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550hp Civic Type R vs 500hp 69 Camaro Z/28 / HONDA vs HATERS

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Import or domestic? Turbo 4 banger or blown V8? FWD or RWD? HONDAS or HATERS? Beto @ONDGAS back, but this time he brought his “Sunday Cruiser” 1969 Camaro Z/28 instead of his truck Crawfish. He claims to be rocking a fairly mild 500hp supercharged LS3 under the hood, but it seems suspiciously fast… In the other corner we’ve got Jake from @JSR Engines in his FK8 Civic Type R that’s pushing 32 POUNDS OF BOOST through a stock motor. These cars couldn’t be more different, but the race is a close one!

I told you that man’s a liar this is racing all of you up oh so we know every car you have isn’t a race car and every day’s not a race day it can be but we also understand how important it is for the care of your car it’s important stuff very important that’s why we run sunoco fuels available at tons of station keep your car running healthy and longer top-tier

Fuels to help your car last longer and take some abuse welcome back to another this versus that special edition honda versus the haters haters presented to you by sunoco fuels and k n filters two best in the world you already know baby today we have the age old domestic versus the import v8 versus four cylinder no replacement for displacement there isn’t yes there

Is it’s called the turbo but let’s go see oh you think it’s over there yeah you think it’s over there what’s going on man hey it’s a familiar face what’s your name what’d you bring jake torres jsr engines brought my 2018 civic type bar oh thank you i wash them like 10 times a day no like because you know usually when you go for this yeah this part right here

It gets rough and then this and then the slide that should what kind of lotion you use it’s natural man all right all right all right enough about your lotion more about you puts the lotion on pretty much stuck engine trans and clutch bolt-ons garrett turbo g25 660. you’re talking a lot show us real quick yeah yeah 32 pounds of booth hold on i noticed the hood

Is raised i know this is a honda thing this is this is it’s been a honda jdm thing no this is this the vent the extra what’s the idea behind that that it cools better it evacuates the heat that these things create when you’re rolling i like that he evacuates the heat jesus oh damn is that all right so titanium hardware i have four thousand dollars worth of titanium

Under this head the man knows exactly how much power i would too i’ve never seen a model half housing titanium expansion tech titanium all the bolts are titanium my motor mount bolts are titanium ac cover caps are titanium i’m broke dipstick is titanium dipstick titanium how much weight do you think you took out not much it’s just for looks i really like titanium

When you run out of things to do you start doing dumb oh oh you gotta get it so stock motor stock engine has not been out because stock is different to everyone honda factory engine transit clutch 49 000 miles has not been touched oh you drive just drive this i drove it here okay oh you drove it four and a half hours no trailer no trailer oh okay yeah what fuel

It’s a 91 e50 bin so it’s half 91 half eighty five numbers 550 to the wheel what ecu oh it’s stocking honda you see on honda that’s nice but that’s not a stock turbo that’s not a stock turbo that’s a garrett turbo provided by rampage fab you quickly glazed over how many pounds of boost on 32 pounds of boost on these on these direct injection engines they take almost

Double the amount of boost the older casers did because their direction the injection and the sleeves are almost twice the thickness too oh so they’ll take the boost they take the boost anything else done looks like you’ve got all-in suspension plates uh olins yeah how much money did you not spend with the car i have over 100 grand in the car already i have three

Sets of wheels i have an engine at the house let’s go over there and feel poor together i got a fully built engine at my shop right now with the trams ready to go it’s ready to be put in i just haven’t had time or else i would have been out here with like 700 horsepower what engine is this technically that’s a k20 c1 so it’s still a k series still a k series but it

Moves on to the direct injection platform is there anything inside we should know about no just recaros on bridge some more titanium on the inside do we carl stock no sure the brembo stock the brembos are stocked oh okay okay yo is this considered a hatchback it’s a hatchback yes my lug nuts are titanium the balcony stem capture titanium yeah so yeah everything’s

