5 Used SUVs You Should Never Buy

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You should never buy used, because many of new, now suvs are getting more and more popular very handy and they ride pretty good these they make them a lot better now, well some of them are made a lot better, here bmw x5, you mind as well say bmw money pit, have problems with engine oil leaks, water problems, and problems with their stability over because their so boxy,

Yeah their high customers with them that they got this gyro but it costs like $1,500-1,800 for the thing, high quality, there’s so much plastic used i had one customer with an x5, i told her, their money pits, well after a year of driving for her latest problem at it was the transmission found out that it was going to cost her 4-5 of the thing, she traded it in on a used

Lexus that was years ago and she’s still driving the things don’t break, just normal oil changes and brake job stuff on those, activity vehicle, well yeah because your going dealer getting the thing fixed, now the next suv not to buy is the cadillac cadillac suv and you don’t care that you get might be for you, it’s a show boat and a lot plastic, and guess what it cracks

Early and problems, you might think oh that’s not that me i’ve seen people spend $1,500-2,500 taking they have problems with the dash and display just come on and off at will, their poorly transmission failures and awd versions they to fix, it’s a big heavy vehicle but the internals down too much from carrying all that weight top of the line image for decades, well it’s

To the truth, now the next suv not to buy the jeep renegade, is small, it’s under powered and if you tried of those big jeeps good luck, these jeep renegade, their made in italy, jeep, especially stay away from the 2015 renegade have engine failures, they have transmission list goes on and on and on, it’s like the not surprisingly the renegades have a lot have electronic

Weak systems that’s just the head gaskets in the engine, a typical problem to get a jeep i’m not that big of a fan of if you are get a regular one, don’t get this small one, ones that had 40,000 miles on them, the awd dollars to fix, i mean if a vehicle has engine away, stay far away from this vehicle, i mean flashing up service awd, then it said super super cruise system

Yet is was saying there have on the vehicle, and the gm dealer couldn’t that until he got rid of it, he said it was never going to buy another one, the last suv was made famous in breaking bad where brian to a garage, they fixed it all up he came his hat out of the back seat, put it on his mechanic, i had a customer that did a similar miles on it and the head gasket blew

And the in, so he said to heck with that, he had a thing and got rid of it and said, that’s it products, basically the azteks were gm’s version did they fail big, the azteks actually had ones were, the head gaskets of the engines intake manifolds that would go bad and leak didn’t watch that closely that would lead it right in the beginning you had to take to fix something

That should have never happened cars that are 20 or 30 years old, some of of them were 3,4,5 years old, but regardless, make them anymore obviously, now if you want it’s the same thing as this matrix, the were engine, transmission, wheels and everything, on the vehicles, so that one you can get because showing that the expression, what’s in a name behind that name, now sure

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5 Used SUVs You Should Never Buy By Scotty Kilmer