5 minute walk-around Review: 2019 Mini Cooper Convertible

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So we have here a 20-19 convertible mini cooper you don’t already know many cooper’s are made by bmw nice little car has the bmw quality this one only has 30-something thousand miles on it we’ll see when we get inside i can’t remember off the top of my head let’s check it out back in the back is a tiny little trunk as you can see it really isn’t that large but

Storage is really not something that you’re probably concerned too much about if you’re driving a cooper these seats do fold down and allow for more room if needed let’s check out the back first of all a sound system and the power everything back in the back there are restraint systems in place for child seats and that’s about all that would fit in the backseat of

It honestly that’s not gonna be the concern of most people buying one of these it took a really long time for me to figure out how to start this car it’s right there and i missed it right in front of my face so your key here just happens to be somewhere in the vicinity push the button and it starts up it’s telling me my doors open i don’t have my seatbelt on yeah

I know all of that i guess i will close it really quick so that we can see the rest of the screen thirty three thousand seven hundred and seventy-five miles here’s what the – looks like here go through various different things pretty cool reverse camera now earlier when i first put it into reverse i got a warning up there telling me to not rely only on cameras

That was kind of cool great car all sorts of cool gadgets re-involved so let me tell you about west mitsubishi we are a member of credit union direct lending and what this means is if you want to says i kept this ignition switch turned on huh all right good oh that’s why i had it out of park very good and now it wants me to fasten my seat belt and close the door

And all those things all right i’m not familiar too much with mini coopers as you can see maybe this time it will let me get out without beeping at me don’t leave it in drive and try to turn off the ignition apparently that’s a big no-no all right westminster beast she’s a member of credit union direct lending so if you want to finance to your credit union you

Can handle that for you our computers tie in with theirs otherwise we have dozens of other financing options available and we don’t care if you’ve got good credit bad credit or no credit at all we can get you into a nicer newer vehicle such as this cooper or many other vehicles that you could see online at westminster vichy comm where all of our inventory is

Listed you can also call us at five-30 655 west we encourage you to check out our google reviews eleven hundred and seventy plus of our former customers have now left us a review we still have a four point nine out of five average which is higher than any dealership because our customers attest to that so come on in and see us and give us a chance to show you

Why so many people like us we think that will be a decision that you’re happy to avail

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5 minute walk-around Review: 2019 Mini Cooper Convertible By West Mitsubishi