5 Things I HATE about my 22 Pandem BRZ

5 Things I HATE about my 2022 Pandem BRZ

Here are five things i hate about my 2022 pandem brz starting off with number one is this turning radius this turning radius is absolute dookie ever since i put this wide body on i can only turn my wheel about 180 degrees it’s about a halfway turn if i do it anymore this happens and since i love my front bumper and i don’t want it to crack this is about all i can

Turn it now first i really didn’t think it was a big deal but when you have to stop traffic just to make a 10 to 12 point turn it starts to get on your nerves now i’ve said it a million times before but i just want to preface this one more time before i complain about it this front bumper i absolutely love this front bumper it’s probably my favorite thing about this

Entire kit the thing looks so goddamn beautiful i love it right i love the front bumper but this front bumper is such a pain in my butt because the entire thing is fiberglass right so when you have a plastic bumper you have some room for flex and you don’t really have to worry about as much but when you have a fiberglass bumper not to mention a very thin fiberglass

Bumper listen to this that my boys is a very very thin fiberglass bumper so this thing is prone to breaking and cracking when you drive this thing whenever i take this thing out on the road it’s a freaking gamble because i can run over something and destroy this entire bumper so hopefully this bumper remains intact and doesn’t absolutely just get destroyed now i

Haven’t destroyed this bumper yet but i have given it somewhere because it’s super thin fiberglass it’s extremely prone to just cracking i drive this car a lot and there has been a couple of times where you know i may have bottomed out on the road and it has some stress cracks on the bumper there’s a crack right over here i know it’s a little hard to see but if the

Camera focuses boom right there there is a stress crack from me bottoming out or something honestly i really don’t even know what happened all i know is i was driving i parked up and then i noticed my bumper was cracked right over here but it does kind of suck because i know it’s there that’s not the only part of the bumper where there’s a crack i drive this thing

A lot so whenever i drive this thing if i scrape going into a driveway or anything like that it automatically just cracks the bumper you have to be so careful with this bumper because it is so weak it’s thin fiberglass that’s just one of my big things i hate about this car front bumper is just so damn brittle that it breaks super easy i love the way it looks but

This thing just breaks so easy when i’m driving this car i have to be extremely extremely cautious about the road in front of me especially at night because you literally cannot afford to hit any bumps or anything else on the road you can’t hit a pothole you can’t hit a bump because if you do you’re gonna end up cracking your bumper i don’t want anybody thinking i

Don’t like this bumper because i absolutely love it the design is perfect i just wish it was a little bit stronger if anyone is planning to put this kit onto their brz just be wary the bumper is extremely weak so take extra care of it the third thing i hate about this car is that it is impossible to put this thing onto a trailer if you guys follow me on instagram

You guys know that we have been outside with this car this summer we went to ohio florida and we’re also going to be in gatlinburg so i have taken this thing on and off the trailer way too many times getting this thing on and off the trailer is literally the worst thing ever or so there is no trailer that i can find that is wide enough to be able to fit this car

With these wheels and the wide body kit on this car is a little bit over seven feet wide my usual go-to is the u-haul trailer unfortunately with the u-haul trailer i can’t leave this front bumper on and i can’t leave these wheels on i have to take the bumper off and then i have to put my stock wheels on it’s not really that big of a deal but it is kind of a pain

In the butt when you constantly have to do it now about a month ago i found a trailer that was eight feet wide i believe so that’s more than enough for this car i thought i was going to be in the clear the trailer was just way too steep and my car would not clear with these side skirts the only way i was going to be able to clear it is if i take off the side skirt

But if i take off the side skirts i have to take off the rear over fenders as well that’s almost like half the wide body kit i have to take off just in order to put my car onto a trailer now it may not seem like a lot but just keep in mind you have to take the entire kit off just to put your car on the trailer then you have to put the kit back on once the car is

On the trailer and then once you get to where you’re going you have to take the kit off get the car off the trailer and then put the kit back on so you can just drive it around and have it looking nice and then you have to redo do all of that just to go home it’s a very long process and i didn’t want to get into all of that so that trailer essentially just became

A waste of money because my car was enabled to clear it i’ve already been through a couple different trailers and i haven’t found a single trailer where i can leave my wheels on and leave my entire kit on and just drive onto the trailer i haven’t been able to find one i still have hope so far this car has been a huge pain in the butt when it comes to loading and

Unloading off a trailer it’s obviously due to the wide body i mean this car is just extremely wide but that is just one of the things that i hate about this car it is such a pain in the butt to take this car anywhere on a trailer it just sucks to do it’s a whole big process and i’m just complaining about it by the time you take everything off and put it back on

