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4th Annual Woodys Waterfront Car Show

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In Wheel Time Car Talk was out at the 4th Annual Woody’s Waterfront Car Show held at the Top Water Grille in San Leon, Texas.

Welcome to another in-wheel time podcast a 30-minute mini version of the in-wheel time car show that airs live every saturday morning 8 to 11 a.m central magazines out there like hemmings motor news i put ads in all of those i did some radio ads here in houston uh just various places and then now it’s really starting to be word of mouth oh yeah you know

After the the fourth year and social media you know and they talk about hey i went to this last year the year before and i’m going to go to it again and that kind of brings each person is going to bring a couple of friends of theirs and that’s going to help you grow as well most of them said it was the venue but the majority of them said woody’s just such a great

Guy had to come again we well we all we all said that but we did we didn’t want to tell you that because we know about your ego and there you go that’s right we can’t even get it in the door but uh and just for those people that don’t know this point uh around galveston bay is literally a point yes and it’s called full paper april fools foot not fools full point

This is april fool’s point yes well he grew up here yeah okay the other end of the island is eagle point gotcha well it sits out really in the middle of galveston bay we have water on three sides of us here at this location and it is stunning backdrop if you want to have your car have a portrait of your car this is the perfect place to go and that’s something i’d

Like to say we’re going to have a video of the talk of what do you call them videographer videography here that’s got a new product uh that he’s promoting that he’s doing actually a video book of your car nice uh where it catches it in action going down the road and this that the other it’s really he’s going to have examples of it here to show so you’ll be able

To see that later on this afternoon very nice yeah well i mean it truly is i mean if you park your car in the right spot wow yeah what a great the back of the background is stunning the only thing that would have been added to value would have the battleship texas going by which it did yes this particular point out here where you could see it i didn’t realize

That yeah yep because it went across galveston bay yeah if you go to willy g’s restaurant there in galveston you can look right across and it’s in dry dock right there which is pretty amazing in itself but we don’t want to go there we want to go to topwater grill in san leon and if you’re thinking that oh my gosh i can’t i can’t do that it’s really not that bad

Of a drive 45 the gulf freeway southbound like you’re going to go to galveston exit dickinson 517 and you hang a left underneath the freeway and just keep on going straight and going east until you get to the almost to the bay and you make a right at the stop sign and end of the road you’re at topwater grill and it’s good fresh seafood i don’t know if you notice

The shrimp boat park down here but he owns several shrimp boats too where he supplies his own shrimp are you serious i didn’t know that yeah it’s caught what do they say slept in the gulf last night i slept in the cold last night you know i think that i’ve done that a time or two but i don’t want to get into any of the details of that okay so you’re expecting uh

Over 200 cars here easily easily easily see our did people pre-register uh you know i didn’t do that because you never know what the weather’s going to do right god’s blessed me uh all four years now with exceptional weather for the show uh but i hate to you know have to go back and give refunds and do this and do that so no it’s you pay at the gate and it’s it

Just first come first served and for those that maybe are on their way and listening in the car or uh those that uh thinking well do i really want to do it yes there are plenty slots still open bring your ride all of my friends that go to chrome and coffee which is tomorrow by the way uh over at the avalon diner all of those guys this is a great drive down here on

A saturday morning there is no doubt about it and uh and once you get here you’ll want to stay because it’s funny that the whole car show cruise-in kind of thing has grown to the point now i looked just yesterday and i don’t remember what uh website it was but i went on to our website and it shows all of the car shows cruise-ins on the weekends are it’s blown up

They’re everywhere everywhere they’re everywhere and so uh this is a great cruise down and uh bring your car down here and register at the front gate and you’re in and you’re basically on this point you’re right on galveston bay so there’s a nice cool breeze beautiful sunny day i don’t think it could be much better unless bloody mary in my hand well that should

Be i believe they’re going to open the bar here in about 45 minutes in the first round’s on me that sounds like a start to me thank you i appreciate that it’s going to keep me here for a while yeah just that alone but yeah i’ve got to say thank you to all the people that come to the show and and help me support it the way they do uh well i saw biff up at the front

Gate you did see this is going to be one of the judges we see biff everywhere yeah yeah there must be multiple biffs yeah but that’s what started this show you know with my wagon i’ve done got numerous shows in houston and it seems like i always end up in some parking lot with an area tree in sight uh is on a hot summer day uh you know that’s typical for you it’s

Just just you know there’s no real draw other than just the car oh yeah and uh this place you got the cars you’ve got the water got great food you got the women i’ve got a couple of models hired to compose with your cars for you if you want to be careful how you say that what are you pointing to david so there’s a lot of a lot of good things going on here today