Titanium on my car it’s your ring titanium uh yes it is oh what were you expecting my man what’s your favorite metal titanium oh i would have guessed i work on engines a lot i’ve already broke two rings i’ve crushed one on my hand i had to get a surgically like no no this one i’ve had it for 10 years and it’s stopped transmissions from smacks smashing my hands

Sometimes so that’s a safety feature the wing yes the wing is a vm smack wing he’s right here in san francisco so is the uh yes no rep no that’s money do you think the man no 4 000 in titanium well he’s got look look is that stock those are not are those what’s with the british flag that’s where the car was assembled oh okay so i had a little twist on there that’s

Odd right that’s pretty cool no it stood out to me the engine was made in ohio shipped over to england fully assembled in england and then it was shipped back to the states these motors are built in the states ohio yes oh wow ohio that’s an american motor american motor this technology transit japanese versus domestic they’re designed by i think the other car

Was completely made in america let the man talk about his car wheels aren’t stock no he wants to take a red oh maybe not oh damn uh wheels are not stuck these are tight end ts5’s they’re 18 by nine and a half in the back 18 by 11 in the front okay they’re 275 35 in the back 305 18 by what in the front 18 by 11 where can you go from there um just this quickly oh

You still made them dude you just trapped you know the quality on honda right the seal quality on hondas he’s allergic he has an excuse he’s always right yeah yeah so we got one car with a domestic built motor in it and another car that’s completely domestic well let’s go see let’s check it out k n air intake systems proven performance over the last 50 years here

We have our k n aluminum high flow intake you don’t have to clean this thing for up to a hundred thousand miles and also guarantees horsepower and torque guess what else they got y’all that’s right cabin air filters i know every time you go get an oil change they try to con you into one of these no no no just wash it off that way your car won’t keep smelling like

Old socks and hammocks go to hoonigan enter your contact information and you will get free hoonigan merch k n performance unlimited look at this freaking beautiful dream of a car what’s up guys wait wait wait he looks familiar too dude i think so it’s like it’s like this this whole episode is very dangerous wait what did you what did you do what’s

Up what’s up buddy man we’re back again how do you bring you got to introduce yourself again for those people who don’t remember i don’t remember my name is beto with on the gas racing and we come all the way from houston now today bring no truck he lost to the genesis no no no the red no no sorry no the red four wheel drive truck smoke there we go okay okay i

Don’t bring a truck this time about the sunday cruiser my sixth night okay so just like last time lie to us again let’s go i’m not lying y’all ready for this houston’s in the house oh he’s going to tell you it’s stocked that’s right tell me about the stock ls3 can we get a meter on the bottom with a lot go ahead ls3 supercharger nothing crazy eight pounds 500

Horsepower okay not a chance so it is 12 pounds of boost 750 horsepower ls7 it’s an lsa it’s literally a ctsv motor yeah pretty much but i put a bigger supercharger because this one’s come with the lsa supercharger this one has a 2300 magnuson uh like i said ls3 exhaust long tube headers pretty much simple car man inside and out this is your daily or this is like

Your cruiser this is the car that i go to church in on sundays i’ll take everybody to church on sundays again you know all 69 camaros come with a carbon lip you know my boil has a bunch of carbon fiber so you know i had to i had to give me a little any titanium no no no it’s all steel yeah adamantium what transmission oh four l seventy sixty the sixty sixties

Five six seventy it’s not not not the big one have you raced this before i’ve never raced this car before i’ve never took it to the track uh so it does 990s no it probably runs like 12. in the back you know what is this on here we got some uh intro wheels 20 by 12 in the back 19 by eight and a half in the front i do have a raider in the back uh-huh it might scare

You a little bit but it’s you know what i mean talking to me thing is last time i came with a truck and and these guys were a little surprised so you know so you got another surprise for us is that what you’re saying no no no this is this is there’s no surprises here this is this is it this is it you must be kidding aren’t you let’s see the inside yeah puppeteer

