560HP Alfa Romeo Stelvio QV | REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL

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What’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by autodopanal my name is max and today we are checking out this awesome alfa romeo stelvio quadrifoglio this is tibor’s car and tibor is the owner of a company called high-end nutrition he is a bodybuilder himself and this is basically his special occasion delivery van i’ll get to that a little bit

Later on it has been tuned as well stage one and we’ve got a couple other cool mods so today i’m going to show you around it i’m going to show you why this is a delivery van and then we’ll take it for a drive towards the old van for an ultraman blast but first let me take a moment to thank today’s sponsor because if you want to start investing in cryptocurrency

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To twelve percent interest visit accrued io or download the app in the app store or the google play store enjoy the video so let’s take a look at the spec this is the color of course for the alfa romeos this is the color that tibor wanted he couldn’t find the facelift selvio q in this color so he bought the lift but don’t worry the facelift is not that big there

There were minor changes in the interior and a couple of other things but really nothing uh to be afraid of so pre-phase lift absolutely fine and then we’ve got a couple of very cool mods at the front we’ve got these inserts or these additions on the front bumper down low as well little splitter and this grille part even the logo surround is all in carbon fiber

Made by the same company that does the carbon fiber for alfa romeo so it looks really cool it looks good and being in belgium he can of course have a vanity plate high-end for high-end nutrition nice little bonnet fence um we’ve made a review of the stelvio q in the past click in the top right corner if you want to check that out this is about this specific one i’m

Not going to go in depth too much about the development of the car and stuff like that all right wheels 20-inch absolutely gorgeous wheels one of the best wheels out there and i mean this this circular design with that aggression in there that the sharp edges makes it look super cool and we’ve got high-end nutrition tire stickers as well behind that we’ve got the

Regular steel brakes with red calipers as you can see they’re not the biggest brakes and you can’t get this car with carbon ceramics if you do a lot of ultraman stuff i would definitely recommend going for the ceramics because the steel brakes seem to suffer a bit from the weight and speed of this thing especially since it has been tuned it’s even quicker little

Carbon side skirt over there a very cool carbon fiber spoiler here that looks awesome and then at the rear we’ve got the stock exhaust which is loud enough it is super loud and then i’ll show you guys why this is a delivery van that’s why so tibor uses this car like this in belgium you don’t have to pay your road taxes if you have a car like this light cargo

Is the best is the literal translation of what it’s called in belgium so he can just put a lot of boxes in here and deliver it to one of their top distributors and it just it’s just a marketing tool in that way because how cool is it if you deliver all your products in this car instead of a boring old caddy or transporter right now the only problem is that your

Stuff will go everywhere like this so in a moment of sheer brilliance i have suspended our case from these little hooks i mean it looks like it’s in some sort of dirty swing or maybe it’s being tortured by the cia but anyway uh at least this way it stays put all right so the engine of course the 2.9 liter v6 bi-turbo with roots at ferrari so in the beginning

Ferrari actually seemed to kind of deny this but this obviously has its roots at ferrari the f-154 engine the 90-degree v8 uh it’s basically this with two cylinders more that’s basically the case stock 510 horsepower 650 newton meters of torque this has a stage 1 tune from squadron tuning and it now delivers 560 horsepower and 766 newton meters of torque so that is

Quite a nice jump uh we’ve got a zf 8 speed as you probably know which has been tweaked and just configured to perfection okay okay okay and on the interior we’ve got a very cool mod if you ask me so we’ve got carbon fiber on the dash and all the doors and stuff but this being a pre-face lift this used to be ugly plastic and the facelift has carbon fiber here

It also has a better gear lever the facelift with leather and stuff this is just a bit cheap but teaboard did a great thing by changing this to carbon fiber it it does really make a difference because it’s quite a big thing and it just makes it feel much more special so good job on that we’ve got the regular sports seats which i think is the better option you can

Also go for the full bucket seats in carbon but they are not very comfy starting it up so the dna system right here driving modes dynamic normal all weather or whatever and then you’ve got race valves open neutral oh it does sound really good this car okay so um manual mode for the gearbox race mode i think this is the right setting let’s take it for

