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8 Months With My Hyundai Ioniq 5 Heres The Good AND The Bad

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It’s been around 8 months of ownership with our 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 AWD Limited. It’s been the best all around car I’ve ever owned but it’s definitely not perfect. Here’s a look at some of the good and the bad that come to mind as I think about the past 8 months of ownership.

Hey everybody welcome back to the channel this is victor of cars jubilee and today we’re back in my ioniq 5 and we’re actually at over half a year’s worth of ownership in fact we’re around eight months into ownership of this car and i figured now would be a good time to review what’s been good and what’s been bad now i did do a likes dislikes video way back when

We first bought the car but things change so let’s see how we feel about it now let’s get to it let’s start with the range first because the range and efficiency of our all-wheel drive limited ionic 5 has been way better than i would have imagined it far exceeds the epa rating and by a significant amount epa rating for this one because it has the 20 inch wheels

Is only 244 miles of range whereas i over the past several months especially in the warmer weather have been consistently getting well over 300 miles of range on a full charge in fact i’ve seen 330 340 just really really good numbers in fact i recently did a video where i compared my ionic 5 against a model y which is typically known to be one of the most efficient

Vehicles in this class and the attic 5 actually did a better job on my morning commute in terms of range and efficiency so really if you drive this ionic 5 with an understanding of the regen system how it works how the paddles work and how to disengage the front motor then you can get some crazy efficiency numbers really really good but you have to understand how

This regen system works you have to understand how to disengage the front motor otherwise you’re probably going to get roughly the epa rated numbers the other flip side to that is that if you have a lower spec car meaning if you have the sc or the sel with the 19-inch wheels or if you’re running the rear wheel drive model you’ll probably get some ridiculously good

Range and efficiency numbers the second thing that’s been really good is just this really really flexible regen system and also highway drive assist between the regen system and the paddles the lane centering and the adaptive cruise this thing provides just the full driving experience meaning if i want to be super engaged i can drive this car in a way that feels

Like i’m driving a manual transmission car however if i don’t want that if i want to relax and be disengaged i can do that too and have a completely hands-off foot off driving experience and it’s been truly awesome it does it so well whether that means i’m in stop and go traffic or i’m on the highway on a road trip this thing drives itself extremely well there’s

Just so much flexibility here that you can fine tune it to whatever way you want to drive no matter what road conditions you hit you’re gonna find a way to drive this car comfortably in fact i’m not sure any other manufacturer has come close to matching this system in terms of how good it is you want one pedal driving it’s got it you want no pedal driving it’s

Got it you want to do everything in between that and be able to come to a full stop with just these paddles it’s got that too and the kicker is that it’s fun it’s just so much fun to use these paddles on a daily basis to bring this car to complete stop another thing that we’ve really liked is this bright and airy interior let’s open this up and having sat in some

Competitors before and after we bought this car the interior here it still stands out we’ve road tripped comfortably i’ve charged comfortably which is what i’m doing right now the interior space is truly lounge-like and then there’s the ride quality and the interior noise and i noticed these things immediately during my first test drive and they still hold true

Today this car is extremely quiet and the ride is extremely smooth even daily driving this thing in the city of philadelphia it puts me at ease it helps me relax it helps me tune out everything else that’s going on during my commute if you want to know what that looks like i’ve got a ionic 5 in philadelphia video so check that out and then there is the power and

The speed of this thing this thing absolutely rockets from a stop three two one go there’s no wheel slip there’s no drama there’s no fuss it just goes and the result is you’ll be pretty much everything you see off the line when you’re stopped at a light although that may also be because they’re just too busy staring at your car at this point i’ve kind of gotten

Used to it davey driving this thing for you know the past five or six months i’m used to the stairs i’m used to the thumbs ups and the waves and people coming up to me and saying hey is that an electric car man that thing looks awesome but my wife she recently started driving this more as her daily driver and she’s not used to it she’s starting to get the looks

And everything else so it’s fun for me to hear stories from her when she gets home she’ll say oh someone gave me the thumbs up today when i drove by or someone waved at me when i drove by or i had a whole construction crew stare at me as i drove by or a co-worker stopped me as i was going to the car today it’s just fun for me to hear stories about that uh i mean

For her she doesn’t so much she doesn’t really like the attention that much luckily our windows are tinted so they can’t really see her but for me i enjoy it i like talking to people about cars so in that sense this thing’s perfect and then there’s the charging speed this thing charges so fast in warm weather way faster than i really imagined and honestly i didn’t

