4×4 Flatbed Overland Truck Camper Build on Ford F-350 Super Duty

Build of our 4×4 truck camper on a F350 Super Duty with Norweld aluminum tray and Four Wheel Pop-up Camper.

Here it is our new truck so this is leo named after our former dog because it’s big and white just like he was this is our new to us 2000 ford f-350 4×4 with the 7.3 diesel engine if you didn’t notice already by our license plate now i’m going to show you the vehicle look at some of the upgrades we’re planning to do and this is going to be the base for our next

Camper in the front we have a ranch hand steel bumper this thing is absolutely solid and what’s nice is i can stand up here if i need to work on the engine it also has a mount for a winch and a front receiver hitch the first upgrade we made to leo new wheels and tires big thank you to wheel pros for hooking us up with these we’ve got 18-inch american racing rims

Neato terra grappler g2 all-terrain tires when we saw this truck and it came up we actually weren’t looking for a crew cab we’re looking for an extended cab but now that we have it we love all the extra room back here if we want to bring friends and family along we can this truck actually seats six because we’ve got the bench seat up front but we’re still trying

To figure out what to do with the back seat we may take the seats out use it as storage or just use it as storage with the seats in if we want to bring extra people this is a short bed truck so we’ve got a short bed flat bed it’s 7 feet by 85 inches wide we really like it the problem is it’s really heavy there’s nice storage on both sides but we are going to get

Rid of this and we are going to be installing a short bed nor weld aluminum flat bed to save weight and have some better options for storage with our next camper since leo is new to us there’s still some modifications and changes the previous owners made to the truck that we’re still trying to figure out but so far we like it as is the only real change i would

Make right now is the headlights are horrible we put led bulbs in there which we’re going to be testing but i would like to get some led driving lights or something similar if you guys have any suggestions please leave them in the comments below but that’s it for leo now it’s time to go get the camper and tre installed good morning everyone we’re in woodland

California if you haven’t guessed it we’re 4-wheel pop-up campers and this is where we’re getting our new home on wheels well our new home to put on our new wheels so we’re really excited about this stay tuned over the course of this next week we’re going to show you what’s getting installed and finally which camper we are getting from four wheels off of campus

So i’ve got to get inside for our play ready ready a little nervous so excited about our new camper me too i can’t wait to see it once it’s all done yeah it’s been a little bit of a wait it has so the reason it was a bit of a wait is because when we bought our camper we actually came down to the factory took a tour looked at all the different models they had

Touched felt everything because four wheel campers are i don’t take custom but you can pick and choose a lot of different options with their camper and how you want it built so we sat down we looked at everything checked all the boxes we wanted found the model we liked the layout the fabric so i’m really excited me too well you want to pop your head into any of

These we’ve been through them all i like the fabric we picked yes i almost tripped that’s the one not the camper the fabric the other cool thing about four wheel campers is if you want to build your own though actually for some of the models i’ll sell you a shell or a stripped-down version and you can build it out having one got the norwell tray we’ve got the

Flatbed campers campers top of the bed there’s a lot to choose from this there is well we’ve got a few days because they’re going to have to make some modifications to our truck get the camper installed and we’ll be back here to see well they were telling me that if you just bring in a standard truck like a tacoma or something and get a like a slide in the camper

Yeah it’s a one-day process ours is a little more extensive they were telling us we it’s monday and they’re telling us that we should expect to be done thursday or friday i’m hoping for thursday yeah me too and then we can do our walkthrough camping it make sure everything works just i’m excited i’m nervous it’s been a long time we’ve looked at a lot of things but

This is what we decided to go for we felt a truck camper is better suited to our lifestyle what we’re doing we’ll go into that in more detail later but just this is this is what worked for us what we found we tested one we loved it so being able to turn the light on all these are nice i do like the wall or a tradition you know the other thing i like they said that

When they’re done with our camper they actually set it on a scale with all the options and everything we ordered on it and they’ll give us an exact weight of that camper that’s really nice and then maybe take me out to the suspension shop yes we’ll see we’ll see how well leo handles a new camper on the back okay now we gotta find something to do for the next few

Days i’m sure we can figure something out napa valley is a very short drive away well they got the flatbed off there was a lot more work than they expected they had to do some fortune in that what off and we’re gonna go inside and see if the campers on you oh it is that looks pretty badass you got our new camper you don’t know how excited she is about this

Truck in camper i love leo i think the sound was amazing and i love our flatbed so excited all right you tell everybody what we got all right let me do this as i mentioned earlier in the video leo is a 2000 ford f-350 4×4 with the 7.3 diesel engine on the back we had them take off the steel flatbed because it literally weighed a ton and we had them replace it

With a nor weld all aluminum tray this is the weekender package that has the extra storage boxes on the bottom and a slide-out tray in the back for the camper this is for wheel campers hawk flatbed model so it sits flat on the tray we like it because we get a lot more storage space and room inside here’s a rack on the back to mountain here’s that tray or the tray

Some quick specs we’ve got 320 watts of solar on the roof 300 amp hours of battleborn batteries a 2000 watt inverter it’s got 20 gallons of water no great tank yet working on that and that’s pretty much it so that is just a quick synopsis of our new truck in camper stay tuned because we will have more videos on the different components and everything that we’ve

Put into this and why we decided to go with a truck camper over a van but that’s it for this video thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this please give it a thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t already and if you want to see more cool information and on over to our website at where the russos com we’ll see you next time bye

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4×4 Flatbed Overland Truck Camper Build on Ford F-350 Super Duty By We’re the Russos