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5 Reasons Why YOU MUST BUY the NEW BMW X7

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How’s it going beer fans welcome back to beam review today we’re gonna be checking out the beautiful brand new 2023 bmw x7 lci and we’re going to be going over on the five reasons why you should buy it if this is your first time on this youtube channel beam review what we do here is showcase all the latest bmws we also do some really cool hidden features tips and

Tricks and function reviews so definitely subscribe to the channel if that’s what you guys are into and without further ado let’s go ahead and get started alright ladies and gentlemen so for number one on the reasons why you should get this new lci version is the fact that yes the headlights are split design and they’re completely brand new very very different but

I will say that in person and maybe a little bit in this video as well these headlights are actually very very nice now if you all were wondering the different functions about these headlights well on the top portion of these split design headlights you do have your daytime running lights these will also turn yellow whenever your blinker is on and right down here

We do have our main headlight along with the high beams that go right with that and yes i will say that this headlight design does look really good if you were approaching somebody in the fast lane they will see this in the rear view mirror and they will get out the way also these headlight designs also do make the bmw x7 stand out and also i just turned them on

But yes last but not least during the night time this highlight design does look really nice you could actually see that this headlight design does look really really futuristic but really really aggressive and it’s completely functional as well reason number two on why you must buy this bmw x7 lci is the fact that it does come with this really cool curved display

Now and yes at first it does look very very different this is completely on bmw like but that’s okay because we’re going into the future with this look this is also really intuitive as well i do i will say that for teslas i hate i do not like the middle screen that they have here i do have to have a screen right in front of me as i’m driving if you’re a true bmw

Purist i do understand the fact that you might not be used to the screen but but the screen is really really nice and not only that it does a great great job of protecting yourself from all the glares i do understand that we’re seeing tons and tons of glare right now and that’s because the plastic is still on the brand new bmw and we’re going to leave that for the

First owner to let them do the honors on peeling that there’s also one on this side as well it’s really really hard to tell that there’s not a single ounce of glare there and you can also compare it with the plastic and yes it does do a great great job of hiding all that glare and also included with the brand new screens that we have is also going to come with a

Brand new idrive 8 which is bmw’s latest operating system idrive 7 was a bit more simple to use and this one is a bit more complicated but there’s tons and tons of ways to navigate through and it makes it super easy just by using the voice command which we’re going to be going over later yes the curved displays are very very new very very different but trust me

The more you use it the more you will get used to it and the more you wondered why bmw did not do this sooner number three on why you should get the x7 lci the x7 lci is one of the first vehicles from bmw to introduce the brand new census tech leather and what that is is what you’re looking at right over here bmw used to have a performance leather called cesutech

Well this one’s the brand new sense of fin and i will say that it is night and day compared to the last sensor tech that they used to have now what sense of fin is is a vegan type of leather and not only does it look really great with this brand new design that you see within the seats here but the seats do feel extremely comfortable and i would say that is three

Times better than the last generation sense attack and you can also check out the back right over here and yes the design follows as in the front and yes this leather is very very comfortable it’s quite squishy i will say the backrest is is a bit more squishier than a course to see right down here it is quite firm here but i will guarantee you that you will have no

Issues in terms of the comfort within this vehicle and it’s truly a must-have feature number four all the really cool technologies such as parking assistance plus did get some really cool upgrades now one of the really cool updates that i must mention is this brand new feature that comes with a parking assistance package and that is record new path now i’m going

To give you guys a quick demonstration on what that does so what i just did was i started from right over there and then i hit record new path and then i began to drive all the way around all the way around this little corner that we have right over here and now watch this as soon as i get back to the starting point then the vehicle will give me the option to use

That path that i had saved and then it’ll do it all by itself and this is super useful for those who may have a really long driveway or if you have or say for example if you’re going through a parking garage you can actually record that whole path and then the vehicle can literally drive through the whole parking garage all by itself now watch this so what i’m

Going to do is go back to my starting point and as you can see i just arrived because the path that i had previously recorded is literally right over here and now watch this i have my seatbelt on and definitely you should too but i’m going to hit this and then now the vehicle has taken control and i’m just gonna slowly let go of the brake but as you can see the

Path that it is going to take is gonna be this guy right over here now watch this i’m literally just gonna let go of the brakes slowly and yes whenever you do do this you can control the speed as well and i will say that this does do it quite slowly so i’m just going to speed up the tape and you guys will get the idea so as you can see the vehicle just literally

Just went around this whole path that i had recorded and i did it step by step it did do it at a slower pace i did imagine that it would do it a bit faster but but slow and steady does win the race not only that but now the vehicle can not only self-park but it can self-park frontwards as well whenever you’re approaching the spot that you want to park in simply just

Go past it and then you will see a option right over here to do front parking you just hit that and then the vehicle will reverse back and then go straight in now last but not least number five on on the reasons why you must get this vehicle is the fact that they really updated the voice command button so in the previous generation of idrive 7 bmws yes you can use

The voice command to do many many things such as control the temperature turn on the heated seats well now in this vehicle you can do things like this open all windows windows yes i just told the bmw to open all the windows as you can see my hand is here and it just opened all the windows just like that not only that i will say for the new idrive 8 if you were to

Go into the menus right over here as you can see there is tons and tons of complication right here before i drive 7 was a really good layout but now the menus are just all over the place so what i found in terms of the best way to navigate through this is literally just use the voice command to do whatever you want go to safety and warnings safety and warning as

You can see i just set that command and it brought me to this menu i’m going to hit the voice command again turn off the head up display as you can see i just told voice command to deactivate the head-up display which it just did turn off the air conditioning as you can see i just told voice command to turn off the air conditioning as well so literally the voice

Command feature did get updated really really well that is the fifth and last reason on why you should get this brand new x7 lci there are also tons and tons of more features within this vehicle if you all had any questions or also wanted more reasons on why you should get this vehicle definitely comment down below there are tons of updates one of the major things

That also got updated was gear shifter as well but yes if you all had any questions comment down below i honestly think that you should get the bmw x7 it’s truly a spectacular vehicle it was already a great vehicle but now they just put the icing on the kit and that is why you should get this brand new x7 have a great day and stay tuned for the next one subscribe

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