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At this week’s video i’m telling you five things i hate about my 1286 you you so we’re going to start with number one and this isn’t really specific to the car but specific to the color and it’s the fact that it’s impossible to keep black clean it shows every imperfection when you do get it clean it doesn’t look clean and the only time it does look good is

With the proper wax and the dark black always shows constant swirls and for someone who’s really picky about how their car looks i should have never got a black car but hopefully that’s going to be fixed when i decide to ceramic coat it and hopefully i will see all these imperfections i see now and for number two it’s a pretty standard one that comes with these

Chassis of cars the back seats are absolutely worthless you can maybe fit oh i don’t know sam fits back there and she doesn’t seem down to issue with it but she seems to be pretty good and fit in tight spaces so that normal person can maybe fit a car seat back there a dog small dog maybe some tools or something like that my back seat will be coming out eventually

I’m just gonna do away with it because i have no need for a back seat i’m single no kids or anything like that i got a dog you’ll just hit the front seat with me number three is you have a real limited twist on wheels the 5 by 100 bolt pattern there’s not a lot of options out there and the less you’re going custom wheel you’re not going to find anything that fits

The rocket bunny there’s a lot of guys who run five by one 14 wheels and then have adapters i don’t want to run spacers even though i’m going to end up running spacers because as my tire set up it’s just not the stance i want so i can’t achieve that without a one inch spacer but that’s one of the biggest downfalls of these cars is there’s not a lot of options for

Aftermarket wheels and which is something kind of decent to consider when you’re in the market for one of these number four something i get a lot in this car is attention and sometimes i like it and sometimes i don’t like if i’m going to a car meet or anything kind of related to that sure i mean i love to talk to people i’ll talk to you all day about my car but

If i’m kind of you know maybe picking up sam from work or if i’m doing something my own i don’t really want to sit out in the parking lot for 30 minutes and talk to you about it not to mention all the people we try to race you civics minivans camrys all cars that have more horsepower than i do which leads me to the fifth and final thing i hate about my car people

Say it’s slow the truth is these cars aren’t slow they’re not fast in a straight line they’re quick but they’re not fast and expressly with the 17 since we have the new upgraded final drive i mean we get there a little bit quicker than the 13 to 16 fr-s and brz but still by no means they’re not fast in a straight line but what these cars are designed to do is handle

Well and handle quickly and the best thing i can think to compared to it’s a faster miata and my otters are well known for the handling capabilities out on the track and basically if you’re a good enough driver you can beat you know mustangs camaros pretty much any guy’s going to tell you there’s no replacement for displacement and these things really shine and that

Aspect cornering is amazing and once you get up to speed i mean you’re cruising you’re not going to scrub that much speed off in a car like this no one really understands that horsepower is just a number i mean sure your toyota camry may have more power than i do but it’s not going to be faster and not to mention a whole lot less fun i mean it’s rear-wheel drive

Versus wrong wheel drive you might have like 40 to 60 more horsepower my car sounds better and honestly it’s probably going to pull on you on a straight stretch i mean i might be wrong if you have a camera you don’t erase me i’ll probably decline it but i mean cameras might be faster i don’t know but i’ve owned some pretty fast cars and i by no means take this car

Slow and that’s going to conclude this week’s video if you guys like videos like this more than you actually like watching vlogs let me know i’ll try to do some more stuff like this to throw in in between weeks i don’t do vlogs i don’t know our problem vlogging every week but it can get tired since at some point eventually i like to start vlogging everyday but

That’s not going to happen anytime soon and that’s always thanks for watching be sure to like and subscribe and i’ll see you next week

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