86 Day 2022 with Toyota 86 and BRZ Club of the Philippines

This year, the club decided to gather for a simple back-to-basics car meet where they had great fun just reconnecting with each other! PartsPro as there as we have always been a supporter of the club since we started!

Hi everyone my name is jeff katapang and i’m the vice president of the toyota 86 and brc club of the philippines today we celebrate together with our brothers and sisters across the globe the 86th day which is every year being held on august 6th hence 86 days every year the club make it a point to meet up we used to do autocross fun run basketball and other engaging

Activities after two years in lockdown and due to pandemic this year we decided to go back to our roots which is a simple car meet where we engage one another and talk about anything under the moon we’d like to thank our forever partner parts pro our partnership started and continued since 2016 providing a lot of our after market support and of course our regular

Maintenance thank you so much spice pro and more power hi this is rafi and this is chris hi um i’m from partsbro as you know and i’m here at 8-6 day i’m one of the early early early members of the 8-6 club and i had a i had a brc 10 years ago unfortunately i sold it nine years ago but i still i have keep friendships with all of the guys here now this is chris

Chris is our alumnus of broadcast podcast and i again chris i’d like to thank you for coming on the podcast because you were able to help a lot of people um understand their cars better um anyway i’d like to ask you how how do you think that i thought the 86 club benefits from five cross relationship with uh with the club in the club members well at least uh

One of the benefits is uh the members could source really good parts that are the gym yeah that are known brands and that are what are price really competitively so that’s one of the benefits so hard parts for and then at least there’s a venue for you know for an online venue for parts to be sold in parts of this source and something like that now as a chris

As you know is the known tuner talaga expert tuner for the current 86 and brc platform but of course with the new car coming my question to you is what do you see will the new car be as popular as this this has a advantage of having a mult a long multi-year run yes well i hope so but i hope so but now it’s priced a bit high so i’m not sure if the population

Will grow that big but there are there are a lot of interchangeable parts from the current to the new uh and then the interior is different but good still shooting those the same as the the third one thanks well thanks again for your expert opinion and thanks again for for starting on on broadcast for that one podcast episode it was fantastic again from 86

Today i’m rafi i’m chris thanks a lot bye thank you so much for joining again for providing us this event london nandito normally sponsors nothing right from import garage if you see my page on facebook and if you have any names for eighty six cars in parts you can contact me my name is don lipo from moto lotto um thank they are giving away six 1000 gcs

That you guys could use on their online and uh uh guys on behalf of partspro.ph uh thank you for uh attending the 86 day uh we’re wrestling off six um gcs that you could use on our website so that’s partspro.ph again thank you guys um grand prize that it is one donut shop thank you thank you uh happy 8016 family so you

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86 Day 2022 with Toyota 86 and BRZ Club of the Philippines By PartsPro PH