A little drive ah another mod i forgot about is the fact that this car also has eibach lowering springs so it’s a bit lower than usual timor felt like it could use a low ring which i can understand seeing how this is basically the most sporty suv you can buy um yeah i can i can understand that you wanted to sit a bit lower also he felt like it was pretty

Comfy still the car and he thought that the eibach stuff wouldn’t hurt his comfort i have heard from people who’ve driven this car that they felt like the suspension was a bit too firm but i have to say that in race mode on this road it is pretty doable it is firm it is very firm but not too much if you if you are going for race mode and the most aggressive

Setting this is fine if you’re on the highway then obviously you select a different mode oh but that that gearbox is so good the eight speed with the oh with a little crackle on the up shift the gearbox feels so amazing the shifts are quick we’ve got the pedals that are mounted on the steering column instead of the steering wheel which i always really like but

This is basically the the same 8-speed zf gearbox that everyone uses but they have set this to perfection it is so aggressive and of course we know this from the julia but the fact that they did this in the stelvio suv as well is absolutely awesome now the stock car is not a slow car uh not at all but with this tune i mean it is really quick and it feels like

Hyped up and ready to go and sometimes the gearbox gets kind of caught out by by by the sheer delivery of the power and you get this really awesome little rev limiter and oh the sounds this thing produces are just magnificent and they feel they feel real i’m sure that they’re not i’m sure that they’re all engineered in there to make me feel like i’m driving an

Emotional italian sports car but i like it that is loud it’s also loud it’s such a loud car this is a stock exhaust oh man this definitely is one of the best suvs out there i also think that even in the in the most stiff setting oh even in the most stiff setting it’s still doable i’m not being shaken around like a martini like you’re in the bmw x3m competition

I think this is actually better and if you put it in mid mode it’s perfectly fine that’s actually the one we’re going to use for the ultraman as well but it is a freaking oh man it’s a beast this it really is all right so let’s take it to the autobahn where we can explore the power a bit better i’m going to go for drive for the gearbox and floor it nice

Little crackle on the up shift and then we discover that the car has a little problem keeping its roof closed at high speeds so i’ve done like 275 in the ultimate pov and it seemed like it was fine but it was getting louder and louder so yeah a bit of alpha build quality for you there everything feels pretty solid otherwise but this is not really acceptable

I would say so it is quite loud that’s 270. now the stock car is supposed to do 283 i think top speed this with this tune i’m sure will be able to get close to 300 at least on the speedo but i’m not sure i would want to push it that far with this much wind noise from the roof yeah i don’t know of course we also measured the 100 to 200 performance we measured

An 8.79 second run which is pretty damn quick it’s quicker than a bmw x6m it’s quicker than a porsche cayenne turbo sc hybrid so yeah i i’m guessing it has the claimed performance it does have the claim power and i am actually pretty sure that you can do it even faster because i was getting faster and faster with every run because i was exploring like

The the most ideal revs to shift and stuff like that so yeah i’m sure you can do a little bit quicker than that but still 8.8 is really not bad that is a quick car oh but that that gearbox honestly i think that’s the thing that stays with me every time i drive a julia q or stelvio q is that gearbox is just epic and with this tune it it definitely feels more

Aggressive more you know hyped up it feels like it it definitely had one of tivor’s pre-workout shakes oh that is nice oh and it’s definitely the best handling suv you can buy right now i i really do think so it feels so direct the steering is super the wreck is super quick and then with these eibach lowering springs it feels even more tied down oh that

Is nice t-boy you’ve got an awesome awesome car thank you so much for taking it to us really enjoyed driving it i hope you’ll enjoy this car for a long time and your customers as well with all the crap you can throw in the back here to you guys thanks for watching i hope you enjoyed it you can subscribe by clicking the big button in the middle you can also check

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560HP Alfa Romeo Stelvio QV | REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL By AutoTopNL