906 Sprinter PSM install coding of modules , Mercedes , Dodge , Freight Liner, San Diego

Alright guy started to cut the rush through this but just gonna go through the psm upgrade programmable i delivered upgrades consumers turner van so first that psn module gets installed underneath the driver seat it’s got the two harnesses that plug into it you’re gonna have to plug in on the right side kick panel there is a can bus we’re gonna find a loose can

Wire over there want to plug that in it’s gonna be a brown brown red wire the body pan so that is for the psm on like that in and it allow you to once you code all these modules and the spinner to look for the psm then get actually appointment so we did an idle up upgrade on this particular sprinter show you coding mercedes says that you should only have to se

Key that’s not true he is right here as all pudding settings okay you see all these different options available p module e ez s 4e is what they used to be called is the gateway explaining that body cam engine can can store all the data as far as what should we on the cam network okay so first yuna want to make sure that you’re working speed control constant

Rpm control is yes retarder is yes you have the psm come on over here that has to say yes we have a developer mode sts so allowed us to going to so we can actually cut it a lot of times the dealer you want to do a test implies that all the logic and try to get that same coding for the through that tool and it was no success so there’s your eecs control unit

Second one instrument cluster patience as doing why you got to do the key is first the key model because that’s what’s actually gonna tell everybody on the can three it’s gonna tell everybody on the cam to be huh let me go up to the other side so we have liking us today psm present obviously that’s one more right there i think there’s only one coding option

Inside that mission cluster last but not least see i the constraints that are like it’s putting flooring to plant data that’s the developer mode version on a factory to leyland a lot of times the only guys are have access see the factory stuff to do this is the up fitters like all right we’re going down kiss him again special august yes one more just the psm

Okay that’s that on the speeding chris on board electrical system management that was no i selected – yes you want something else to build a controller which so those are your different coding options that you have to make sure that you have or the psm to operate correctly at the dealer it was easier to just push a button when you got a file from germany and they

Loaded the thing but for us guys on the independent side it’s a little difficult this is how i was able to do it so it was guys are updating these things are clean of psn modules your spinners that’s what you need to do all right this video was helpful and pianta questions just leaving the inbox now i’ll get to him one again thanks guys

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906 Sprinter PSM install coding of modules , Mercedes , Dodge , Freight Liner, San Diego By Escondido German and Tesla Auto