Bro look at that thing oh damn that is surprisingly clean is this how it came why do you have spare window cranks oh i think there should was there this car actually was built 10 years ago and she’s been in the shop i literally pulled it out just just for this but you just said you drove it to church what ecu and everything are you on everything stock yeah yeah

Yeah it’s got a motec m150 okay traction control let me see the trunks i know you’re hiding something in there nothing in the back uh-huh uh-huh oh wow where’s the bottle at a bottle there’s a lot of space between the back of that trunk and the back seat there’s panels of course it has a little sound system for speakers but we cover it up make it look nice yeah

This is a super this is a nice car this is why did you bring this to the show i want to bring something sexy to the show mission accomplished well well you know what i mean yeah so you’ve never raced this you’ve never raced it this is all steel no fiberglass oh yeah no no it’s all what do you think this thing weighs 3 500 pounds okay so 2 000 pounds 700 horsepower

Yes how fast you think you do if you had to guess i’ll say it 12 because it has 500 horsepower 550 around there i think he’s lying we should line it up he’s lying let’s get it out there already you ready i’m ready to party let’s go that’s a really big wheel with the slick on it when the car’s got that big of a tire and slick it moves merrell my man’s a damn liar

With that camaro i know he’s a liar that thinks at least 700 still i would never bet against my hondas i like both of them they’re both black mr beto brought a clean car mr titanium brought a lot of titanium i’m going for the civic i’m going for the city from best experience so you can’t bet against on the gas it’s that camaro and also i just want to drive that

Home it looks amazing i told you that man’s a lion oh it said three thousand feet just 500 horsepower i knew something was up when he brought it ain’t nobody bring no clean ass car without supercharger yeah like he drives that to church you know that means a goddamn way he don’t go to no church probably can’t even name all the saints or something whatever you

Believe in his name is not bethel is saint liar round one look at them i’m going to go buy one of those stock ls2s some pumpkins bro yo some pump gas we took out two spark plugs all how about texans for stand-up people so as you predicted you didn’t get out the hole very well it bogged and then second gear bogged and then got in it yeah it’s not really a dick

Car what do you want to do i like to do a roll 30 mile an hour give me a better advantage because it is spinning until third gear and then third gear finally goes liar he wants to do a 30 mile an hour roll we’ll balance you too we’ll throw uh dan with you all right so since you took the l you’ll set the pace whatever you want to do just follow him and then you

Guys go at the second cone you’re swamping lanes ready watch his hands yeah sure there’s no buttons anywhere i don’t know do it gary do it let me stop let me stop that’s a special boy micah smith’s glue eats glueys paint chips i also eat nevermind put your hands behind your back place your hands behind your back so that was good that was good yeah but you

Heard that shift did you hear pretty sure the verdict’s been made i just got confirmation honda by a bumper yeah yeah it takes forever to turn on we take out dan you think that’s a good race it’s one to one right now um all right okay let’s do another one yeah hell yeah let’s do it let’s do it i love this mr super this is racing honest good legitimate liars

Racing each other the most once that civic picked up i was like oh because we were both like he beat him by a full day and a half i think houston’s gonna prevail today so he put it in d instead of one two three yeah camaro by offender wow dude that’s a good ring that was a hat ls3 power baby uh that was sick i thought we were going all the way bro no

Thousands of v8 races well i said that’s what i want to go to the 15. man i don’t think this thing can break on the 15. i can barely hold the brakes and i know you guys turned up oh there you go which one of you pulled that out all right listen dude that civic it was moving there you go there you go i like that he’s a good sport he lost the belt you’re still a

Damn liar at the end of the day you both won nothing congratulations that freaking integra tickled my ear somebody getting their ass dragged i love that every time

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550hp Civic Type R vs "500hp" '69 Camaro Z/28 / HONDA vs HATERS By Hoonigan