812 Competizione – Could this be the ultimate Ferrari??

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So welcome to clifton house one of the most beautiful national trust houses in the uk it’s absolutely incredible built in 1666. and today we’re here to see one of the most iconic supercars today on the road no it’s not the mclaren 675 lt although that is very nice but we’re not here to film that we’re here to film something even more iconic the

Ferrari 812 competizione this is the most exciting ferrari that i’ve seen in modern times it’s going to take the recipe of the f-12 tdf but make it even better so how does this differentiate from the 812 superfast well it’s faster it’s lighter it’s got more down force it’s louder it’s absolutely incredible why don’t we start at the front so you’ve got

These massive scoops that go into cooling the engine and then on the side of this you’ve got the scoops to cool the brakes now the brakes on this are actually really special because they’ve actually got cooling ducts in the actual calipers that’s a first for a ferrari and i think any car you’ve also got this front carbon panel here now this was necessary to

Basically cool the engine so they had ducts inside this front bonnet and it actually looks really nice because it breaks up the whole front of the car if we carry on through here we’ve got a duct behind the wheel arch this just looks the detail on this is incredible and obviously this is in carbon fiber and then you’ve got these tyres now with the pirelli

P0 stripe around them which i know some people don’t like but i think they look incredible and they match the yellow calipers this car also has the calipers from the sf90 which were a first for a ferrari with that cooling technology the rear of the car is actually even more interesting than the front for the first time on a production car there is no rear

Screen now why have they done this well normally they create down force by having a flat bottom to the car but this time they’ve actually used the rear screen to create more downfall so you see these straights here and also you’ve got a massive rear diffuser and they’ve managed to create this rear diffuser by pushing the exhaust all the way to the outer edge

And the same with this rear tail this rear tail goes all the way across the car to create even more down force also you have these little flicks here if you can see jade through here you’ve got these three little flicks these are also for aerodynamics as well and also as a kind of homage to the f12 tdf but i think we’ve looked around the car enough now i think

We should take it for a drive and see what it’s like so i’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time in the f12 and the 812 and we’ve actually done a comparison video on my channel of the two and the one thing that you never feel in those cars either of them is that you lack power that v12 is just fantastic it just pulls in every single gear wonderful

Wonderful engine and the same with this car just more urgency oh my gosh so exciting to drive as you would imagine it’s like an 812 on steroids it’s got more noise it’s got more pickup it’s got sharper turning oh ridiculous for the road though ridiculous for the road so fast but so exciting wow and it looks so good in blue posie it just feels so special

To drive these cars the f12 the 812 they just have something special over the v8 engine ferraris i love the v8s i used to have a challenge to dolly but there’s nothing quite like having a v12 up front the way it pulls is just mega i mean how do ferrari make this so exciting to drive well they’ve created a huge amount of downforce a lot a lot of clever

Aerodynamics on this car and they’ve reduced the weight increased the power and what a recipe what a recipe when you’re driving an f-12 you feel the twitchiness of the car they managed to fix that with the 812 but in my opinion the a12 actually never felt as exciting as an f12 but this puts the fun back into the 812 for me this is an exciting car to drive

Oh wow wow wow i mean it just feels like you are in a race car on the road it’s wonderful it’s wonderful it’s wonderful naturally aspirated engine pumping out 819 brake horsepower just doesn’t get better than this and i’ve only got it in sport mode because i’m a little bit nervous and i’m driving around country lanes this is wearing cup are tires which

Need to get really really warm before they work not ideal for a road car but it makes it more exciting more challenging inside it’s really feels very much like an 812 super fast no real difference a little bit more a little bit carbon on the doors alcantara seats but very similar to an 812 when you’re driving the 812 super fast you never feel like you

Need more power in that but they’ve given it more power but they’ve also given it a little bit of an edge that makes it more exciting to drive maybe it’s just because you know you’re in something so sexy and so delicious and so special only 999 of these being produced with 599 convertibles and all sold out what a car no one could ever accuse a ferrari

812 superfast of being boring it handles well it’s fast it sounds pretty good it looks magnificent however however ferrari have taken it up a notch it looks much more aggressive than an 812 superfast the turn-in is much sharper it feels much more exciting to drive it sounds better what a phenomenal car unbelievable unbelievable how ferrari have managed to

Turn the dial up on an 812 super fast but they’ve done it this is one of the most exciting cars i’ve ever driven the only thing i will say is it’s still a little bit twitchy and that makes it exciting to drive but not everyone is going to want a car that’s a little bit twitchy i still think cars like this belong on the racetrack because you just can’t get even

The tyres up to proper temperatures to use them on the road but what a phenomenal car and hopefully one day i’ll be able to take it on the track thanks for watching we’ll see you soon all right cool so you

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812 Competizione – Could this be the ultimate Ferrari?? By 888MF