800HP () Supercharged Audi R8 – One Take

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Guys know it because well you saw the title in the picture and you clicked on it this is 2017 now dr8 what makes this one cool is that it’s a non plus and the reason that’s cool is because this one is done by vf engineering our favorite exotic car supercharging company and this is the vf 800 kit on the r8 so get this right the audi r8 non-plus 540 horsepower outie

R8 plus 6 on horse power the only difference between those cars is an ecu tune which vf engineering will happily sell you and you can install it at home using like a cobb accessport very cool ok that gets you a 600 now we have an eaton t vs 2300 supercharger intercooled on an otherwise completely stock vehicle on a mustang dyno it makes 600 horsepower at all four

Wheels and on a dyno jet it makes 670 horsepower at all four wheels and that’s on 90 octane but no additives or anything like that so here we are on one of my favorite roads and now we’re gonna have a go so i’ve driven up they are her khan’s before and they are fast and crazy the vf 800-900 her khan’s have always been so my favorite tuner cars but for one reason

Or another i’ve never gotten to drive them on my favourite road it’s always been a scheduling thing or location here we are on my favorite road in this area when i’m so glad i get to match to the car so perfectly here i love the r8 in general you know it’s got the power and the performance off the huracan but so much more spacious rides better it’s just big enough

That you can as a car i drove one the uk on the nbc sports show is very good so how does it feel with 800 horsepower snow starship enterprise and still starship enterprise the problem is i’m pretty sure i have traction control on and it’s limiting it’s limiting me now it’s off and let’s try that again we’re in dynamic mode oh there we go that’s really nice stock

Exhaust stock people otherwise completely stock aside from the exhaust so i don’t know these wheels on this are the factory feels someone can probably tell me i didn’t looked at audi center-tapped but they’re bigger or like rims that i had on the last one i drove and it definitely affects the ride i’m gonna have to look at the size of these wheels billington

20 the maybe even 21 but the smaller the wheel you get on these the better they ride jesus’s thing as fast and so quiet fine you’re counting i have been over 5,000 rpm for almost this entire drive that’s up free-revving this this engine isn’t just true belong in third fourth fifth year oh doctor so seamless so a cool thing about this kid 50 state legal right

And it’s 30,000 bucks whoa that sounds like a lot of money that’s like a honda civic si plus set of track tires for a year great right i know but you’re talking about 200 wheel horsepower gain like a 40 percent gain in horsepower on a car that is already extraordinary fast for about 10% percent increase and purchase price i think so not a lot of cars will offer

Bad level of performance increase for for that kind of money this thing’s pretty ubiquitous nick saran from vf engineering he told me that there are now 21 different turbo kits you can buy or the rna and the huracan that’s crazy 21 every kid they only know like six thousand cars a year whereas these guys we have more really the people these superchargers and he

Said he’s had zero failures so far said he sold over a hundred kits zero failures so that is a really excellent this part so i launched this thing this is a nutty car i mean there’s not much to it like it’s an r8 which is already nutty with i think it’s about 8 pounds of boost it’s not a ton of boost the turning radius is not as good as the turbo ace but this is

Fast fast fast and love this interior to the central screen here takes some getting used to not from the driver but it’s like weird that have your passenger can’t control radio or any that kind of stuff you only have the ones when i get some visibility we’re gonna watch it it’s fast it’s fast giggity the gear changes are completely imperceptible aside from

The sound change and feel an interruption of torque that’s one thing i mean i think maybe out he and leia both could be doing this almost though even a little better than porsche just that honor seamlessness of the full throttle gearshift it’s uh it’s very very impressive stuff and this cars got just enough lambo in it just enough power just enough power boom

I kidding it’s got way too much power but uh i meant it’s got just enough room if you’re a bigger guy that you can use this car frequently everyday or you know it’s a couple times a week at least okay now here we go we’re going to go back into sport and we’re gonna do a launch let’s see how it goes oh that’s not right there launch mode do i have to press no um

Maybe this matt it just mattered wow there was a change in camber in the road there kind of sent the nose around but uh i was seriously fast even without a launch control i should have asked the appropriate way to use launch control but if he disbanded it still doesn’t pretty number that was crazy air conditioning this is some to use a hardware not that i

Expected anything less i’m now driven this is my fourth 3f supercharged re more dardo park on 1st january 2nd gen re and they’re all great all of them are great and they still have kids you know the first-gen if you’ve got like a 2011 or 2012 are eight feet and with a stick and you put this blower kit on it that that would be what’s up man that’ll be a great

Car really crazy fast but this i love it because it’s i love it because of what is not there i love it because it fundamentally feels exactly like a stock car just with that horse power and torque curve moved up i like it because it’s sybil and it behaves and then you go out to the runway and you run 175 to 190 and in half and you know you’re running with boys

That’s there believe it or not i know it’s hard to move to say something like this to someone who isn’t a super rich guy but there is quite a lot of value in a $30,000 supercharger package it just works that’s why i get a lot of calls and emails about these kids buddy it just feels like the stock-car there’s just more of everything like that it’s not loud you

Can always make it louder but if it doesn’t need to be loud the power then you can tune the the sound just to your personal taste or have a valve you make it loud you make it quiet wow good job nick good job yeah 30 g’s plus 30 g’s plus installation installations four to five thousand dollars it takes around four days vf will fly someone to you if you want to

Install it locally they will send you a tech with a package and they can install it locally or you can have it done at a shop by you or you can come to california to anaheim and vf will do it for you in their shop that was super cool that was incredibly fast not exactly surprisingly it was it was fast visceral one might even call it nutty but civil and refined and

It’s like a gentleman’s tuner car because you really on the outside world and even in this car at less than you know big throttle inputs you just don’t know it’s there and when you’ve got an exotic car you don’t really want a tuner car you just want something to make a little more special maybe something to increase the performance but you don’t want to be driving

Like a tuner car and that’s not what this is this is um this is this just cranks up that notch to a hundred and ten percent on it’s more like a hundred and forty percent but whoa check out vf engineering calm the link is in the description supercharger kits for everything from our eights and her cons all the way down to like e46 m3 s and old 911s and they may have

A kit for you so thank you to vf thanks to you guys and i’ll see y’all later

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800HP (!) Supercharged Audi R8 – One Take By TheSmokingTire