What’s up guys we just got here not the weather i’d like but it’s still beautiful we got the grazio gts gray this gray is beautiful felissimo guys i can’t tell you how much i love this gt all right i mean from the f12 i’ve always wanted something similar like this because for all ferrari collectors i feel like you have to have a v12 in your collection

But the a12 gts that’s another level and when i’m in another level there’s a lot of history involved in this the last time ferrari has produced a v12 convertible was about 50 years ago and that was the 365 gts otherwise known as the daytona spider so this is why this car is so special because it’s been 50 years since ferrari has done this as a production

Car and this is the a12 gts now i’m lucky enough i have a very good friend to lend me this car so i will be doing a review but forgive me if i don’t do an immaculate review i just want to show you guys the interior real quick because this car is specked out exactly like the global launch edition so let’s check out the interior this is gorgeous this interior

Color is called eroko now it’s a splendid mix of a chocolate and caramel combination but when you sit in it and you just touch it it’s so supple and luxurious you see a combination of the nero black as well as the eroko brown obviously you’re going to have a lot of carbon fiber tidbits here and there this car is optioned out to the max but i just want to show

You guys all the exterior design and the creativity and how beautiful everything is but most importantly there’s form and function so all the vents that you guys see has functionality right here let’s start with the hood the front end of this car there’s a lot of vents ferrari does it best i have to say that they do it the best and you know what if you just

Take a look right here from this angle so the wind tunnel effect it goes through right here by the headlights the functionality of this is that it cools the v12 engine bay but at the same time keeps the car down that is brilliant so since we’re in the front of the car let’s see what’s under the hood because you guys got to see this v12 this is a beauty

Literally it’s beauty and the beast this is a 6.5 liter v12 800 horsepower enough said this could be the last of its kind it’s possible don’t mark my words right now but it’s very very possible that this v12 is the last of its kind and like i said for any ferrari collector you gotta have a v12 listen i love the v8s i love the twin turbos but sometimes

You just gotta have a flagship v12 especially if you’re with ferrari look at the intake manifolds these are always in red such a beautiful piece of work these are the intakes these are massive like really massive intakes very long front nose this is what a v12 should be now you’re also going to have air inserts right here air is inserted through here and it

Goes through the fenders right in here and it cools the breaking and the air flows right through here out of this van that is brilliant and this is what i love about the front end of the car when you just take a step back you see all the angles and all the different vents so obviously when you’re driving pretty fast the air is flowing with the wind is

Very interesting because there’s a lot of details of this car such as the front windshield now my friend doug pointed this out to me so when you’re going against the wind the wind hits this and it kind of deflects it up for guys that you know that go boating or you have a little speedboat there’s a lot of wind deflectors on top so sometimes if you put your

Hand out you kind of deflect everything and your hair doesn’t blow but this kind of has a similar effect when the top is down but let’s take a look at the back the back of the car has some beautiful beautiful design features as well now how do you tell when a ferrari is a spider or a hardtop convertible such as the a12 gts well there’s twin peaks right

Here okay so obviously you can tell about the lines right here but when the top comes down you’re going to see these peaks go up and this is really really cool so you guys are going to get to see this in a bit but this is how you tell if it’s a hardtop convertible now you also have rear vents right here and here for cooling purposes but this time you have

The dual circular led lights on each side and i love circular rare tail lights that is superb you guys are going to love this because i’m going to start the engine up the rpm is limited so i’m not going to be doing a lot of revs but we will be going for a drive don’t worry this is what we’re here for so let’s get going is this classy or is this classy

This is classy me so oh so it feels so good naturally aspirated so guys we are doing a drive with the top down with the fpv flying uh with my good friend doug and you know what we are just just cruising and to be honest just like you said i can’t i can’t really feel the wind that much it’s you know my hair is a little bit blowing it’s not that bad

The windows are up but uh it’s not terrible it’s not terrible at all it’s actually quite refined oh yeah oh man that’s like sex that’s really like sex i mean it’s pretty much you know this is why this is why we love cars give and take it’s give and take exactly this is why i love carson this is why i do emc for you all so you guys can see my huge grin

When i’m driving these amazing cars i think they could be the ultimate daily car you know around town around coastal drives like what we’re doing today i’ve been driving this car pretty much all afternoon i don’t have a backache and everything is very ergonomically designed straight to the point the climate controls are all here where i need them to be as

A driver everything that i need to know about the car is right in front of me i’m focused on the car and that’s how it should be you know it’s this experience is awesome this experience is amazing a little bit about the interior it’s actually made by patrona frog one of the best italian leather manufacturers in the world now this is why the interior is so

Nice this is why i said when you sit in a ferrari you know their leather just feels so good i just want to keep touching it i almost feel like i’m molesting it and it’s not very healthy and it’s not very cool but yeah it’s made by patrona frog and this is why their leather is so nice so this is the most powerful v12 in production in the world from the rumor

Mill ferrari has stopped taking orders on this so you guys are out of luck so the first thing that comes to mind for me is how smooth this v12 is this v12 is so smooth and the dual clutch oh man oh the sound wow this shifts gears so fast oh the v12 is so sexy it’s just so so intoxicating like that oh downshift oh so smooth the a12 gts my personal

Opinion this is probably the best gt on the market couple reasons it’s the most powerful it’s a v12 it’s a ferrari and it’s got so much history and dna all the racing heritage all the luxuriousness all the investment that ferrari has put into making awesome street cars that are super luxurious super beautiful this is the best combination of everything

This is the perfect gentleman’s car this car exuberates ultimate class this is a status symbol this is the top of the top it does not get any better than this i can go on and on about analogies and describing how great this car is but you guys get the picture this is the ultimate there’s nothing better than this this is the best gt on the planet the a12

Gts i hope you guys enjoyed this vlog i’ll see you guys in the next one peace you

Transcribed from video