5 Things I Like About MY 2010 Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab Cummins Diesel.

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20 guys morning youtube welcome back how fast someone night the channel the channel of all channels we got here today so i’m gonna do five things i love about my 2010 dodge ram 2500 mega cab so as you guys can see i look because i’ve seen it i kind of only did a little glimpse of it a night glimpse but the front grille was painted that only took a month to do so

Let’s start with the likes so i wrote down likes these are my likes so this video is gonna be 5 things i love or like about 1 2010 mega cab so first and foremost it’s a mega cab and it’s a 4th gen so fortune mega cab kind of hard to find there was only two that i could pick from two that i liked there was a silver one and this one silver one was in nevada in vegas

And this one i got out of yuma arizona so excuse the cans and recycling in the bed of the truck so as you could see it’s got kmc xd black wheels but anyway let’s get to it so that’s the first thing the mega cab 4th gen and it’s the cummins diesel the next thing is the laramie package laramie package is awesome because we have leather we have this big huge center

Thing right here so larry package is pretty cool comes with the alpine sound system which comes with that on subwoofer under the seat however the subwoofer in this truck is gone and he replaced it with two tents oh open anyway so yep so laramie package pretty cool like two compartments you got this flip up compartment here and then you have this flip up compartment

Which is a bigger compartment then you have these cup holders you have those i do notice cup holders from the 2012 was just a slt that flipped down that thing rattled all over the place this is a lot more solid you do have these little pockets did that but anyway you got those little pockets that’s weird why it’s doing that you didn’t do that one little area wants

To get all whiny i don’t know if that’s gonna come up on a video but anyway yeah laramie package this is all leather or faux leather whatever you want to call it it’s not plastic i can’t think of what else comes with the laramie package i’ve got heated seat air-conditioned seat or cooled seat i guess you can call it an heated steering wheel but yeah and then you

Know automatic dual climate zone and then you got the 115 or 115 volt 150 watt ac so yeah that’s number two the laramie package so number three and this does not come with the trucks and keep in mind this is my opinion and this is for my truck only the truck might have it other strokes might have it this is just my truck so we have those steps amp research powered

Steps so truck looks sleek there’s no big old bars hanging down like my 2012 pops open pretty sweet i like it definitely would recommend these they’re expensive though they’re 1,500 bucks i think and then you have to install them or have somebody install them wire them all up do all kinds of stuff but anyway so that is number four so one mega cap for gen cummins

Diesel 2 is the laramie package the leather powered heated seats air conditioned or cooled seats 3 is this number 4 is gonna be center console which i already went over i really like this center console i think it’s awesome pretty cool so that’s why it’s number 4 these are kind of backwards so number one is number one never mind it’s not backwards and then we have

Last but not least which is technically my number one thing that i like about it like most about it is remote start so lock it push twice and the truck will start so with that being said five things i like about my 2010 dodge ram diesel mega cab so and then to unlock it mites all come on i love this truck we definitely recommend it to anybody in the market for

One you’ll definitely get one i can’t remember how to shut the truck off with the remote start but so right now the temperatures hot outside well it’s not hot really 55 degrees outside but the a/c is on so i think it comes on to whatever you store that i haven’t figured out how to store all that hay so yeah this is gonna be the five things i love or like about my

2010 dodge ram diesel i’ll do a full review of this truck later but right now this video is just about the five things i like about it and that’s gonna be it i guess thanks watchin comment subscribe blair

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5 Things I Like About MY 2010 Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab Cummins Diesel. By Halffast719