8 Second AWD Audi RS 3 Vs Ken Blocks 1,400hp AWD Ford Mustang Hoonicorn // Hoonicorn vs The World

It’s an all wheel drive power battle today. We’ve got the world’s fastest Audi RS 3 stepping up to the plate, straight from our friends at Iroz Motorsports: who you may remember from the VHS trip we took to their shop in Vegas earlier this year.

By the way i don’t like this thing welcome the janitor whose side are you already voting for rs3 welcome to unicorn versus the world a special of this versus that where we’re going to race the unicorn against a bunch of different cars the world technically the world all right so what do we got going on so uh we’re gonna race this versus a bunch of random vehicles

And the reason this whole thing came about is forza when the unicorn made its way into forza we noticed that a lot of kids were taking the unicorn and just racing it versus random things everything from trophy trucks to supercars to little three-wheeled vehicles that look like an egg when we got the unicorn into forza i really made it a big point to make it

Feel as realistic as possible when i first tried it i was like it’s not fast enough it needs to feel more manic in real life this thing feels like it wants to kill me feels very manic so we tried to make it feel that way in the game and it’s very fast so we took that concept of the kids playing the unicorn and racing other people in a straight line and we’re

Bringing that to real life we’re going to drag race it versus supercars trophy truck maybe not forget that 71 caprice that’s sitting over there well you have it here we go tip all right so hands down this match up the one i’m most excited about obviously because there’s four rings and this is a card that made you a believer dude i remember we went to vegas we

Visited hank’s shop and i was like yeah whatever and then as soon as i saw it go damn that thing is loud and then they got it right along that how’s that changed me forever i am converted but this is like the hero of the audi community so without further ado so this thing looks like by the way i don’t like this thing why because it’s an all-wheel drive car i i

Like all-wheel drive cars i study all-wheel drive cars i’ve never seen an all-wheel drive car that looks like this because it looks like a sleeper yeah well that but it looks like off-road trunk wheels with some giant over stuffed tire but you realize that it’s not for aesthetic that’s what he does yeah we used to mark them with stripes and you’d see it every pal

You’d spin the the tire eight inches ten inches on on the rim so these are absolutely radials now i don’t have a ton of experience on these because we do run a buy supply normally this is a radial class tire it’s not a bias play so did you bring the biases too no we didn’t oh so we just brought these so what he’s saying is he has another tire that’s faster that

He didn’t bring so it’s confidence it doesn’t have as much wrinkle in it um the thing with these is they say that they’re just axle killers they’re just drive train killers because they don’t have that that squish that a a bias ply has to kind of soak up the drivetrain lash well i hope you don’t break anything well me too but sounds like the exhaust is coming

Out of somewhere else yeah yeah noticed this before yeah carbon kevlar door yeah yeah so we’ve got some new doors for this season some carbon kevlar dropping a little bit i don’t think you could see a baby seat back last time we saw this car it had an interior right so you’ve dropped a bit of weight yep you know what the weight is it’s right under three thousand

Pounds right now so for a modern car it’s pretty light wait how much horsepower probably around eleven hundred we’ll see how fast and that’s without nitrous what what i thought our numbers were pretty equal there and i’ve been here all day long i’ve been i keep watching the magician with the mo tech shirt on car just keeps getting faster faster and faster i

Don’t know what you’re talking about so pop the hood let’s see what this grocery getter has yeah it looks stock other than that huge woody woody harrelson wait what like stock this looks soft this is like that’s a lot i’ve seen bigger little aluminum gear yeah it’s stockish you know why that happened because you you blew yeah so much boost they blew the plate

Out so you may be wondering why there’s dents in the hood would you like to show them that’s how that happens look at that that’s a lot of boost yeah we run like 55 60 pounds of boost how easily he brings that out and other drag races over here earlier like it’s a giant mystery i like this so there’s one two three four five i like five yeah it makes it sound good

How big is the turbo so this is a 72 millimeter so zona rotor makes the turbo it’s rated at 105 pounds per minute so we can get about 1100 horsepower with this kit there’s a kit we sell people daily drive this this kit pretty routinely it’s a good solid kit to get cars into the eights pretty full weight so let’s play yeah just nonchalantly it’s a case that daily

Drives and runs eight seconds you have a eight four time slip on this thing yeah so i’ve run 843 in this card probably about 300 pounds heavier than the cars that’s full too that’s that’s on a prep strip that surface like this is completely different so you can’t feed in much power until the car starts moving but yeah the cylinder heads are great so we just throw

A lot of boost at them they eat it up but i think the thing you need to explain is the transmission because that’s really the secret sauce of what makes this thing the way a dsg works is you just have two clutches one’s on the even gears and one’s on the odd gears so pretty much what it’s doing is it’s opening a clutch when you’re in first gear it just has second

Gear ready with a second that you’re ready to shift it just transitions pretty fast shifts back and forth it makes it to where you can kind of have a sequential purists get really bent about dual clutch transmissions they call them autos like growing up sequential transmissions were everything you’re like oh i want a sequential transmission so like the oem said

Hey we’ll give you one with synchros that shifts in 90 milliseconds and is a wet clutch so it lasts forever general public’s like that’s an automatic because you can’t clutch kick because you can’t clutch kick it so cool transmission it’s super efficient does it do donuts it can do donuts there you go that’s it this has an lsd in the rear so we can we can toss

It around all right you want to take a look at the unicorn yeah let’s do it it’s a 1965 mustang it’s pretty much stock underneath yeah only thing left is the roof isn’t it yeah yeah it’s got some turbos uh yeah i see two two injectors per cylinder which usually means let’s let’s i know you’ll appreciate this under the hood so that usually means it’s running on