You’re just drenched in sweat because it’s so damn hot and it’s just a little thing that i’m complaining about but it is one of the five things that i hate about this car now moving on to number four the fourth thing i hate about this car is another very small issue you’re only going to run into this once in a while but it’s jacking up this card the reason why i’m

Mentioning it right after mentioning the whole trailer thing is because every single time i’ve had to load this thing onto a trailer i’ve had to jack it up to put the stock wheels back on and jacking it up is such a pain in the butt you can’t just jack it up from the pinch well because you have this massive side skirt the side skirt sits super low there is no way

You can just slide the jack under and jack it up from the pinch well because this side skirt sits super low if you try jacking the jack up you’re gonna end up crushing your side skirts the side skirts are fiberglass so they have no plate and then whatsoever just like the front bumper you have to be extremely cautious with these side skirts since you can’t jack it

Up from the pinch well the only places that i found you can jack it up from is the front subframe the front tow hooks or the rear differential and if you want your car sitting nice and low like this there is no way even if you’re on air suspension you can’t air up high enough so that a jack can fit right underneath the front bumper what you need to do is drive up

On a piece of wood once you’re on the piece of wood tear out your rear air up your front and then you can just have enough clearance to be able to slide a jack underneath and jack it up from the front jacking it up from the back is just a little bit easier it also depends on what exhaust you have i have the grady evo gt and this exhaust as you guys can see it sits

Extremely low my exhaust makes it really hard to jack it up from the diff so i have to put the rear on wood too but if you have a different exhaust it should be just a little bit easier but trying to jack this car up to take on and off the wheels is such a pain in the butt because you have to drive it up on a piece of wood and then just teeter-totter it with the

Air suspension when you air out the front it raises the rear just a little bit and then when you air out the rear it raises the front just a little bit more it gives you that extra clearance to be able to slide a jack underneath once again i understand it’s a very small issue to have but since i’m one of the few people that have this kit at the moment there’s not

A lot of people talking about the downside so i figured i’d let you guys know there’s really not that many downsides so that’s why i have to look for all these little things to just tell you guys the fifth and the final thing i hate about this car is that it’s so damn slow now i know what you guys are gonna say it’s a brz obviously it’s going to be slow no i want

To preface this this car is extremely slow amanda has a stock body gr86 she has only a cat-back i have catless headers and a cat-back we have the same exact cat-back the only thing i have over here is the catless headers when i go from this car to her our car there is a significant difference i’m not sure exactly what it is it’s probably just these massive wheels

We have 13 inch wheels in the back and then toyo r triple h the toyo r triplets are probably just gripping the road so damn much and the car just having to move these 13-inch massive wheels constantly if i had to guess that’s probably what’s slowing down the car but this car is significantly slower than a stock body version now we haven’t done a side-by-side test

Between the stock body and the wide body which we probably should do because i know it’s not only in my head i said the same thing my little brother said the same thing and amanda said the same thing the stock body gr-86 is so much faster than the wide body and once i put the wide body on this thing slowed down like crazy it feels like we got 150 horsepower in this

Thing this thing is so damn slow now now obviously this isn’t a fast car or anything and one day we’ll have enough power to where we need these 13-inch wheels and wide ass tires unfortunately at the moment this ecu is still locked so this car is still but booty butt slow and it’s still going to be slow for a little while obviously once we throw a turbo in this

Thing or motor swap it or whatever we’re gonna do it’s gonna be a lot faster and it’s going to move but since at the moment this car is untunable this car is insanely slow once you put the wide body kit on you obviously need big wheels to go with it once you throw the big wheels on this car just slows down like crazy besides the turning radius trying to think of

Five things i hate about this wide body kit was actually pretty hard that’s why all my complaints about this were all just small little things that everyone’s gonna have to deal with it’s just that i know at the moment this kit is pretty rare but i know it’s going to become one of the most popular kits for this car just like the gen 1 brz everybody eventually got

Rocket bunny kits and you saw it at every single show in every single meet i know the exact same thing is going to happen with this car i get a ton of dms asking what i don’t like about this kit and honestly there are really not that many things i don’t like about it again i asked all the time what i do and don’t like about the kit i figured why not make a quick

Little video talking about a few things that i don’t like about it so that way if you guys are planning to throw this kit onto your beers or 86s you guys know what you’re in for this video is in no way shape or form trying to deter anyone from wide body or trying to talk trash about this kit i absolutely love this kit if i had to do this car all over again i would

Do it the same exact way i love this kit if you guys are thinking about getting this kit definitely go ahead pull the trigger cop the kit it is amazing i love this car and i’m building it to everything i always ever wanted we have a ton of things still in store for this thing which we’re probably gonna do throughout the winter so if you guys want to see that hit

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5 Things I HATE about my 22' Pandem BRZ By BeaKhan