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Foreign dream and we’re back again with another nba 2k23 gameplay video so today we are in the park with the seven foot two glitchy glass cleaner and as you can see in front of you here i have a pretty decent matchup it’s against a six foot ten now i don’t believe this guy had any type of ball handle you’ll see in the gameplay the way they played but he wasn’t

Trying to blow by me or anything like that he maybe did one time but if you guys know or if you guys have seen the glitchy glass video you know the perimeter defense is low and if you’ve also seen a seven foot two run protector video you know that there’s 60 plus perimeter defense on it so you guys like to know which one is better but as you can see the glitchy glass

Still gets it done i did go on an eight-game win streak with cinco and mar that’s who i’m playing with in this gameplay i believe this was going to be our ninth win but unfortunately we ran into some troubles kind of struggled a little bit at times but this gameplay really does show the true power of the seven foot two glitchy glass in the park now i do have an 80

Offensive rebound in this gameplay as well too it was kind of funny even sink was like man this is the best build you’ve made yet i couldn’t help but laugh it was pretty funny but i might have found another build for you guys as well too i know some of you guys prefer inside centers so i might have found something for you there right there i thought i was going to

Finish that reverse layup but this new inside build i know you guys will definitely like if you prefer insides that is i honestly like outside shooting builds i think it opens up the offense quite a bit more gives you more options for yourself and for your teammates if you have a defensive anchor that you’re matched up against you can sit on the three-point line

Bring them out but the offensive rebounding and the defensive rebounding and of course the defense is amazing on the insides and of course the finishing is amazing as well too but seven foot one inside center that i found i think you guys will be an extremely big fan of i can’t believe i can still get slashing takeover on this once again i have played a few games

With it it’s like the glitzy glass the 90 standing dunk is absolutely crazy now we do get a 90 standing dunk on this new build as well so you guys definitely will expect some gameplay to go with it already got some nasty bodies some pretty nasty snatch blocks as well too so it’s gonna be another really fun build especially if you like the inside so right there

That’s what i’m talking about he did try and drive by me but as you can see with the low perimeter defense he does get behind me but i’m able to recover and still get a chase down or another block but still the glitchy glass if you guys have good teammates and you can make good rotations and everything like that you’ll be absolutely fine communicating defense if

You’re gonna go help the other mac go pick up your man you can switch it’s really really easy but of course the rebounding is still great in here a lot of six nines a lot of six foot tens in the park and you are seven foot two with an eight foot wingspan and cinco with the nasty finish right there and i actually get my dual takeover rate here too i can’t wait to

Get the juice perk i haven’t been able to get it on this build yet i actually haven’t had a quest pop up for a minute so unfortunately i haven’t been able to get that but also some more things coming your way i will get some more gameplay on the seven foot three stretch dimer arvita sabonis build i did see a comment on my last gameplay video saying you’re showing

All these other builds low but can we get some more gameplay when the sabonis build definitely once i get the build video out for this next inside center next up will be this bonus build i’m looking very forward to using that again i’ve only used it for one night and i was splashing and cash and i was having a great time on it i can’t wait to hop back on it and

Get some more gameplay for you guys i know some of you have made it and been going crazy with it as well too and it’s really nice to switch it up and have a great time but this build is also a great time with the green poster on his head the dribbles are so amazing and honestly you guys can definitely consider this a victor webinyama build i might be messing up

His name i’m still trying to get used to it it’s just like when giannis came first first came onto the scene everybody was messing up his name nobody could say it onto the kumpo but of course as time goes by we will be able to learn victor’s name a lot better but that dude is an absolute unicorn now i’m recording this on wednesday night and last night on tuesday

He went off for 37 points i think he went 7-eleven from three-point land he had five blocks and like five rebounds seven three pointers out there is some dispute some sites say he’s seven foot four and some other sites say he’s seven foot two but regardless i think this is like the perfect victor build you can still shoot the threes you can dribble a bit you can

Dunk on people and the dunk that he did and warm up or he bounced it between his legs went up with the windmill man that was absolutely insane i can’t wait to see this guy in the nba he’s gonna be an absolute force apparently everybody’s gonna be tanking for him this year because he’s such a generational talent i can’t wait to see what he can do man it’s gonna be

Absolutely incredible but if you guys want a victor wampanyama build definitely make this build definitely one of the closest things that you can get you can also do the seven foot two rim protector you can’t go wrong with it and we do have the slight body type as well too now victor hasn’t really filled out in his frame yet he’s only 18 years old so he’s a pretty

Young kid but his game is absolutely insane so i can’t wait to see him in the nba it’s gonna be crazy and his nba 2k my team cards those are going to be absolutely insanely glitchy the bull bowls are already glitchy as well too again showing off the offensive rebounding of this build edie offensive rebound absolutely gets it done especially in the park the crashing

Is absolutely amazing as well too now we we’re trying to hunt for this three unfortunately we can’t get it but again absolutely horsing right here that’s like i said we probably should have won this game and kept the street going at nine but this actually ended up being our last game as well too we had to hop off after this me and cinco amar we all had to hop off

But again i’m like all right i’m just gonna take this we’ll lock up on defense we’ll get a bucket on the other end no problem but unfortunately it’s not gonna work out that way but still this shows you this is a great gameplay for the seven foot two glitching glass cleaner i have no problem posting a loss anything like that we all lose games it does not matter i

Love bash but he says i don’t have a win percentage i have a fun percentage now i could have showed you guys some games from the eight game win streak but this is the best gameplay to show off the seven foot two glitchy glass cleaner and the true power of it so unfortunately we do turn the ball over and they are up a basket we’re trying our best to come back get

A three and win this game but i do have a double double in the park now double doubles in the park are definitely a lot more rare compared to in the rack because you’re playing a 20 minute game whereas the part games are only up to 21 so there’s a lot less chance of rebounds but unfortunately we do taken out but nonetheless a great gameplay to show off the seven

Foot two glitchy glass cleaner in the park and what it can do but i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure you drop a like hit that sub if you’re new we’ll catch you in the next one peace

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7'2 GLITCHY GLASS CLEANER IS A PROBLEM AT THE PARK! NBA 2K23 3v3 Gameplay Best Center Build By OlajuwonDR34M