5 things you didnt know about the Jeep Gladiator | 2022-23 Jeep Gladiator Mojave Review

If you are considering a quarter ton truck as an every day driver/off-road adventure machine there are many options to choose from. 2022 Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger, GMC Canyon, Chevy Colorado, Honda Ridgeline?

The jeep gladiator mojave edition hey guys driving with stew here again for another one and we’ve brought you out to beautiful florence lake bc to showcase this jeep gladiator mojave we’re about an hour outside of my hometown langley and i thought it was a perfect place to showcase this because these are the exact terrains sandy bumpy off-road trails

That you’re going to be facing with the mojave edition today we’re going to cover everything that goes into the mojave package everything that i love about this jeep and some of my complaints about the jeep as well so let’s get into it starting off at the front here with jeep’s iconic seven slotted grille i think jeep made a really good play here of keeping that

Classic heritage on the gladiator that everybody’s come to know it gives it a really rugged military look and feel to the jeep and i think it looks really great with the set of upgraded wheels and tires even the wheels and tires that are on this one right now on either side of the grill you’re gonna find the jeep classic round headlights only now they’re upgraded to

The led package now if you’re looking for a jeep gladiator or wrangler i would definitely opt for the led lighting group if at all possible very bright headlights they come in super handy especially in those dark nighttime driving situations you’re gonna want the leds this gladiator is also equipped with your front off-road camera this is really great when you’re

Out wheeling you don’t have a spotter you can really get a close-up view on those rocks and obstructions in front of you without getting out of your jeep you can get perfect tire placement they even put little grid lines on the screen for you so you know exactly where you’re going without having to get out of the jeep great feature come up to the single scoop

Mojave hood i love the look of this hood jeep did a great job here and i really like how it differentiates itself from all the other gladiator trims that are available on the side of the hood here we’ve got the mojave badging in that signature orange great look to it big bold styling and font and you’ll find the orange everywhere throughout this jeep on badging

Stitching interior really great look to that hood and you know this is a mojave gladiator one thing i love that they’ve kept from the rubicon package are these high line fender flares you’ll notice that these fender flares are one inch higher in the rubicon and mojave than all the other gladiator trims this is going to allow you as much clearance as possible inside

That wheel well for wheel articulation inside the wheel well we’ve got this beautiful 17-inch upgraded off-road wheel right from factory myself personally i like this wheel a little bit better than the original one that comes stock on the mojave but i mean to each their own let me know your preference in the comments below now on that 17 inch rim we’re wrapped

In a falcon wild peak at this is a mountain snowflake rated tire so if you’re a local bc guy like myself and you’re going to be hitting the coquihalla highway these are going to be safe and legal to drive with during the wintertime months all right now let’s talk about the features that make up the mojave package over on the driver’s side you’ll notice the desert

Rated badge this is a little bit different from the other gladiators they all wear the trail rated badge this has the desert rated badge to signify it is designed to go fast in four-wheel drive especially in those sandy desert style situations the sand dunes high-speed off-road trails those kind of things and that’s jeep’s way of saying hey we’ve made a pre-runner

Truck right from factory ready to go for you the most important feature of the jeep mojave are the fox performance dual reservoir shocks now if you’re not familiar with dual reservoir this is going to give you an extra tube allowing for more fluid volume you’re going to need that when you’re doing the high frequency off-road bumps of sand dunes and you’re going to

Need that shock to reset to its original position much faster the dual reservoir shocks deliver just that for you and you’ll see jeep has added this beefy skid plate up front this is to protect the reservoir as well as the other steering components when you’re smashing through the dunes now in the back you’re gonna find the dual reservoir setup only in a piggyback

Configuration for the rear suspension jeep also throws in the fox hydraulic bump stops you’re gonna find these in place of the rubber ones found in the other gladiator models including the rubicon this is a great feature for off-road it’s going to help reduce the impact of those big heavy bumps and it’s going to make for a much smoother ride also they’ve added the

Cast iron steering knuckles these are fantastic huge upgrade from the aluminum ones found on the other gladiators these are going to give you increased performance and rigidity in those very tough off-road situations and high-speed 4×4 terrains all right now let’s talk protection i’m talking about these rock rails going down either side of the mojave this is going

To protect the mojave let’s say you slip off a rock and you come down this is going to protect those body panels from getting all dented up we’ve also got a transfer case fuel tank transmission and suspension skid plate to protect you when you’re having fun off-road all right so let’s talk about jeep gladiator’s pickup box comes in really handy on your off-road

Rig when you’re loading up the camping gear and supplies but my only complaint with the gladiators box is the small size i think that’s a place where ranger and tacoma really get us in the quarter ton truck space because they have different cab configurations getting you closer to that six foot box that being said you might make do with this especially putting the

