550hp FBO Civic Type R vs 632hp FD RX-7 Drag Race // HONDA vs HATERS

If you’ve been keeping up with Build Breakdown over on @Hoonigan Bonus you already know that Will’s gorgeous bagged FD RX-7 is more than just a stance car. The 1JZ under the hood is pushing over 600hp and makes all the right noises in the process. In the other corner we’ve got the FK8 Civic Type R from the boys at JSR, which has already proven itself to be a certified ripper down the airstrip. It’s full of titanium goodies and has all the bolt-ons to squeeze the most potential out of its stock K20. 

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It’s honda versus haters brought to you by k m filters and sunoco fuels best fuels and filters in the world and if you think otherwise then you’re wrong one has a legacy the other one comes from it’s essentially a legend in the jdm world yeah it is it is it’s kind of like an exotic because these parts are so high at this point i wish i could back for them you can

We can oh yeah i forgot that we bowling ah spiderman spiderman let’s go look at some cars dude hey never seen you before right this kid looks familiar he looks a lot slimmer did you get out of middle school yet ah what’s up bro how’s it going man that was so confusing all right yeah all right cool let’s break it up a little bit you got soft hands just like a dad

It’s natural man my name is jake we’re from jsr engines out in covina we own a honda performance shop today we brought our 2018 honda civic type r it’s a stock engine car it’s got full bolt-ons upgraded turbo rs jsr fuel system other than that it’s a daily driver we drove it here today just recently hit 49k on the od sure to have fun oh yeah pop this hood i want

To look at it who told you to say all that that looks really good especially for being some brand new oem valve cover i’ve never wanted one yeah the valve covers from jay’s racing in japan other than that as you can see rampage fab in lit it’s part of the turbo kit it’s a garrett g25 660 like i mentioned before it has our jsr fuel system what fuel you’re running

This is on e50 mix so it’s half of 91 uh half e85 how much power did it make 550 to the wheels not bad low in high-end mid-range it’s a good mid-range card like i said it’s a daily but it does have the top end okay this thing looks beautiful in here especially making a newer setup you try to spice things up with a little bit of titanium most of the titanium was

From chasing jays jays racing shrub bar to match the valve cover the little details are nice yeah we ran out of things to do with the car i mean we have a built engine at the shop at the side so what transmission are you running this stock stock trans stock transmission stock price pattern or yeah stock clutch stock clutch wow are these five or six speeds six speed

Okay okay tell me a little bit about your suspension uh it’s on olin’s coilovers with sake bomb top hats always 18 by 11 titan seven in the front with a 305 35 18 ntl1 305 yeah 535. it doesn’t even look like it it doesn’t the typewr’s tuck them really well yeah it’s a reverse stagger setup so it’s a nine and a half in the rear 275. okay do you primarily just do drag

Racing or have you ever this car is actually not a drag race car and it’s not a circuit car we could do circuit but it’s more of a roll race car yeah so let’s go out to mexico you know 40 50 60 rolls and yeah just have fun for the night you know yeah yeah dude ensenada’s dope yeah uh just an inside we got recaro speed m’s and then chasing j’s shift knob it’s the

Shop car okay yeah it’s actually my first time driving the car so ever what have you driven a fast car before yeah have you driven a car fast yes yes you drove all motor car here yeah i drove the all motor uh ej1 versus a caprice and then we brought the blue type wire a year ago and we raced the bentley wait a second are you the roll race guy we know where your

Negotiations gonna go that’s yeah yeah i can feel that already there’s a prediction coming for sure what’s up with a big wing uh big wing from bm spec it’s discontinued you can’t really find them anymore the front splitters from bm spec as well it’s got a mugen rear duckbill wing it has a really nice aesthetic to it that car looks really thank you uh other than

That mugen tail lights jay’s racing exhaust the bm spec granny flap and then like i mentioned titanium everywhere y’all love you all titanium oh yeah down to the lug nuts those are the rampage fab don’t tell me you have titanium bolts holding on the the tail lights too if we could we would we got the type r the legend of like the honda world is a type r correct

Yep there’s another legend over there you want to go check it out let’s do it let’s go see what this guy is working with yeah this episode of this versus that is brought to you by sunoco fuels i take care of all the cars at hoonigan so therefore i’m very picky of the fuels we use that’s why we use sunoco ultratech fuels sunoco ultratech fuel has the same detergent

Levels found in nascar fuels and it’s top tier certified the greatest part is it’s available at any sunoco station now back to tbt look at this freaking thing look at these shoes did you bring a stance car to a drag race i fought to stand shoes those in baby shark threes what’s up man what’s your name what’d you bring us my name is will chang i’m from san jose

Springs i brought a 1jz mazda rx7 can i see it may we see it you may thank you wow manners that worked that’s where i’m going wrong you never asked the teacher can i go to the bathroom oh no can you i guess we know who’s the teacher’s pet oh wow what is this it’s my soda machine oh nice you get sprite out of that coca-cola at least it’s a fine coca-cola product