Think charging speed really mattered to me but now that i’ve actually experienced it it’s hard to imagine going to a car that charges two or three times slower than mine getting 60 or 70 percent charge back within 20 to 30 minutes is pretty wild so this charging station is connected to a target and usually i’ll go into target i’ll start shopping and i’ll look down

And i’ll think oh shoot i got to get out of here the car’s almost done charging do i have to rush myself to sell checkout to just get out of there in time because this car charges so fast so what about some common complaints i feel like i want to address those number one is the fact that there’s no rear wiper well in my ownership experience so far i haven’t come

Across a scenario where i felt oh man i wish there was a wiper back there i haven’t i honestly haven’t in rainy conditions i feel like i can still see enough of what i would need to see the caveat here is we bought this car and then it didn’t really snow much in february so we’ll have to take it through our first true winter to see what that’s like at least so

Far in rainy conditions i haven’t missed having a wiper back there and then another common complaint would be the bose sound system and the limited trim or top spec for other markets and when i first got it i thought yeah this system’s kind of so-so and then i spent a couple weeks maybe even a month or so just kind of fine-tuning the settings and i’ve reached a

Point now where i think it’s actually okay it’s not an amazing system but i think it does the job i think it’s perfectly fine and now how about what’s been bad well the very first thing i think i should mention is just the poor app user experience the apps are slow and laggy and glitchy and it feels like it’s kind of gotten worse and then there’s the door handle

Sensors this thing for some reason doesn’t pick up my phone well when i try to use phone as key it also doesn’t pick up my key card very well when i try to use that and sometimes when i’m leaving the car and i need to lock the car it doesn’t even pick up my finger it takes one try two tries sometimes even three tries and by that time i’m just like ah i’m just

Gonna lock it with a remote and then there’s also kind of that weird programming thing where when i approach the car with the key in my pocket it automatically unlocks but let’s say instead of opening the door first i went to the trunk because i had to put something in well by the time the trunk closes and i go back to open the door the doors have automatically

Locked because i haven’t opened them yet i wish they would let us kind of fine tune the settings ourselves because there’s also no true auto lock feature it only auto locks if you’re close enough and it unlocks but you never open the door if you were to have opened the door and then closed it and then walk away your car is going to stay unlocked and then there’s

The cracked windshield and after i jumped on the forums and talked to a lot of other owners i was kind of hearing the same thing they had tiny tiny impact zones that shattered the entire windshield and a bunch of people were saying yeah this is the first cracked windshield i had had in my life which is the same for me i’ve never had a cracked windshield until this

Car so i don’t know if that means maybe there is a design flaw maybe this windshield is just more fragile or it’s thinner i don’t know but i did look at the other cracked windshields at safe flight when i was there and they for the most part had some pretty large impact zones where it was very clear why it cracked very different from what i was seeing if with my

Ionic 5 and with other ionic 5 owners and finally there’s servicing this ionic 5 which has been difficult to say the least between finding dealers that are actually ionic 5 certified and willing to work on this car and then also just getting dealing with the fact that this is a fifty seven thousand dollar car which is priced at luxury car territory but the service

You get is not quite like that meaning if you have a tesla more you get mobile service or they’ll come to you or if you go to them they’ll give you a loaner when it’s needed or if you’re used to service from say a bmw or a volvo or even a genesis well they have what’s called valet service they’ll come to you they’ll pick up your car and they’ll leave a loaner there

For you and they’ll take your car to the dealer they’ll service it they’ll bring it back and when it’s all said and done they’ll bring your loaner back to the dealer meaning you could have gotten your car serviced without ever leaving your house and that’s just not what you get with the ionic 5. so is that a deal breaker well i think it really depends on where

You’re coming from and what you’re expecting if you’re expecting a luxury car service experience you’re not going to get it and that might be a deal breaker for you now for me i don’t think this will prevent me from looking at future ionic products but it is something that i have to keep in mind that hey i’m buying a car that’s a little more expensive than i’m used

To and it’s priced at luxury car pricing the service that i’m going to get just simply isn’t that so anyways i hope this video helps give you guys a good update of what’s been good what’s been bad and for those of you who’ve had your ionic vibes for a long time how’s it been for you anyways thanks for watching see you guys

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