580 BHP 2018 Audi S6 4.0TFSI V8

Introducing our tastefully modified Tornado Grey S6 remapped to push out even more power from the V8 engine & fitted with a full Milltek Exhaust finished with Akrapovic Tailpipes & sat on head turning 21” Alloys with Audi Air Suspension. This is a true 1 of 1 and one not to be missed 🔥

Wow this car feels like it wants to take off beautifully and tastefully modified 2018-18 audi s6 now standard this car has 450 brake horsepower this one’s been modified to just over 550 brake and it’s an absolute monster 21-inch wheels aquapovic tailpipes with miltek exhaust it’s absolutely stunning it it’s just a monster it sounds incredible look at it sitting

From side angle on those 21-inch wheels now this is a four-letter petrol v8 turbo things you get options on this car it’s got matrix led lights now the the lights are darkened to the front which makes it look super mean super aggressive but the car is all about the performance the power the noise and it’s a stunner a real one-off now it’s covered just over 20

000 miles got a full service history finished in tornado gray what a stunning color for the car then when you pair that with beautiful 21-inch rs6 style alloy wheels it’s stunning s sports braking calipers s satin chrome wing mirrors what a car now this car has got air suspension as well another massive option acoustic glazed windows and it’s a luxury saloon

Car on steroids unbelievable performance unbelievable noise and then it’s been really really tastefully modified so like i say it’s just over 500 brake horsepower full mil tech exhaust system with the akrapovic exhaust tips that look lovely with a carbon fiber effect also carbon fiber effect front and rear audi badges led realized with the dynamic indicators

All the space you’re gonna need in a saloon car but like i say with that aggression that power it’s monstrous this car when you sit in it it just wants to take off audi rings to rear doors which is a nice little touch privacy glass wind deflectors and then inside this car’s got super sport seats a massive thing you’ll also see rear digital climate control but

The inside and outside of this car the previous owner has just treaded like his baby it’s beautiful inside and out and if you’re looking for one of these s6’s i don’t think you’ll find a better example in the market electric memory seats then look at those super sport seats that make the interior of this car we’ve also got tech pack advanced with wider screen

Navigation also navigation to the center console in between the clocks we’ve got carbon atlas inlay so it’s full carbon interior across the centre of the car and the dashboard which is stunning popping the car in reverse you’ll see we’ve got front and rear parking sensors with park parking graphic heated front seats start stop function with keyless start cruise

Control automatic lights and wipers and then what you get with the tech pack advanced is you get a higher definition screen which actually pops up and down out the dashboard which you can hide it away if you so wish to do but that’s got dab radio it’s got bluetooth it’s got um you’ve got dvd player then in the center of the console here you’ll see you’ve got a

Color driver information system with sat nav maps you’ve also got your media interface and your bluetooth which is lovely 20 670 miles on the clock it’s got a full service history it’s stunning four liter petrol quattro drivetrain the performance on this car is out of this world and then that noise when i’m doing that the car feels like it wants to take off it’s

Really really incredible what a stunning car tornado grey 20 000 miles that looks right doesn’t it with the wheels and the styling still got that lovely classy lock not overdone but just right priced at 32 990 it’s sure to be a very very popular car my name’s richard any help on this car please give me a call thanks for watching

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580 BHP 2018 Audi S6 4.0TFSI V8 By Acklam Car Centre