Oh hello there that one oh i think got us a real good disc jockey this year out of galveston dj mike’s going to be spending the tune so well we hope to have a good show well it looks like it’s going quite well so far i noticed a looks like a new uh new paint job on uh on on the on the old wagon over there it is completely the only thing that didn’t get fainted was

The roof yeah and you know it was so simple what caused it all i was at a show in richmond texas old town richmond if you don’t if you’ve ever been there you notice that the curbs are six inches tall yeah okay so i parked up maybe a foot foot and a half from the curb so there would be room to walk behind the car if somebody wanted to and i opened the back window

But i didn’t let down the tailgate and i had my chair against the building and everybody’s talking to me about appraisal business and talking to me about my car and out of the corner of my eye i see this fella and he had to bend 95 96 years old well my god is don armstrong in in a powered wheelchair and he pulled up to the back of my car and when he bent over

To try to see inside he hit the little lever and his front wheels went off the edge of the deal threw him to the ground oh my god but the car the motorized car hit the back of my car and knocked a chunk of paint out about the size of a softball oh boy and it was that old house it was a three-stage house of color candy apple metallic you cannot blend it so i have

To entirely strip the car and they could have put a in-wheel time sticker on it i can’t ever a big ouch or either that or even about a bullet hole well of course that would be a bomb hole yeah yeah give it a bit yeah but uh you know how mad can you get at him i mean you’re so concerned that he yeah that’s the first thing the insurance got did you get his name and

Number no did he register his wheelchair that was he okay did he have a concussion after he fell out of the car no it bruised him up a little bit you know i mean i i matter of fact you can see even i’m wearing a band-aid today the skin gets a little thin when you get older and uh it doesn’t make a whole lot to just cut you open you know early in the morning don’s

Got very thin skin before his third cup of coffee yeah you know i i am a bit testy aren’t i but i went back with a ppg uh pearlescent read this time and i think something something should have done knocked out of it then you’ll be able to blend it yeah plus i think it made the car look a little fresher it’s shade or two darker than it was um no i think it looks

Gorgeous and then the pearl white really sets it off the the two pearl colors and it looks gorgeous well tell us about the car because that people hear us talk about it well it’s got you got about 60 seconds it’s a 1956 pontiac 860 two-door handyman wagon 860 860. they had an 870 that was a four-door wagon and then they had the safari which was the deluxe version

Which is comparable to a nomad this would be comparable to a chevrolet uh 210. a b210 yes got it except it’s 860 so it’s more of a car there you go but you also have it it’s an ls you know that argument’s been going on in years but pontiac was actually above chevrolet class always yes but i remember i had camaro people argue with me years i i had a 77 trans am and

They always said well you should have got the camaro it’s from top of the line the progression was chevrolet pontiac olds buick repaired cadillac absolutely and then somewhere at some point hummer and saturn and saab almost don’t even go there please but other than pain i’ve left it pretty you know i put some better seats in it to make it more comfortable to drive

But i left the dash in all original in the car so that you know you can kind of get an idea of the way things work back in the day right well woody um we’re looking forward to the show i know that you got people hounding you yes wanting to talk to you so you go do that we’re going to do a car review and move on with the show and i know we got lots of guests that

You’re going to supply some i will send some up okay and uh we look forward to it thank you very much thanks for having me thank you sir i want to remind everybody that uh if you uh want to get in touch with us our email address is info at in time now for this hour is car review had a chance to drive the 2022 lexus gx 460 and i said earlier uh it’s a

Throwback because it is it’s 12 years old is it really it’s true i haven’t updated that thing in 12 years no well i now uh updates it are relative but it’s the same body okay it’s the same four-door squared off uh land rover looking lexus okay okay and so let me tell you about it it comes in a base a premium and a luxury trim m the reviewed trim level was the black

Line special edition and i’ll get into that in a second it is body on frame full-size suv will seat up to seven passengers with that third row back there good luck uh that wasn’t originally planned as a third row vehicle so they smashed a third row back in there and it’s weird the way that the seats work the bottom cushion and the third row slides underneath the

Actual fold down part that has the back to the seat it’s a strange deal that i’ve never seen it’s different very different exterior features uh by the way this car has no exterior changes and hasn’t really had any because it was introduced in 2010 and they haven’t done anything 2010. it’s 12 years old it’s kind of unusual to go that long yeah i know especially for

An important now they have managed to put a touch screen well let me put let me take that back an actual infotainment screen in there with that touchpad feel that they’re going away from i saw uh so they’ve heard your reviews yes at everybody else’s okay let’s move on uh exterior features massive oversized spindle grill on this thing with sharp angled headlights