Tailgate down and you actually get an extra 12 to 14 inches of width over the ranger and tacoma so that’s a pretty huge benefit there so looking at the tailgate of the mojave i really like this look we’ve got the big jeep badge on the back with the mojave orange outlining those letters i love that backup camera integrated as well and this is an aluminum tailgate

So very easy to open and operate it’s also dampened and it’s very light as well we’ve got some functional heavy duty tow hooks coming out of the back pull out your ford toyota and chev buddies no i’m just kidding but hey they come in handy for any kind of off-road situation where you got somebody stuck and you need to use them in between those tow hooks we have

Our class 4 hitch receiver and we’ve also got our trailer wiring now with the mojave package you get up to 6 000 pounds towing with the 8-speed automatic transmission that’s a decent sized boat or camping trailer you’ll be able to take those to the lake in the summer months and enjoy now one little easter egg jeep added here was this tire tread design on the back

Of the box and it’s kind of reminiscent of a dirt bike tire to give you a little guide of where your dirt bike tire is going to go i really like it i think it kind of breaks things up and it takes you away from the boring stuff you see on every other truck so great job on that so compared to the rubicon package we do miss out on a couple things with the mojave we

Don’t have our locking front differential and we don’t have the front sway bar disconnect what we do have is a locking rear differential cool thing about this one you can lock it in four wheel drive high can’t do that on the rubicon or any other gladiator trim this is going to come in handy in the high speed four-wheel drive situations a great feature offered on

The mojave one thing we should definitely touch on on all gladiators versus the competition is the solid front and rear axles with a solid axle you’re going to get much better performance and strength off-road versus the independent cv axles you’ll find in the ford ranger toyota tacoma and the gmc canyon if you’re an avid off-roader already you’ve probably heard of

Friends they have the independent cv axles and they have issues breaking down off-road this is the last thing you want when you’re 20 kilometers into the bush i would suggest if you’re going to be a hardcore off-roader strongly consider a quarter-ton truck with solid axles coming inside the mojave we have our orange stitching on the dash door panels steering wheel

And even stitched into the seats the center stack is laid out very clean and simple when you’re using the different functions you’ll notice the materials feel very rugged and that of abrasion resistant materials you’ll find on camping gear i really like that you’ve got an 8.4 inch touchscreen with navigation that’s also connected to your nine speaker alpine sound

System with the factory sub now i love the alpine sound system i wouldn’t upgrade it personally unless you want to really increase that base but i think the sound system sounds amazing just as it is right from the factory we have the analog buttons for the heated seats heated steering wheel and climate controls that you can also find on screen i like having the

Buttons handy they’re easy to find you don’t really have to take your eyes off the road too much so that’s a nice feature the knobs for the volume channel and climate fan they’ve got a nice feel to them as well they’ve got a rubberized coating on the outside it looks great feels great we have our power window controls and we also have a media hub so we can plug in

Our devices there now just below that we have our axle locker and our off-road plus we also have our manual 4×4 shifter if it doesn’t have that in my opinion it’s not a true jeep off-road enthusiasts love the 4×4 shifter really nice and they’ve stitched it they’ve cleaned it up and they’ve added some nice aluminum trim on both shifters to give it a really modern

And upgraded look another cool feature on the mojave is the thick steering wheel that you’ll only find in this package it’s nice and thick got a good feel in the hand and it’s even got a nice little perforation on the grip i love the feel stitching looks great and you’re really going to be able to get a hold of that steering wheel when you’re going fast off-road

Now the seats in the mojave look really nice they’ve got a high quality feel to them i love the mojave stitching in the back of the seat all throughout here as well but one complaint i have is they could be a little bit more comfortable they’re not terrible don’t get me wrong but jeep could have added a little bit more support a little bit more cushioning in the

Seats especially the lumbar really long drives is where i noticed that i had a 20 20 jeep wrangler but for everyday use i didn’t really have a complaint about the seats check it out for yourself i’d suggest scheduling a test drive at your local dealer get a feel for the comfort of these seats and see if it makes sense for you you probably won’t have an issue well

Guys that wraps up today’s video thank you so much for watching i appreciate it and if you got some value from today’s review the gladiator mojave hit that like button for me subscribe to driving with stu i’m also located here in langley bc canada so if you want my help with a beautiful gladiator like this and you’re a canadian resident please reach out i’ve left

My contact info in the description below thanks again guys don’t forget hit that subscribe button and have an amazing day driving with stu out you

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5 things you didn't know about the Jeep Gladiator | 2022-23 Jeep Gladiator Mojave Review By Driving With Stu