750HP BMW X3M Pure Turbos REVIEW on Autobahn by AutoTopNL

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What’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by auto top now my name is max and today we’ve got papaya his new car now you might remember that we’ve had a lot of one stock blah blah cars one stock m135 m140i rs6 x5m caddy and now this x3m this is car number six that he has brought us which is really amazing we always know that when he buys a new

Car there are about two weeks in which the car is stuck and then the tuning starts and he is very very serious about his tuning about his quarter mile times 100 to 200 so this is an absolute monster this x3m from 2020 it’s a competition and it is not stock anymore so today i’m going to show you around it i’m going to show you all the mods on it and then i’ll take

It for a drive towards the ultraman for an ultraman blast now if you want to keep up with papaya and his progress with this x3m you can follow him on instagram at onestockx3m make sure you do because he does a lot of cool stuff with his cars so this 2020 x 3m competition is it is a very nice spec actually in the silver with all the black stuff around the car

Super aggressive front bumper and i really like this bluish tint he put on this window i’m assuming that he did this because i never saw that before but it looks quite cool now let’s start with the wheels because he did change those as well these are bc forged 21 inch wheels and they are five kilos lighter per wheel than the stock wheels so that makes a lot of

Sense changing those out and then he’s got these uh continental sport contact seven tires around it and he said that they are performing really really well better than his michelas although i have to say that his michelins were not new and these are new of course but they are performing very very well lots of grip and then behind that we’ve got the m sport brakes

Unfortunately you can’t get carbon ceramics on an x3m which you could really use because it’s quite a heavy car like almost 2 000 kilos and it’s very fast so it would be nice to have some carbon ceramics the pine did tell us that you can switch these brakes out for x5m brakes with a bracket so that should improve braking performance a bit the brakes are not great

So it would be recommended to change those out if you are planning on doing a lot of high speed running with an x3 amp this car is freaking quick as hell so uh it can really use them but papaya usually goes to like drag strips and the air fields and stuff like that so you don’t really need your brakes car has been built by pure turbos as you can see this is sort

Of a promotional car as well one stockx 3m check him out and then at the rear we’ve got the stock tail pipes but the exhaust is not stock so we’ve got vr sf catless downpipes a three and a half inch mid pipe a single mid pipe and uh it sounds very very angry power wise uh this is of course the s58 engine the same engine you find in the m3 the new one and it

Is a very very suitable for tuning it it can take so much so what we have here is an s58 with stock turbos it just has a stage 2 e50 remap by hc performance and pure turbo’s eu and it delivers 750 horsepower and 940 newton meters of torque which is limited because of the rods so it could do more but they limited it to protect the rods but it is mind-blowing to

Think and we’ve had this before we we’ve done a an x3m competition with a tune before also with downpipes and a tune it also had 750 horsepower around that but this car is performing much much better and to think that this is just you know catalyst downpipe single three and a half inch mid pipe with opf delete and a tune a remap and you’ve got 750 horsepower

It is absolutely mental it sounds really good as well and as i said papaya takes a drag racing and stuff like that so he also deleted the rear seats i don’t know 30 40 kilos very nice i told you he was serious about his drag racing so interior spec very nice actually really like that with all the carbon fiber he also has the m performance carbon on the steering

Wheel it is a very very nice car transmission zf 8 speed start it up now i quite like this exhaust setup because it is quite doable this is valve’s closed that is a very nice sound and when you open the valves it’s much louder but it’s a very nice sound and papaya told me that they went for this single mid pipe because they wanted to have like a deeper tone of

The exhaust instead of that metallic sound you normally get from an s58 or an s55 for that matter all right i do have to keep the ac on because the gopros are absolutely horrible again today so i need to get keep those cool but we’re going to take it for a drive now we also have an mss suspension upgrade so adjustable springs over oem dampers and that should

Improve the handling and the comfort of this car a little bit because stock the x3m is absolutely horrible it is way too stiff too bouncy and i have to say in sport plus i quite like it on this b road in comfort mode at the autobahn with this amount of wind i thought it was a bit floaty but all right so let’s do a launch now stalk this car does 4.1 seconds to 100

Kilometers an hour launch control and that is 2.9 seconds zero to 100 holy moly that’s quick it just absolutely takes off it is very very cool it man that’s quick so 2.89 seconds is actually the quickest papyri has done with this car which is quite insane for an x3 so if we go back to m1 we’ve got support plus for the suspension which i like better for this

Road that is loud it sounds really good i actually really like the sound it’s it’s quite loud but it is deeper you can you can definitely hear the fact that they went for something deeper alrighty at the autobahn so let’s find out if we can do more on this side because man it is very very very strong it feels really good actually the powertrain is magnificent

I absolutely love these s58s with that zf very cool although i do feel like an mdct would have been even cooler here we go so we finally have a little bit of space here to enjoy this and man it takes off so now you can see that the car is quite sensitive to win it’s still an suv but that is 300 kilometers an hour plus in nx x3m i mean it it is it is

A very very very quick car so 100 to 200 we also measured that of course a stock stockx 3m pre-facelift does 10.14 in our measurements uh this car is quite a bit quicker of course 6.46 that is nuts 6.46 i mean that is absolutely insane the other 750 horsepower x3m we measured from bk performance i think did 7.15 and that car was already very quick but i mean

Either this is a very strong 750 horsepower or the other one didn’t have it that’s basically the only conclusion uh you can arrive at but man this thing is insane quarter mile 10.5 seconds so we do have some crackles pops and bangs i could do without them honestly but oh what are we doing here oh that’s police hello mr policeman bye i mean you did an awesome

Job again i know that you’re going to do turbos because we know you by now so i i wish you good luck with that and we will see you back here when you have your turbos upgraded to you guys and of course thanks as always for taking your car to us really appreciate it make sure you check out papaya one stockx 3m on instagram and to you guys thanks for watching hope

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750HP BMW X3M Pure Turbos REVIEW on Autobahn by AutoTopNL By AutoTopNL