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Go follow the owner because i get to review this 322 in an audi a3 what’s up guys welcome to this pov review by otis dopanel my name is more time let me explain horsey mccoy’s face he’s a bit sad as you can see because max is ill today and that’s why i’m a bit sad too well now it’s actually just horsey mccoy’s face because i get to review this the audi rs3

Sedan from vr hvn go follow him on instagram because this rs3 sedan is sick it’s got 653 horsepower from a two and a half liter turbo five cylinder how insane is that i mean we’ve done a lot of rs3s tuned ones stock ones but never as insane as this one and it also looks the part because we have lots of splitters low down these little winglets oz racing ultra

Alogera hlt wheels also had these on my bmw m135i they are absolutely magnificent a side skirt right there carbon fiber mirror caps and in this blue it looks super super cool so again go follow the owner vr hcn really cool belgian guy and i get to drive his car um this is the part i love best we got those two big fat miltag exhaust tips and a huge carbon fiber

Rear spoiler which looks super super awesome we got a blacked out audi rs3 batch right here and this is the tuner dvx performance just like two hours ago i finished my review with papayan’s bmw m140i with about the same the same power and i told him that a guy with an audi rs3 was coming with 600 plus and he said well that must be dvx performance because that’s

How well known they are for tuning this daza engine that’s the aluminium 2.5 liter inline turbo engine from audi so that’s the engine in the audi rs3 sedan and the rs3 sportback the facelift model so stock this thing has 400 horsepower 408 newton meters but this one check it out we got a integrated engineering air intake some gold wrapping because it just looks

Cool and it’s for heat management of course no engine cover weight saving bro tge777 turbocharger from the turbo engineers a sharp motorsport upgrade injector kit integrated engineer air intake a mil-tech 200 cell downpipe a forged motorsport intercooler a forged turbo inlet and a dvx outlet pipe and of course the remap that’s been done by dvx the dq 500 the dsg

Twin clutch unit has been tweaked and remapped by dvx as well it has increased torque limiter a raised clam force faster shift speed because of that gearbox tune and it can do more rpm so as i said stock it’s got 400 horsepower 480 newton meters now it has 653 horsepower 780 newton meters that’s a gain of 253 horsepower and nearly 300 newton meters of torque now

Let’s see what that means when you put it all on the road so of course we got quattro overdrive and some nice michelins so i’m pretty confident it can put the power down and of course we are going to take this to the autobahn i love the details on this car as you can see the carpeting has like a blue piping it’s got the vr hvn badge right there and this is also

Really cool blue seat belts with a carbon fiber piece right here don’t know what that’s called and a carbon fiber steering wheel with led shift lights and the fun fact is that let me turn them on they are blue yes that’s how dedicated the owner is i love that man we get to meet some crazy cool guys with crazy cool cars and if you have a cool car as well let

Me know because i would love to test it okay so we have to turn the traction control all the way off go into manual mode and have a butt load of fun bye horsey mccarthy’s face max will be back soon i promise you look at that blue shift lights had to match the exterior of the car oh so first thing i notice is that it’s not even that loud when you he when someone

Says they’re coming over with their 650 horsepower audi rs3 i expect a flame spitting super loud semi rally car and it’s got that downpipe it’s got the exhaust but it’s quite civilized and i think that’s a good thing because i actually quite like it when cars are just fast and have a decent sound not totally ridiculous and flame spitting and pops and bangs it

Doesn’t even have pops and bangs when do you get to see that nowadays never this is such an old-school car in a modern way it’s a five cylinder it’s pretty quiet it’s just about the power and a nice engine sound and i really like that jesus christ people the cars you bring us is it’s just insane as i said not even that loud you can hear that turbo wage gate

Blowing off absolutely love this car and as i said like an hour ago i was in a 650 horsepower bmw m140i and that thing was a handful like nothing else yes it was also four wheel drive but you get to experience the difference of four wheel drive systems if you put a crazy amount of power on them because that bmw m14 gi is like yeah i’m still a bmw going to give

You all that horsepower to the rear well most of it but this quattro system is more like okay i have to work to get all that power on the tarmac and it does so quite efficiently even though it’s you know 250 horsepower extra and 300 newton meters that’s insane and it just copes with it no problem from like 4 000 rpm this thing is mental okay let’s get rid of

That gopro because you can see that speedometer quite clearly now oh man so the owner told me it’s fastest when you shift at 7 200 rpm so i’m going to try and do that um yeah we have a bit of a gap behind us let’s see if we can get a decent run wait for it time it perfectly 80 kilometers an hour here we go and there would jesus it’s insane that’s a very

Very fast 6.2 ish 100 to 200 run and just look at that scoreboard it’s insane oh jesus christ it’s quite civilized actually you expect something monstrous when you hear of a 650 horsepower audi rs3 but but it’s so civilized it’s i mean anyone can drive this i’m just going to put it into sport mode then it’s even easier jesus oh man it’s quite busy today on

The autobahn so i i was able to do a zero to 300 run earlier go check it out right here there we go come on get out of my way here we go look at that speedometer this is an audi a3 going like hell jesus christ guys look at this look at it go holy lord that’s fast man and the suspension is absolutely fine it’s super super stable can’t believe how good it is

Jesus man here we go again come on a mental car what a absolute piece of genius this is come on come on give me some space guys give me just a little space i want to see this thing stretch its legs oh this thing is absolutely insane i like i like it so much um in a way i like it better than the bmw mr40 i drove earlier that thing was way more aggressive

Way more engaging but i just think it’s an incredible accomplishment by dvx how civilized how stockish this car actually feels unlike anything else this is one of the best tuned cars i’ve ever driven i mean we have to be thankful for that that these tuned bmws and audis are so different and that carbon fiber steering wheel i mean yeah it’s a bit flashy but

Come on you have to love it it really contributes to the experience of just going like crazy going through those gears oh now we have some space you stay here we go come on last run guys don’t want to push my luck don’t trust that little minivan right here so 322 in an audi a3 i mean come on that’s insane right oh man i’m feeling so sorry for those breaks

Jesus christ this thing is like nothing else it’s such a good car so if you’ve got one of these bad boys and if you want to make it even better go check out dvx and don’t forget to follow the owner on instagram because he is such a dedicated guy i mean i just love these guys with those crazy cars they’re also a bit crazy like their car but i love them for doing

Stuff like this um thank you for watching if you want to see another check out this video or subscribe to our channel or check out this playlist for even more crazy reviews bye guys

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