Methanol if there’s two injectors per cylinder would be my guess but i could be wrong well without an intercooler we had to keep the engine you know cool somehow this thing’s a monster what all the drive system is it using uh it’s a devs okay so so it’s the same system that we use in all the rallycross cars it’s just beefier this one was originally built for the

Car vehicles this thing doesn’t break too many parts anymore does it just runs yeah just kind of goes well the whole idea of it too though is a lot of horsepower but on a on a tire not like a drag tire that’s got so much grip so yeah this thing’s nasty i’ve watched this car for for quite a while i’m pretty pumped to play with it it’s violent what kind of power

1400 1400 so it feels like it wants to kill me runs on motec it’s uh when it’s when it’s chewing up 315s like that it’s yeah and it revs to 8 500. how much does it weigh though the whole car about 2800 with ken in it i think it’s closer to 3000 3000 so it sounds to me just just observing it that you’re riding the limiter 130 540 miles an hour does that sound about

Right no you were you were getting one you see the smile see he’s starting to get he’s starting to get he’s getting confused no he’s like i don’t know how fast it is he’s like i already popped the hood kid go get in your blue car well i think the real question is how many laptops do you have with you today versus how many laptops i have two i think they have three

Well one of my calibrator has crocs on i don’t know if you noticed that uh hurt you didn’t bring the crocs i don’t want to hurt anyone today well if he loses so this is actually a much more mild version than originally when we first set up the fueling on this it was running a lift pump and then gotcha and then double pumps gotcha now we’ve gotten it with the air

Motors we’ve gotten it down to just kicking it two pumps with a lift yeah it’s a beast it’s a monster car definitely not a drag car no but it seems to be really fast now as i’m getting straight away it’s doing this yeah but it’s doing that in front of drag cars i have a question what’s your question are we running slicks various street tires for the first run

We will we’ll give them that you look at it it says radial edit that tire saying radial is like lying on your application for a job yeah i’ve totally done that before i’ve been to a college i’m not a felon oh wait well i actually feel bad because i’ve miscommunicated i told him to bring radials meaning also bring radials he normally shows up on full wrinkles so

He’s actually at a disadvantage oh i feel better now he’s just still amazed that there’s a running audi i’ll tell you this it’ll whoop anything and everything that soupy’s ever been they made me sign a waiver earlier and i said you know what if i do die scatter can have my earth watcher it’ll be the only fast outing he ever owns his car yeah i saw his car 20 years

Ago when he was getting built in his garage put some kw’s on he’s like it’s going to be running in like three months oh man anyway that’s not what you’re here for we’re here for predictions can i can’t root against the rs3 i just can’t i’ve sat in this car i’ve sat in that car and this car feels faster but dino this car feels faster i’m gonna go with uh not

Betting against the unicorn just because i don’t really know enough about this car other than it’s really fast just based on looking at these wheels alone i’m going with the rs3 this might be one of the rare times that i’m betting against i’m gonna have to go with the corn ken’s gonna take him janitor university and he’s going to give him a crash course on getting

Mopped up i was converted when i met hank and got to do sit and do some ride-alongs in this and hank might be sandbagging a little bit because they didn’t talk about the spray they mentioned it but we didn’t talk about it a car a four all-wheel drive car is going to win that’s all i’m going to say i honestly don’t know but i have not seen anything beat the unicorn

But this looks like a pretty narrow car i’m with i’m gonna chase oh um oh janitor school took him to janitor school 10 grand at 80 who are you whose side are you on here we already know whose side he’s on from here no from here it looked like they were even no mopping you can clean mopping when they mop don’t get out of your league when they don’t hey you

Better turn him up turn it up you better turn him off finally a worthy opponent i thought he might pull on me later like who knows what would have happened and like he was right there and then i just looked like yeah you want to go swap tires are you keeping these things on uh well i don’t know he told ken’s boys to turn it up he goes you better turn it up no

Yeah because that was his time you got to get the mop bucket out it’s already out i’m half full what do you think skip street move my eyes are like ah it’s just from the ex oh my god so wow we don’t know the results yet what are the results the results of your eye test what are the results what was it the egg how much three by one parliament how’s that mop

Doing what that’s not a mopping you lying oh you see what last time it was that’s a dragon well done sir let me let me just use my electric windows oh yeah streetcar can you go again or do you guys need a cool down again i need to cool down once i’ve got time for this gonna give it a bit more oh yeah do it do it do it round three damn that’s a race that was

Close yeah mop it up only this lane only this lane can they do another one can we just carry on one more one more for fun one more i say all right so ken won best out of three straight up the most fair race we’ve ever ran but we’re gonna try to run one more time because we want to see what happens is hmm oh hold on let me just i forget how do you mop that’s

A mop that’s like four cars well it lost best of three so actually that last one was a race and he broke on it so that’s best out of five so that how do you want best out of five that out he’s definitely blue though right all right sir you lost but you kind of still won in my heart so thank you even losing like that is still winning to me you guys that was fun

Yeah that was pretty good you actually made ken try today so like he was actually warming up his tires for you he actually changed his tires for the more drag appropriate tire what was the last one wait wait no numbers no numbers there’s never been a better time to play forza horizon 4. now it’s optimized to play on xbox series s and series x i will be playing

Forza horizon with the drift car at all times that’s pretty much all i do live out my fantasy life it’s amazing join me this car was built off of parts of the unicorn you

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8 Second AWD Audi RS 3 Vs Ken Block’s 1,400hp AWD Ford Mustang Hoonicorn // Hoonicorn vs The World By Hoonigan