5 Things I Hate About My Hyundai Veloster

– 5 Things I Hate About My 2016 Hyundai Veloster! –

All right how’s it going guys kris here are the supercar suspects today we have my 2016 hyundai veloster i’m gonna be showing you guys five things i hate about my car if this video ends up doing good i’m gonna make a second part five things i love about my hyundai veloster i’m not sure what my five are right now but we’re gonna start off definitely come alright

This is the number one thing i hate about my car this thing right here it’s capable of a hundred and ten horsepower or something i barely made it up this mountain like i was slippin out and i don’t know but this is the number one thing i hate about this car it has no power i wanted a at the turbo version but i don’t know i ended up getting this one because i

Didn’t really care about cars too much back then but now i do like cars that only has 110 horsepower i don’t know what to say if you’re getting this car definitely get the turbo version this is trash i don’t even know gdi stands for you all right guys this video is pretty much about my specific blocks or not all glasses but i have this it’s a total complete which

Means i start the plate work plate the plates work and this is the plates are now and yeah come look at the paint look it’s stuck on my paint can we get a close-up on this look at this thank god this is plastic that but it’s scratched underneath this too so let me try to get okay we’re stuck okay we’re gonna keep moving that was number two my totally my toe hook

Blade number three would have to be three is for the third or come why did you have to put three doors on my part it’s okay what is this come look at this there’s no door okay it’s a coop from this side that one they just wanted to like why i mean i rather just have this part of my trunk honest out even one two seats back you’re late why is there a hungry a box

In there she’s looking god damn it danny made any smaller i guess so in all seriousness i hate this third door i don’t know why they put it here she just makes the card it’s weird like people sounds like i’m not getting the back they’re like okay they come in it’s like look for the door and you can’t find it i’m like okay i have to get out of the car now come

Show them because they’re like why would there be a door up here on the window so i guess that’s the third thing i hate about my car all right guys i just at the third door number four it would have to be the noise i know most of you guys have heard my car in my previous videos but one thing i guys don’t know i’ve never filmed in the car while going like in the

Freeway or something it is the most annoying noise you will ever hear okay listen to it right now when it’s like cold start or whatever it sounds okay but when i’m driving i’ll show you guys inside pov it’s horrible all right see that’s not too bad but when i’m driving i fake pot again in the car we’re gonna go on a quick lap around here so i can show you guys

What my car sounds like from the inside all right guys this sort of sounds like from the inside when i turn it on i don’t know if you just gonna do that very well but safety first kids sico all right let’s go wait addy break now that you guys do that we have faster going i’m going like 25 right now information is annoying though you think i don’t know what it

Is something a musical instrument listen that so i think acid just perfectly like this so it’s quiet if i guess it a little bit too much it goes like this all right do this you all right so the fifth thing i hate about this cart has to be the looks of the car i mean it looks pretty good right now but when it comes to stock it does not look very nice look look

At this it looks kind of like genesis that’s what i don’t like about this car when i see other genesis is they just like take a quick look they think it’s the genesis and then i drive by in as a trashy veloster i don’t know i don’t like it i’ll put a picture up both of them up on the screen i know you guys tell me if they look similar or not okay so the front

Of the car doesn’t look too bad the back is what i don’t like just come on to the back all right so this is the back of my car the only thing i do like is it comes almost like a wide-body kind if you come to this angle you guys can tell i got my liberty walk body kit on here it looks really nice but i do not like it because it’s like okay first of all there’s

This window up here i don’t know what it’s for but it just it likes it looks okay i guess i don’t know i don’t know what it’s there for it’s part of the trunk i guess i’d rather have a sunroof but i guess this works back here for the you know the people in the trunk they can have some sunlight but it comes around it’s like a curved car i don’t like curved cars

It looks like a looks like a bugatti kind of you know i mean it if they didn’t have this body if it’s just horse power wise it’d be exactly the same for like okay so i had to add this little gun i don’t know what it’s there for it’s just there i don’t know i wanted to waste some money so i just got that for my part and i think that’s about it for this video

Alright guys that was five things i hate about my velocity if we can get this video to 35 things i love about my veloster i don’t this is kind of fun to make but i couldn’t think of five things i hate i really like a lot of things about this car if you guys are getting this car make sure to get the thread ball version of it make sure to leave a like i will see

You guys next time thank you guys for 7000 subscribers i’m like fifteen away right now it is monday midday we should be hitting 7000 by tonight so thank you guys so much i will see you guys next time peace out alright you guys comment down below what gdi means because i have no clue it has big a something okay and i’m gonna be showing you guys five things that

I hate about this video if this video does go to you sit around about this video for five things you hate about this area we have my 2016 hyundai veloster i’m gonna be teaching guys

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