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4K Review 2008 Dodge Sprinter 3500 Dually Wheels Super High Top Virtual Test-Drive & Walk-around

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Hello everyone my name is pat today i’m gonna be showing you the 2008 dodge sprinter 3500 cargo van with the dooley beer starts up with no problem let’s do it window is check all right so windows are working i just realized i forgot to share the mileage so we’ll go back to that it has ninety seven thousand original miles on it i have to say i personally i think

That the sprinters are one of the best work vans they got lots of cargo room that you can style any way you want inside to fit your needs it’s locked inside here this one has some nice shelving everything looks nice and clean the flooring the walls the door holds itself open another view from the inside also it’s got a great height clearance how about that

I’m almost 6 foot and i could stand straight up and there’s probably another foot or two more room above door slides open and close very smooth there goes passenger seat is in good condition and then driver’s seat is in good condition does show somewhere down here but it’s not cut all the way through it’s just some of the material has lifted nice and clean nice

And smooth there’s no roughness right hmm check the lights and tires so you see the side left turn is working on the mirror front left turn red lights the rear left turn and the running lights but at first i didn’t realize it but the high beams were on and now the low beams are on when they aren’t working and we got the right turn signal the side right turn and

The rear right turn okay so next we’ll check out the ac which already had run and it is blown out very cold i must say the fans i do like how the strength that they blow out because it feels like it’s gonna cool this the van down really quick with that with the power and that al nice and cold it is let’s check the heat real quick and that is hot radio all

Right so the radios working we’ve got the horn i think we’re ready to go for a test drive now start off with reverse no issues with reverse so as i shifted out it into out of park into reverse and into drive transmission should very smoothly without hesitation or noises so beagle has good acceleration no problems getting up to speed suspension feels good okay

So lastly we have one key for the vehicle as a key fob and this one here is a remote starter however it’s not it doesn’t doesn’t look like it’s getting any power battery might need to be replaced i don’t know but it does have a receiver for it up in the right above the rear-view mirror so that was the 2008 dodge sprinter 3500 cargo van with the dually rear i hope

This video has answered any questions you have about the vehicle don’t forget you can like and subscribe to our youtube channel and click that bell seek and receive notifications thank you for your time i hope you enjoy the rest of your day

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4K Review 2008 Dodge Sprinter 3500 Dually Wheels Super High Top Virtual Test-Drive & Walk-around By Cars Trucks Buses