5th Gen Toyota 4Runner Cartrimhome QI fast charger in middle console

The best QI chatger Iā€™e ever used till now. (NOT IN GLOVEBOX) šŸ˜ but Center Console.

Good day guys today’s video is a little bit different it’s about the qi fast charger center console so this is it past the box i put it together it comes in this white box with a leaflet english and chinese comes with this 3.0 usb charger but i’m going to be using something else so this has a qi fast charger over there with a fan in the back heat sink actually

And comes with stickers on the side just stick it on the side right there in places and has two extras so this goes right there usually i’ve been using this thing all the time which is double-sided um i mean one side for the iphone and the other side i’ve been using this okie from amazon which states also that it’s 3.0 but it’s a fast charger because it

Has the usbc on the other end so what i’m gonna do is i’m going to use my usbc with this if it doesn’t charge um fast enough but it should be good i’m gonna be setting it here and my phone goes there there’s an also an extra usb i apologize it’s going to be this way an extra usb if you need to charge again that’s an on off button so the trick is that’s my

Trick i’m using a usbc right there and an iphone charger i’m gonna be doing the converter here instead of using a regular usb but also i’m gonna change this to usbc usbc so that i can make it faster because technically it has the same input so let’s see what happens i’m going to test it and after i tested a couple of days i’ll continue doing this video so this

Video is done on multiple phases and multiple days i’ll report how it’s gonna affect my charging speed this was amazing this was like really fast charging no complaints right there so that’s from cartrim home link is going to be in the description with exclusive coupons to purchase um it’s a good device i don’t want to be using my phone while i’m driving because

I have the t10 and i’ll be using carplay or android auto or natively the head unit you can’t beat that so let’s see what happens see you in a couple of days okay boys the verdict is out um i’ve been testing this qi charger for two to three weeks now so after i mentioned in the beginning of the video after testing it totally with this okay charger a cigarette

Lighter and the two sides both ends usbc i found out that it’s malfunctioning and the only way that it works is with this cigarette lighter charger that came with it so i do not suggest changing this to have any issues with charging or electrical problems so i’m right now came to a conclusion that this is gonna be my setup make sure an important aspect of it

Make sure that you don’t close you don’t overfill this and you don’t block this because it events and it heats up so i got some reports well one comment that said the phone is heating up obviously because it’s fast charging it heats up even at home when i sleep i put my fast charger and then it heats up but i found out that this that i mentioned in the beginning

Of the video kind of it’s not gonna be working hundred percent because it was disconnecting and connecting disconnecting and connecting so i decided to scrap the idea use it as is you have an extra usb right there so i can use you know this and then whatever i use my vape so it charges and it charges fast by the way so this is one of the best qi chargers i’ve

Used till now um i use it with my t10 hands-free i can control my carplay with my steering wheel so the only problem is i want to get used to not forget my phone in there because previously i had it right there in my lap i don’t know down there up there so it was in front of me all the time now this is like probably i forgot it 10 times my wife can attest like

Every time we go to costco or anywhere else oh i forgot my phone i forgot my phone it’s good that i have an apple watch with a sim card so that i can still you know get my notifications but you gotta get used to um not forgetting your phone last but not least um that’s my truck by the way the link is gonna be in the description to purchase with exclusive coupons

Um that’s my truck a new video is coming out with all the upgrades i’ve done till now from cartoon home or anywhere else um i think i have a decent truck so subscribe to the youtube channel guys so that you don’t miss that famous video that is coming i always truly support appreciate your support thank you for everything guys i couldn’t have done it without you have a blessed day

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5th Gen Toyota 4Runner Cartrimhome QI fast charger in middle console By King Sev