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What’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by autodopanal my name is max and today we’ve got a recurring guest this is the rs7 we had last year with 750 horsepower it was red back then and it is the rs eagle rs7 this is andrett’s car and he took it to us well around a year ago and we absolutely loved his car it is one of the coolest rs7s i’ve

Ever driven it was mega quick it sounds insane and it was tango red back then so if you haven’t seen that video make sure you go check that out first in the top right corner 750 horsepower and then come back here because it has 950 horsepower now absolutely insane so today i’m going to show you around it i’m going to show you the things ended has changed to his car

And then we’ll take it for a drive towards the old man for northman blast but before we begin check out rs eagle on instagram so as i said last time it was tango red this time it is satin black so this is a satin black wrap it looks so freaking angry and stealth and man it just looks so mean i really i’m not a big fan of matte black cars in general but i do think

That this is a pretty sick look with those tinted headlights super dark and it just it looks like it wants to eat you basically uh which is really cool so we’ve got the carbon fiber exterior package still on the front bumper down there as well very very cool now this is something new we’ve got these vossen wheels 22 inch and then we’ve got michelin pilot sport

4s tires around that and audi ceramic brakes still behind the wheels which is really great um these are actually forged wheels apparently it is a very nice wheel and android also lowered his car as you can see sits nice and low also put some spacers on there so we’re going to see what that feels like on the autobahn because normally with bigger wheels spacers

Lowering uh you sometimes feel that but we’ll see what happens today little btm turbo sticker right there that’s the tuner but man it looks mean it looks so sick and we’ve got a miltek exhaust decat uh completely straight it is really crazy here this is the color it used to be as you can see and then of course the most important stuff which is this still have

The 4 liter v8 bi-turbo engine as i said last time around it had horsepower and 115 newton meters of torque this time around we’ve got 950 horsepower and 1200 newton meters of torque because we’ve got bigger turbos we’ve also got a transmission software remap so the transmission is able to cope with all that power and yeah it is pretty mental this looks really

Cool this painted stuff in red very nice so yeah that’s uh the update of today let’s take it for a drive because it’s such a cool car oh sounds so mean so on the inside everything is still the same all that carbon fiber on the center console on the dash this insane steering wheel with carbon pedal shifters and then we’ve got the doors with carbon fiber as well

Super nice pack but this was this is the same as it was last time it’s still amazing but no update here the main update of course is that power and the sound apparently okay so let’s go for rs2 exhaust valves open up oh that is insanely loud but uh we do have less pops and bangs so less crackles on the overrun we do still have them of course uh a few of them

But apparently there are less than before which is a good thing i think the whole pops and bangs and crackles thing um i have to admit i sometimes really do like it but i can imagine that if you drive it every day that it sort of gets old because when they start getting repetitive and you can feel them coming it’s not fun anymore oh my god that is still so loud

This is still i think one of the loudest cars we’ve ever filmed it was so crazy we’re not going to do that stuff today because we already have it and uh well you can check out that video in the top right corner the acceleration and sound video oh but this this sound this thunderous low bellowing sound is so freaking cool i really love it and i have to admit

It it does really suit this car well now uh because it looks so mean on the outside with that matte black wrap those black wheels the tinted headlights and i love that led steering wheel those shift lights are so nice man it it is very very torquey and the tune feels really good sometimes with these super high performance tunes like this you know approaching

A thousand horsepower they can feel a bit rough but this really doesn’t all right so of course we’re taking it to the autobahn now because that’s just where this car excels okay we’ll go for sport oh wow it is awake this eagle that was a very quick response it immediately downshifted a couple of gears all right here we go let’s hope for some space on

The straight now last time round we measured this car at 6.4 seconds around that this time it’s at 5.6 so that’s quite a big difference i i didn’t feel like there was a limiter there around 3 30 i did feel i think i did feel a limiter so last time i think i did 332 or or three so that’s it’s quite weird because i don’t remember feeling that last time round but

I mean it’s still pretty insane the way this car gets up to speed it’s like no effort oh and it sounds like thunder oh man that is one angry eagle oh sorry about that okay here we go i have to say the wheels do feel quite all right oh and those brakes they work so well yeah this that’s a limiter that’s definitely a limiter 331 that’s a shame because

It will go a lot faster the fact that this this limiter is so obvious at this speed means that it will go a lot faster that’s a real shame um yeah and that i’m afraid you’re going to have to come back another time because we definitely need to try this car without the limiter because it feels insane it’s still one of the most comfy and relaxed ways to go 331

It’s absolutely insane man that air suspension is so good at at filtering everything out but still maintaining control so you don’t feel like you’re not in touch with the suspension or the the wheels you know it it’s a really really good up oh man just listen to that dirty dirty sound oh that is absolutely crazy these c8 rs6s and rs7s are really crazy when

You put an exhaust on there it’s so impressive so loud so it just rips through the air there we go martin is on the bridge recording some flybys for you guys oh that should have been a good one all right so i’m going to end this review here unfortunately 331 is all we can do and we’re not going to push that again uh because it is quite busy so andrett thank

You so much for taking your car to us again it is a really really cool i mean it is even cooler than before the tune by btm turbo i have to say is really good because it runs super well super smooth uh no weird hitches or glitches or hiccups or whatever uh so really happy with that as well but i mean yeah if you want us to test the top speed of your car it does

Need to have this limiter removed so maybe you’ll see this car oh again on our channel in the future oh my lord oh that’s ridiculous thank you so much andrew for taking it to us again uh to you guys thanks for watching hope you enjoyed it you can subscribe by clicking the big button in the middle you can also check out this video or go check out this playlist see the next one bye

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