with no problems maple has a hundred and thirty eight thousand miles on it that window doesn’t go down all right all right so on the outside you overhear some minor very light scratch over here a couple different spots ain’t scratch here in the bumper small

Dent here it’s tow-ready another small dent right there some light scratching here front bumper has a few scratches appear in the hood his uh paint chips small dent here now let’s take a step back so you can see the whole truck all right are you doing like the daughter we’ll just start on this side then mmm backseat very good condition driver’s seat is in good

Condition see works no problems passenger seat also in good condition alright so the passenger seat works and let’s give you another quick glance of the back seat from the other side oh jump in and hit a step let’s pop the hood first green engine bay motors running smooth there’s no roughness all right all right so now we’ll check the lights and tires

To check the tires i have this tool here which is going to measure the tread in 30 seconds of an inch so our first tire is gonna be at nine thirty seconds of tread headlights right turn signal second tire here 9/32 this tire is at 7/32 the right rear turn signal and the running lights last hour here eight thirty seconds of tread okay so that uh when we first saw

The lights i apologize that was actually the high beams and these are the low beams front left turn and the rear left turn and also have forgot this mentioned his head lay has some scratches in it and it’s hell light i should say also this here on the door here when you go to pull it you can see this is loose alright let’s check out the ac try the radio too it

Looks like the radio is not working i don’t hear any sound there goes but who’s stuck okay so the radio does work i apologize for that and the ac is blown out cold let’s try the heat real quick and the heat is blowing out hot now we’re ready for our test drive so first we’ll start we’ll try the four-wheel drive low we need to be in neutral okay so no problems

With the four-wheel low try that we will hi now before we’ll high is good back in the two-wheel high let’s try reverse no problems with reverse villas good acceleration there’s no problems getting up to speed it does sound like there’s some kind of rattle in the door so that was the 2002 chevy silverado z71 off-road i just want to point out we have two sets of

Keys for the car two keys to fobs so i hope this video has answered any questions you have about the vehicle don’t forget to like and subscribe to our youtube channel and click that bow to receipt so you can receive notifications thank you for your time and i hope you enjoy the rest of your day

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4K Review 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Ext cab Z71 Off Road 4×4 Virtual Test-Drive & Walk-around By Cars Trucks Buses