560HP SUPERCHARGED Infiniti G37 Review The Q60s Granddaddy

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Welcome to a vortex supercharged g37 now the g37 coupe i’ve never reviewed but i have done the g37x the all-wheel drive model with a single turbo charger that also had the automatic transmission today i’m driving the g37 that’s rear wheel drive with the automatic transmission this vortec supercharger is a centrifugal supercharger in other words if you’re not

Familiar it’s a belt driven turbo charger that’s a very nutshell explanation of the car i’m actually very excited about this because this is a soho motorsports build it’s got a still in intake manifold and it makes 560 wheel horsepower if you barely get in it it has this really subtle flutter the whole time right now the g35 is kind of stealing the limelight

Away from the 37 because it’s becoming a drip missile and a lot like the 350z in comparison to its younger brother the 370z it’s a very similar relationship right because the chassis are nearly identical but this is very much the 370 in a tuxedo kind of like how the g35 was for the 350z this engine though has proven itself to be pretty stout oh that’s so cool

I’ve never heard a vortec this loud it also makes 490 foot-pounds of torque we got this thing makes all the noises this also is on e85 so you get the beautiful whiff that you’ve always wanted of popcorn every time you get on the gas and then also if you think about the cars later like the q50 and q60 a lot of people ended up buying those infinities rather than

The g37 because they went to that twin turbo v6 power plant but this kind of meets in the middle right this is originally all motor but having this vortec on it completely changes the game but if you use the triptronic that is the way to drive this car yo okay got this fake dog box sensation going on this power band is really interesting compared to the

Turbo where you have that little bit of lag out of that turbocharger this does not have any boost lag really what really impressed me was the top end going second gear to third gear third gear this thing moves out dude also i really like his headlights he has these really beautiful projector led headlights with a nice kind of daytime running light strip on it

It just really makes this car a little bit more classy a little bit more sporty as well in the back in the taillights are very similar to the g35 they took inspiration they kind of had a if it ain’t broke don’t fix it mentality the interior of the g37 is essentially an upgraded version of the g35 a lot of the dash materials are a little bit better they have this

Very soft squishy material on the dash the gauges are actually very nice kind of this blue or purple kind of look to them normal infinity three spoke steering wheel it does have the notorious plastic chrome brushed aluminum thin trim in the middle with an analog clock but kevin has really done this car right in my opinion it looks great it’s kind of a sleeper

You really wouldn’t know was boosted until you do you do that oh brakes are good yeah the echo off the trees yeah the power is so fast yo this thing rules it is so instantaneous sometimes with these centrifugals you’ll get a little bit of this kind of like you wait for the belt to kind of get going and then it comes on this with the 85 probably helping

With the timing to get this thing going and spooling faster that is a game changer wow that is so rad this thing’s awesome i’ve driven the 370z supercharged but i think i might like this better the only downside is with second gear i’ve noticed it doesn’t want to shift into third if even if i kind of short shift it it just doesn’t kind of like it but that

Third gear roll on this thing is a monster absolute monster i just think the 37 just didn’t get a lot of credit in comparison to the other cars i think that’s very interesting why do you guys think that is leave in the comment section this thing’s below the tune feels fantastic there’s no point where it feels like it’s gonna break up or have any issues

Like a lot of the times you drive cars like this you just don’t know how it’s gonna do maybe it’ll be good full throttle but half throttle cruising all that it’s done very very well awesome i think another thing that’s very impressive about this build is under 4000 rpm you would pretty much never know other than the sound right oh yeah i’m carrying a lot

Of speed listen to this thing just like make this trickle supercharger sound throughout the woods the brakes are good but i think i just want a little bit more braking power and this thing would be perfect the brakes aren’t bad it’s just i wish they had a little bit more bite on the initial hit once you’re in it it’s fine guys what do you think about the

Supercharged g37 coupe do you like it more than the g35 or are you more about the g35 and 350z rather than the g37 and 370c i’d love to hear your comments down below and honestly a blower on this engine is really interesting i did not know how it was going to go today but the power band is really satisfying to drive the turbo was very similar when it came to

Basically the peak power but when it comes to this coming on faster and this being rear wheel drive you know that makes it a little bit more loosey-goosey which adds a little bit of excitement sometimes that was an experience that was pretty wild huge thanks to kevin for letting me drive his baby and on that note i upload on tuesdays thursdays and sundays and

I will see you guys next time take it easy have a wonderful day goodbye this video is brought to you by patterson car care get double of premium original detail product for half the price head over to paris parisiancarcare.com or go to the link in the description below you

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560HP SUPERCHARGED Infiniti G37 Review! The Q60's Granddaddy By ThatDudeinBlue