It kind of has a range rover upright look to it uh big big fenders over the wheel openings give it a muscular look built-in side steps are handy what i liked about it the overall look is still relevant even though it is a 12 year old design actually design is older than that which means they did it right the first time apparently it is attractive uh what could

Use improvement the swing open rear hatch is troublesome when someone parks too close in the rear so it swings open like a front door correct that’s unusual it’s hinged and it’s one door one door it’s not it’s not a by door no it’s one door okay and that is unusual it is unusual and uh you know they don’t make those and and there’s a wreath for it because you can’t

If somebody parks behind you or if you’re in the garage and you’ve backed it in up against because to get it in there you’ve got to back it up against the wall you ain’t opening that unless you move the vehicle out a little bit to open the rear door kind of a pain interior highlights new 10.3 inch touchscreen also has the touch pad on the console that complicates

Control of it layout of the dash and console are not integrated it’s kind of like a sectional like a sectional couch that you can move around well this is kind of like that second row captains chairs are optional greenhouse offers great visibility the cargo trunk room small with the third row up what i liked about it the black line edition has black ash steering

Wheel and trim and you got to be very careful how you say that black so say that black ash it’s a the wood is black ash black ash that’s correct any other questions yeah what happens if you get a hole in it the steering wheel itself is is made of wood black ash but it’s made of wood well it’s got yes wood accents so you’re holding black ash whenever you’re ash

Yeah correct 4.6 liter v8 301 horsepower 329 pound-feet of torque uh six-speed automatic transmission i’m telling you it’s old school tow rating 6 500 pounds that’s not bad rating miles per gallon 15 in the city and 19 on the highway for a combined of 16. i was light on the throttle as i motored down the sam houston tollway and got 18.1 miles per gallon it’s been

A lot of wind over 351.9 miles what i liked about it power is adequate can’t imagine uh handling four people and towing a 6500 pound boat behind it but another story for another day what could use improvement more efficient propulsion and more power 10-speed automatic would help i think but i would imagine that that’s in the works but you know toyota lexus

They like to think about it for a while the new rx is coming out either late this year early next year can’t wait for that but gives you an idea of they’re just they don’t do when they have something that works they’re going to ride that horse absolutely all the way to the end uh ride and handling fairly smooth on-road up for the off-road package to get the air

Suspension which i love the air suspension what could use improvement shorter overhangs for off-roading base trim price 66 710 i don’t know what the price has tested is because they didn’t give me a monroney but the base model price is 56 125 it’s not bad for that size of a vehicle competitors land rover discovery 619 mercedes-benz gle class 58 650 and the bmw x5

462 900 and that is my review of the 2022 lexus gx 460. thank you very much for playing time now for the cruise-in calendar so tomorrow is a chrome and coffee at the avalon diner on southwest freeway in stafford starts at 9 00 a.m not only is it a great meet to come to it’s great food to eat as well also tomorrow the wimberley cars and coffee at bianco brew off

A ranch road in wimberley and that starts at 8 a.m also at 8 a.m it’s classic cars coffee and donuts at the white hall cafe in navasota um um say monday night uh at becker wraps in college station and that starts at 8 30 p.m and goes on to 10. uh also tomorrow is the woodlands cars and coffee for a cause on six pines you know when our friend of the show randy

Weldon he’s always facilitating that that’s a lot of fun to go to and they raise money for local uh montgomery county charities pistons in the park is in pflugerville and that’s it all right thank you the in-wheel time car show streams on the iheartradio app and facebook youtube and in 30 minute podcast available from your favorite podcast provider

In real time car talk show continues right after this quick break starting to work on your christmas calendar be sure to add the next teal pipes and tacos cruise in saturday december 17th you’ll want to attend teal pipes and tacos christmas edition at the loopy tortilla in katy 8 to 11 a.m it’s the only place cruisers compete for loopy’s chili pepper trophies and

Other prizes there’s no charge to enter your vehicle for best hot rod best classic or best modern classic gel pipes and tacos is houston’s coolest and most unique cruise in and is your opportunity to see the best hot rods show cars classics and resto mods and get loopy tortilla breakfast tacos with adult beverages there’s no entry fee and cars will automatically

Compete for those much sought after custom loopy trophies and other prizes it happens at the loopy tortilla tex-mexic katie on the grand parkway at kingsland boulevard just south of i-10 it’s the tailpipes and tacos christmas edition saturday december 17th the in-wheel time car talk show will be there too celebrate the christmas season with friends and family at

Tailpipes and tacos saturday morning december 17th 8 to 11. we’ll see you then thank you

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