5.9 liter Cummins 24V Diesel Injector Swap; 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 Mega Cab Common Rail Diesel Overview

This is a short overview of the process I used to swap the Common Rail Diesel Injectors out on the 2006-2007.5 Model Year Third Generation Dodge Ram 2500 or 3500 with the 5.9 Cummins 24 Valve Diesel engine. These are one for one replacements. They aren’t high HP injectors, they’re just stock injectors.

If you like tractors tools and trucks you’re bound to see more mad max through all tools and anything else i throw at you big red my 2006 dodge ram 3500 i’ve always got something going on cost of owning cars tractors and a house there’s always a project to be done i also have a woodworking hobby so check out my videos and keep coming back for more hey guys

Welcome back to the channel john here so today we’ve got a special project for you we’re actually going to tear apart big red we’re going to replace the injectors we’re going to replace the injector tubes we’re also going to replace a wiring harness now i’m probably going to do voice over for most of this video because it is definitely r-rated this is a difficult

Project the number six injector is surely a complete pain got lots of scrapes and busted knuckles from it so don’t take this project on unless you’ve got some serious mechanical skills and you know your way around the engine you can watch the youtube videos from industrial injection and everything else they give a very good how-to there’s other videos out there

Where they just replace one injector at a time the process is the same so if you want to take this on once again this is a general how-to do this at your own risk you know don’t look at me and say hey well john said this is how you do it i did it according to the instructions and the mechanical skill sets that i have and so far no leaks overview of what all

We did we replaced injectors one through six replace the injector tubes we replaced the fuel filter and we also replaced the wiring harness i was having a misfire on the a-group engine was running extremely rough i’ve run all kinds of diesel cleaner through it seafoam and lucas and intermittently i was still getting a injector or a check engine light a great

Thing about having programmers you can diagnose it and clear the codes and so far the truck’s got 170 000 on it i keep running cleaner through it that cleans up the injectors but it’s only lasted so long so i think right now the electronics were starting to go out so i just went ahead and replaced everything while i was in there i did have a helper so if you see my

Daughter on screen she was a great help i asked her if she wanted to take on this project she’s getting ready to you know turn 16 have a license have a car and so one thing about owning a car is you got to know how to work on it you don’t want to be paying the dealer or a repair shop every single time you need to work on your car that includes how to change your

Oil how to repair your engine if need be for minor repairs how to change your brakes how to change a tire and all those things so in future videos if you guys got questions on how to do something i’m just a diyer i’m not a pro mechanic my brother he’s a certified mechanic works on audi r8s antique vehicles and everything else he has a very successful business

I’ll give rick a shout out on this video but if you would smash that like button smash that subscribe button stay tuned hope you enjoy it and keep coming back for more all right guys so the video is going to show most of this but we get you basically have to take off the intake elbow gotta remove the valve cover you gotta remove the valve rockers making sure

That you label those keep them in order you take the bridges off the valves yeah pull the whole common rail off disconnect the top and bottom intake and return lines undo each of the injector tubes you get to pull the injector tubes pull the injectors remove the wiring as well for this project i actually removed the wiring harness and replaced the injectors i

Didn’t want to have to go back in there so these are not just stock injectors nothing fancy no high horsepower anything once again i’m going for reliability and dependability i did keep the originals in case i decide i want to have them rebuilt and send them away for an upgrade at some point in time but these are just one-for-one replacements uh so far it’s been

Extremely reliable so first thing we’re going to do is remove the valve cover take those loose before we take the velcro off let’s get this elbow out of the way and get this tube out of the way next here i’m removing the fe intake elbow there’s four bolts in the top and a couple of wires attached to the back you just have to remove those valve cover comes loose

With just a few bolts all right guys after i loosened the valve cover and the elbow removed it i took a vacuum cleaner and sucked up any leaves and debris anything that could possibly fall into the engine we don’t want any dirt next we just removed the valve cover there’s a couple of breather hoses on the side those just unscrew and valve cover comes right off

So after we got the valve cover off we unbolted the heater grid move that out of the way along with the wires there’s two wires on the fuel rail and we’ll take those off in a little bit just set your heater grid to the side and you’ll be good to go next i started taking out the intake and exhaust rockers bagging those individually by engine cylinder one through

