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700HP Dodge Viper vs Tuned Audi R8 V10 | Front Engine vs. Mid Engine Supercar Drag Race [Part 3]

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In the final round of our supercar showdown, we have an American powerhouse, the front engine Dodge Viper TA 2.0 going up against the refined German mid engine Audi R8V10. These two supercars go head-to-head on our 1/2 mile airport strip. Who’s the fastest? Find out in this episode.

So we made it this far and today we have the third and final part of our supercar showdown and this is where we race the winner from our front engine head-to-head against the winner from our mid-engine head-to-head and honestly it’s not really the lineup i was expecting but you know what i love me some good racing so i think it’s gonna be fun anyway if

You haven’t seen the last two episodes where we raced a bunch of supercars exhibition style i suggest you go and check those out as well as usual do some 30 to 40 mile per hour rolls in our 3 500 foot long runway and the actual distance of the race is gonna be a little bit over 2000 feet to give them you know adequate braking room at the end but given the

Horsepower ratings of both of these cars i’d say that they’d probably hit well over 140 miles per hour anyway let’s get to know our fighters a little bit better this is the dodge viper ta 2.0 a lean mean american fighting machine stock it makes 645 brake horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque from a mighty all-natural 8.4 liter v10 it’s more hardcore than

A base viper but not as track focused as the acr and as with all vipers you can only get them in a six-speed manual but this car is in stock it’s got a tune and headers so we’re guessing that it now makes around 700 horsepower at 3 400 pounds we’re looking at a power weight of 4.86 let’s see how this thing sounds here we have a gen 2 audi rev10 wrapped in

A very intense color scheme it’s not the plus trim so it has less aggressive gearing and it only makes 532 horsepower stock luckily like the viper it’s not stock either so with the stage 2 tune in fab speed exhaust we’re looking at roughly 670 to the crank it’s going to have an advantage in the fact that it’s got all-wheel drive and a 7-speed dual clutch

Maximizing its ability to put all that power to the pavement weighing in at a little bit over 3 600 pounds the power to weight is about 5.41 let’s listen to it so when i first embarked on this three-part series i was really hoping for the ferrari 488 to line up against this viper or even the amg gtr but you don’t always get what you want the good thing is

That both these cars are in the same playing field relatively market value is around 120 000 give or take 10 grand they’re both tuned they’re both v10s they’re both naturally aspirated they both only carry two people legally you get the idea so let’s get this party started so fuji i know you’re thinking dan we need a third race to declare a winner

I agree and while we did have a third run we also ran into some technical difficulties during that race and by the time we sorted that all out we ran out of time at the airstrip so unfortunately we don’t have a third race for you guys instead of what we’ll do is we’ll analyze the first two runs and then you as the viewer can decide who’s the faster car so

In that first race the audi r8 looked like it got a pretty solid jump off the line but towards the end you can see that i was starting to lose ground here reeled in by the viper based on the finish line camera i’d say that the r8 still won by about two car lengths but now in the second race both cars looked like they got a pretty good start off the line

The viper edged the head and started to pull on the high end and at the finish line it looked like it won the race by maybe two to two and a half car lengths unfortunately none of the data loggers are running during the races so we don’t have any enraged six to one thirty times but we do know that the viper is a 7.55 second car whereas the r8 is a 7.5 to

7.8 second car so with that said i’ll leave it up to you guys to decide who the winner of this front engine versus minute and shootout is let me know in the comments below i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did let me know by leaving a thumbs up and comment below also don’t forget to take a look at our merch store and support the channel and if this

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700HP Dodge Viper vs Tuned Audi R8 V10 | Front Engine vs. Mid Engine Supercar Drag Race [Part 3] By Speed Labs