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This is our biggest road trip to date, and some what of a redemption mission for our rig, The Yeti. With his first big trip off Vancouver Island resulting in a blown transmission on day one, we left with a big a trepidation on a 2000+ km road trip.

Foreign region of british columbia all the way up here the sea to sky through whistler pemberton we took the duffy lake road up here to lillowitt down here from risk creek is when we detoured into the nemaya valley and we took this old wagon road and took us right back out of tatla lake right here if we can get to it and then finish our drive into bellacua

This series is brought to you by wescan overland fireplace performance good morning from the edge of the chokoten region in british columbia we have already had a crazy adventure and it’s only the start of day three thank you for tuning in to part two of this adventure series where we explore the chilcotin caribou coast in this episode we’ll be traveling to

Mountains formed by basalt volcano stacks into the valley of wild horses into choco lake where they filmed the last series of alone me we’ll be traveling over 200 kilometers on unknown dirt roads and that gets us pretty excited so sit back and enjoy this is going to be a good one yo guys you want to check out our sweet new optimized center console check

This out look we got this foam block that i cut to fit all of the stuff because we’re always fumbling around with bags and stuff so now we got the drone ready to go we got the camera ready to go controller it’s it’s looking good in here and it’s so easy to just whip out the camera take the shots and and get back in i’m probably going to cover it with something

I’m not sure what yet if you have any suggestions on like a fabric to cover it with or i may put it in a box not totally sure super stoked on this we turned off the number 20 alexander mckenzie highway as we made our way into the nehemiah valley this area of golden plateaus and dramatic mountains stretches all the way west from the fraser river to the shores of

The pacific ocean this cowboy country is dotted with sporadic communities very little industry a pristine and varied wilderness it has many times been called the most beautiful area in all of canada oh trail our first stop of interest was cardiff mountain a rare anomaly that was formed from ancient volcano activity this mountain hosts some incredible rock

Features known as basalt stacks having been recommended to check it out we were keen to see what it actually looked like the road up is a steep and winding quad trail and at this point here i had to get out and put the yeti in four-wheel drive trail gets a little tight so we’re walking these basalt pillars and hexagonal rock formations you see have

A special feature called columnar jointing this is what gives each basalt column their unmistakable hexagonal shape and makes them so neat to look at these incredible features of mother nature surely left us in awe and that wonderful feeling was only going to get amplified as we travel deeper into the valley of wild horses oh my gosh the horse girl inside me is

Dying hi oh my god you’re so cute even though you’re wild you look at your face oh my gosh look how funny he looks in his long legs if you’re enjoying this content i’d like to invite you to smash that like button and hit subscribe if you aren’t already it really helps support this channel so we can continue to make adventure videos like this one

If you’re not familiar with the tv series alone it is where they take ten willing participants and drop them in the most remote and harshest climates on earth in season eight of the show ten participants were dropped here at joco lake so do do do the road to choco lake is an out-and-back drive for most travelers however there is an old wagon road

That travels north from choco lake up through other winding glacial lakes and remote ranches and comes out at tatla lake however we were unable to confirm if this road was passable neither of our maps gaia or google earth could confirm that the road actually connected our risk was our fuel because if we got more than halfway down the wagon road and had to turn

Around we would not have enough fuel to reach the next gas station back towards williams lake i think these are the decisions that really define an adventurous spirit we are here for the journey for the experience to enter and emerge from the unknown it’s with that intention that we started to travel north on this old wagon road when you’re this remote it pays

To be smart and just check unknown puddles this is like six inches deep well you never know could have been a two foot hole thank god once again the treacherous depths were no match for the yeti so go my eyes they’re so blessed so our road trip camping expedition turned into a cabin night yeah we’re glad happy you

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