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What’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by auto top panel my name is martin and today i’m taking a look at this bmw m8 grand coupe competition g-power and today i’m going to show you how insanely fast it is what has been done to the exterior of the car what has been done to the engine of the car and what they have done with the sound but

Before we begin don’t forget to like the video this is really important guys please like it subscribe alright let’s get started now first of all we have these wheels they are wheel force wheels with michelin pilot sport 4s tires 21 inch all round i don’t think bmw do this as stock because i can really feel the difference with the normal competition wheel setup

So i have to look up what the exact differences are in terms of tire and wheel dimensions but you can really feel these are a bit bigger or wider or both so this car has the carbon exterior pack so we have all these carbon details in the front uh side blade here mirror caps and of course in the front bumper uh this scorestream has been wrapped by rap destination

In hoped or the netherlands in this matte black stealthy look and it’s a bit 10 years ago i have to say the matte black but it does make it look like this b-58 bomber stealth hitman car stuff like that cool stuff now this car is owned by the guys over at wrong friends which is a clothing company go check them out on instagram really cool guys really strong

Connection to cars and cool stuff in general so thanks guys for lending us your awesome g power tuned bmw m8 competition with a krapovic exhaust and this exhaust by the way is just perfect the stock bmw m8 competition really doesn’t sound like anything go check out our stock review video if you haven’t seen that one yet and then come back so you really get the

Difference in performance and sound so all beautiful carbon fiber i have to say it looks pretty cool thank god we have the carbon ceramic brakes as you can see we have the golden brake caliper telling us that we have the best stopping power available really happy with that the interior is absolutely gorgeous it’s bmw individual two-tone it’s like sitting in the

Bentley honestly normally with these m8s it’s all black black black this guy has ordered it like this kudos to you wow this is absolutely gorgeous look at the two-tone details the contrasting stitching so light stitching on the dark parts and the opposite on the lighter parts looks really really good we have a g-power plaque right here many of you know g-power

From their history with bmw m especially the m5 v10 with that big supercharger that’s what they are known for but uh this is the third s63 4.4 v8 by turbo powered g-power we get to drive and i have to say the development is really really good because they keep getting better and better we started out with the m5 the f9g go check it out in the top right corner if

You haven’t seen that review now look bmw individual even change these plastics i mean it’s right there it’s where you don’t see it but they still change it just perfect really really like that attention to detail open her up so we’ve got the optional carbon fiber engine cover which needs a bit of a dust off but little g flak g power plaque right here again

We’ve got a 4.4 liter v8 bi turbo stock 625 horsepower 715 newton meters but now we have 800 horsepower a very very healthy 800 it runs like a dream it’s just perfect says n63 right here but it is an s63 i don’t know what’s happening there but bmw should change that so as you can see we have a bmw individual parts like which means car and that’s something i

Absolutely love i don’t care if it’s an m8 i don’t care if it’s a 320d when it’s individual i just absolutely adore these individual cars they’re just something special let’s get going oh wait secret loud startup turn on the ignition turn off the stupid beeping m2 mode start it up yeah that’s that’s really really loud if you want your neighbors to hate you use

That mode early in the morning oh i have a seat belt warning i don’t know why but i changed some seating settings and it gave me a full code i have no idea why oh that akrapovic exhaust is just perfect for this car i mean the difference with stock is night and day it’s it’s unbelievable so we have an extra 175 horsepower well on paper that is because we know

These m5 and m8 competition models on paper they have 625 in reality 660 670 something like that i’m going to turn off the ac for you guys so you can hear the car even better i’m going to do one launch control and i’m not going to fully boost it because it’s just too much it just results in wheelspin yeah that’s fast i can do 100 here so this is all allowed i

Didn’t actually measure that much of an improvement zero to 100 because as i said it’s just too much for the four-wheel drive system and for these tires these are 4s tires which are just perfect for everyday use uh if you want to go below three seconds with this car it does have the technical capability to do it it just doesn’t have the tires right now to do it

Even though these are really really good but you have to switch them out for like a cup two tire so that you don’t have any wheel spin wow wow wow the sound is absolutely gorgeous guys i i just absolutely love it so with the first g power we drove the m5 they had they had a bit of trouble with the launch control because of the transmission software i guess

But they fixed that now yeah yeah i i honestly can’t believe that if you have an m8 and you’re watching this video you don’t think i need that akrapovic exhaust in my life right now it’s it’s perfect it’s not too loud it’s not too intrusive for the environment it is a borderline case i guess but i like the fact that g power didn’t program in these pops and

Bangs i mean this is an m8 grand coupe it’s a gentleman’s m i’d say uh so we don’t need pops and bangs we’re not going to the mcdonald’s drive mcdrive and show off to people with this car it’s it’s just perfect i absolutely love this car the m8 ground coupe after the m3 this is my favorite m model well and the m5 cs but a normal competition one i prefer the m8

Over the m5 the grand coupe that is because i think the crank pay is the most beautiful one of the m8s and yeah this is a car i’d like to own one day this g-power one maybe even more because it’s just really really good it’s quite hot out today um which always is difficult with tuned cars but it’s been behaving like the perfect loyal dog uh you want it to be so

Really really like that i’m going for and mode so i have a head-up display which is really convenient on the autobahn i’m going to switch to auto mode and put it in third gear shift mode so think we’re there for a nice autobahn run yeah yes so okay let’s start below 100 and floor it so i’m in four wheel drive sport mode right now which means most of the power

Is going to the rear wheels but like 20 is going to the front which is a really nice balance when you have one of these heavily tuned uh m cars i’ve also driven a 1 000 horsepower m5 go check it out and that one really struggled in normal four-wheel drive mode you can really feel that the front axle can’t handle that much power but the rear axle is really really

Capable so the four wheel drive sport mode is the best of both worlds it really really is you can still drift the car it does have like the traction of an rs6 but in a more playful manner and even with all the extra horses it’s perfectly fine the gearboxes too man this gearbox it doesn’t belong in an m3 it does very much so belong in an m5 or an m8 it’s perfect so

I’ll show you the sport displays which g-power have also changed and i really like this attention to detail because the torque meter is going up to 960 newton meters and the stupid thing oh gesture control oh my god don’t get me started uh the horsepower number goes up to 800. let’s fill up those graphs max power mode right now 100 to 200 6.3 seconds in these

Hot conditions now stock we’ve measured 6.8 i think so it’s half a second quicker not even that impressive but zero to 250 i mean that’s the speed spectrum you will be using these cars it’s a big difference it’s about two three seconds different so that’s a lot it’s a bit busy on the autobahn today i guess the holidays have started for the germans and the dutch

So we’re not going to do any crazy speeds today but i am curious if they have removed the limiter because i know that many bmw tuners are really struggling removing the speed limiter on the m5 and the m8 wow it’s really really good the wheels however ah i i they i feel a bit unbalanced they make the car feel a bit unbalanced just just a bit it’s it’s only

When you do this kind of super high speed driving it feels a bit less than the stock wheels so another benefit of having an m8 ground coupe instead of the m5 you have a bit more of a wheelbase a longer wheelbase so it’s a bit less snappy and it can handle the power even better come on guys give us a bit of space i want to see that limiter ah that’s 306 which

Is plenty fast enough for me let’s test out those carbon ceramics oh that’s nice that’s so nice i absolutely love heartbreaking what a car what a car thanks guys over at wrong friends my mom told me not to hang out with my wrong friends but i don’t hate doing cell stupid little joke right there thanks for watching go check out that 1000 horsepower m5 review

I just told you about go check out the pov reviews playlist like the video and subscribe to the channel thanks guys

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