Six front to back next i broke loose the lines from the fuel rail and number six is near impossible get two and you have to do it by feel three quarter inch wrench is what you use next you’ll remove your common rail you’ll disconnect your lines you’ll remove the banjo bolts on the top for the return line and your intake line on the bottom once again those are

All three-quarter and then you’ll need 15 16 for the injector tube retaining nuts to remove those in order to pull the injector tube you actually got to use a 15 16 wrench so get in here and do this all right guys so what we’re going to do here is take use this little adapter from torque tools first screw that onto the injector 2 right pops out real easy and

Then we can start pulling our injectors so up until this point we just mailed the entire engine took the fuel rail off i took the valve cover off took the intake and exhaust rockers off and now we’re getting ready to actually pull out the injectors so it had a bad number three injector but we’ve got about 168 000 miles on the truck and those are still the original

Injectors so they’ve lasted a while got tired of driving with the check engine light uh rough idle on cold mornings and so we’re just going to go ahead and replace them all with just some stock oem type of injectors number six injector real pain to get to it’s hard to get back in there through the top here it was sat again uh we will do an oil change after we

Restart the engine and that way we know that uh any dirt or crud or anything got cycled in with the old oil and got flushed out when we do our oil change real easy once again take this little adapter you probably can’t see it from way out there screw it on now you’re just going to give it a little pull and it just slides right out it’s got these two dimples that

Go up slide in the hole i’m going to hand these off to my assistant and keep going so once you get all the injector tubes out you can start pulling the injectors by unbolting them from the top and start pulling them out one by one and replacing them one for one so each injector comes factory packaged in plastic with protective covers for the nozzle as well as

The o-ring and the electrodes on the end so you want to remove each of those make sure you’ve got a good coat of grease so you don’t do like i did i accidentally dropped a copper washer had to fish it out but you want to make sure that you prep your injectors and a helper to hand stuff off to you really helps all right that clicked tube so this is where having a

Good helper really comes in handy you put your injector in with the hole or orifice facing the side where it ties into the injector tube you’ll hear the injector click you’ll slide in your tube with the notch up you’ll hear it click and then you are ready to hand tighten both the screws that hold down the injector you’re going to hand tighten those evenly you’re

Going to wiggle your injector slightly as you push in your tube and once your tube is secured then you’ll put down your tube retention nut hand tight once you get everything hand tight then you’ll start by torquing your retention nut to 37 foot pounds and then after you torque that 89 inch pounds in stages on your injector to retain your injector bolts all right

So once you get your injectors and injector tubes torque to spec next thing you’re going to do is you’re going to replace your intake and exhaust rockers and you’re also going to do your wiring so right now you can see the old wiring harness is right next to me i’m using that as a guide to make sure that i wire everything up because sometimes a white wire may

Now be blue and you just want to make sure everything matches so as soon as i’m done with the wiring i’m going to double and triple check all the torque specs for the injectors the rockers and all the tubes to make sure that we’re good to go and we don’t have any issues so once you have all the engine internals torque to spec next you would go back install your

Fuel rail time all your lines down to 22 foot pounds for the banjo bolt for your return line your intake high pressure line as well as your lines on your actual engine a crow’s foot and torque wrench can get you pretty close so guys let’s talk about the priming process so we replaced the fuel filter so the fuel bowl i completely emptied it get all the trash out

Completely wiped it down uh we replaced the fuel rail so you got to think you got to fill up the whole filter housing you got to fill up the common rail and you got to get fuel all the way out to the injectors so the priming process i say i’d cycle the engine on let the fuel pump run from the tank probably about 10 to 15 times if you’ve got an aftermarket fuel

Pump you’ll probably go a lot faster than this i was using the stock pump so priming priming priming you don’t want to tear up your stock injector pump you don’t want to tear up your brand new injectors so you got to get fuel to them with that being said i had to cycle my pump probably 10 to 15 times you’re also going to want to have a good battery charger because

It all that cycling will drain your battery and also that little hood light up there it will drain your battery so disconnect your batteries and do it everything i did i would highly recommend having a top end creeper that’s one thing i didn’t have so i was laying on the radiator grille with a mover’s blanket there’s a lot better ways to do it that stands about

350 bucks so with that being said make sure you guys if you liked today’s video smash that like button smash that subscribe button if you’re new to the channel once again you guys get to come along for the ride watch me build my dream but the true purpose of this channel is motivate you get out there and start building your dream you

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