All right so there’s some bolt-ons is there anything we’re working internally so we have 272 um cams in here the head is built bottom is all stock bottom in stock bottom in stock any riven like just over 7 800. okay how much boost in that turbo 30. 30 pounds of boost what that’s a lot what kind of fuel you run e85 85 so what power does that make 632 632 that’s

Pretty dang good for one check oh yeah what kind of ecu you’re running this not what i want what do you have tell them make a squirt look at the camera and say it with confidence squirt it’s okay it works though right sort of and what year were this 90 what year are we in your watch is newer than your goddamn ecm i’m not gonna give you a hard time because it’s

A good looking car it works it does that’s all that matters what size turbo is this 66. what’s the trans cd09 so you’re in six feet a little more beefy the cd19 is this one with my shifter it’s pretty notchy which uh what’s short shift relocation kit do you have it’s not short no more can we open this yes sir what side does it matter it doesn’t matter that side

That side what is this what the hell is that what it’s even that it’s my ac what it’s on michael feel that that’s for real it’s my ac where’d you get that from that’s the most impressive thing i’ve ever seen i see what he means about the shifter not being short anymore see that freaking handle there you go hunker there god does that help you roll gears i didn’t

Think so no this probably makes it worse it it’s horrible yeah i’m not in trouble you’re just in trouble if you race it so i think it’s fairly obvious you’re on bags yes sir what was it what was your intention on building this car basically everything that everybody said about a functional mazda trash everything that coilovers are the best sorry trash stan’s car

Can’t do something like trash that’s what i said just prove everything to be different okay cool so today you’re prepared to race nope what suspension and tire will set up you guys i have air force air suspension with airlift 3p management the wheels are drift they’re one off freeform wheels 18 by 10s in the front 18 by 11’s in the rear wrapped on falcon rt660s

It’s a good tires um shout out to our one concepts on that one six pistons in the front four piss in the rear can we see him in the trunk yep may we see please have you ever weighed this car i have not you go around the track wanted to but everything kept breaking so if i blew up up this intercooler six times i’ve blew the fuel system few times is the rear end on

Stock rear ends our stock but a custom mount for the differential factory diff um powered by max control arms lower arms upper arms so if you ever drag raced it nope have you ever raced it on the streets of mexico you’ve never raced before on the street and there’s six speed you’re confident in this honda civic race or i’m just here to have fun all right all right

Cool respect respect can you do better dance i could do burnouts you do donuts drive your car if you could fit in the seat i can definitely fit well honda versus haters and today i’ve seen that kid drive so i’m going with the honda i don’t think that the rx7 is going to put it to the ground like the civic so i’m gonna have to go to civic and i know he can grab i

Feel that brother chang will win against this abomination of a honda with overpriced titanium parts and real jdm parts god damn so much money should have just bought a gtr round one that’s right that’s right what that was a good race number one he said i’m here to prove everybody that cars with bags and stance cars can drive it wasn’t violently loud like my

Eardrums are okay it looked like they kind of had a little back and forth there per se yo that’s fantastic both of those cars sound good and are fast as hell we all just spinning man yeah yeah it’s a little one spinning all that third gear bro so at this point you now have a w you got an l one to zero you get to negotiate what do you want to do i wanna do a 50

Roll to the 1500. the brakes you can negotiate as well yeah if you want to yeah oh man move the cameras let’s do it okay foreign you were you were you know you were in front of him when you were going right here right yeah i was at 36 and then i was like oh 50 year old and then here he comes yeah so it’s up to you what do you want to do yeah i’ll do one at

The correct speed the better way to do this everybody does it wrong the better way to do is if you want the pace if you want to set it at 50 you drive 50 and we’ll just tell him to pace you okay yeah you want to buy half a car so he wants to race he sets the pace it’s still road racing he sets the pace so you just you just go his speed whatever speed he’s going

Look over at him he’s going to go yeah that cool with you i mean at this point you want did you get a mischief up there i did i misfit my problem is he didn’t hit 50 by the time we hit the car no no no that’s what i’m saying that’s his fault that’s not true that’s what we’re saying just follow him he’s not happy about winning you’re just like i have one let’s do

This again again all right thank you bro you just blew my eardrums out that popped right here i can’t hear right now seeing stars it’s like a percussion grenade are you okay i’ll be all right there it is there it is everybody this is where the wheel winners today that was a good race congratulations this thing’s fast as hell yeah it gets it up top ac on no

And they’re literally sweating for the man that was awesome dude yeah awesome race both cars gorgeous both cars fast as hell say something donuts it is foreign except me

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550hp FBO Civic Type R vs 632hp FD RX-7 Drag Race // HONDA vs HATERS By Hoonigan