A Better Mobility Solution | 2022 Chrysler Pacifica | Power Ramp – Power Kneel – Wheelchair

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Hey sherry vans mike sherry here behind me is a 2022 chrysler pacifica this is a touring which is a very well equipped chrysler pacifica and on top of that it’s been upfitted by vmi with a side entry mobility access zone in this van so if you have some mobility needs definitely stay tuned and look at this awesome 2022 ceramic gray chrysler pacifica with a side

Entry power ramp and power new let’s check it out let’s do a quick view of the inside here and show you some of the features notice the rubberized floor it’s heavy duty it’s not going to pile up on you got your tie downs recessed down in the floor so it’s really not a bump to go over and tie down’s on through up here let me sit down here on this back bench

And talk a little bit about the interior of this van so these front seats are factory seats on different bases what vmi has done is they’ve lowered this floor a decent amount to allow for a nice gentle approach to come in with the ramp and also to increase the headroom here at the door opening and they’ve also lowered the floor floor in front of the driver and

Passenger seats both of these seats are actually removable if you see there’s little wheels on them you can literally just unhook the power pull the strap here and wheel it right out the ramp if you want to and that’ll allow you to pull in here with your chair and be able to dry the van or pulling your in with your chair and be the passenger in the van now there

Is hooks down in the floor just like what we saw in the back here to be able to secure your chair up there and of course it’s easy lock ready doesn’t have one but you can surely add one now these chairs are also interchangeable so say you may start out the trip driving but maybe you want someone else to drive maybe you’re getting a little tired well you can

Move either back here in the back or even go over here and this chair can go over here and that driver can proceed with driving so interchangeable chairs vmi nice option there now this does have rear heat and air conditioning back here for the rear passengers where they can control and notice we’ve got leather seats here as well very very well equipped even the

Back passenger here they’ve got a little footrest that comes out pretty slick and then this here is a really bright led light so if you’re loading or unloading at night you gotta you gotta be able to see and it’s nice to be able to see we’re gonna be hooking up your chair this also has the park smart feature if you push this little button here and someone happens

To park it next to your vehicle while it’s engaged it’ll just give them an audible warning just politely letting them know this is a mobility accessible vehicle and please don’t park so close let’s show you how this all works comes with keyless entry with unlock lock power door controls power lift control and remote start so if you hit the power door control for

This side of the van the ramp will come right in now that ramp is 30 inches wide and the door will come closed and it’s rated to hold up to a thousand pounds pretty slick there let’s go ahead and do it in the opposite position the door will now open and the ramp will come out beautiful thing about that in-floor ramp is it’s out of your way it’s not blocking any

View it doesn’t rattle either when you go down the road those ramps that kind of fold up into the van they rattle they’re in your way you can’t see and just not a pleasant experience right pretty slick operation isn’t it so yeah again 30 inches wide here and thousand pound capacity on that ramp all right let’s take a look at some of the other nice features on this

Van if you notice here while that door is shut it’s got side flares in so it’s kind of like a running board to help the passengers get in and out of the driver and the passenger area and then like i mentioned we do have power liftgate on this and back here i’ve got a bunch of stuff that the factory sends us i got a tire pump here some mats and then here is in you

Got q straight those are your tie downs uh if you’re unfamiliar with them youtube them but what i like to say it’s kind of like a fancy ratchet strap for mobility wheelchairs keeps them secure at all four points so it does come with one set of those also you got your backup camera here does have rear parking sensors and rear wiper with electronic defrosting rear

Window there as we come around to the driver’s side i love this exterior color it always looks good you know got chrysler factory wheels down here i think they’re 17 inches let’s confirm that yep 17 inches and the front of the van really looks just like a normal chrysler pacifica a lot of nice safety features on these vans a lot of them come standard which i’ll

Show you those once we get inside here so uh does have power door i want to show you on this side power door on this side just like what we saw on the other side there’s just there’s no ramp on this side so i do get the question from time to time what if the power fails or something well you can manually crank out the ramp there’s just a little spot underneath this

Device here i don’t have my tool on me or you can crank it out and the crank is actually right here so yeah simple as that you can crank it out if for some reason you lose power or something like that so there’s always a fail safe all right let’s check out some of the awesome features inside here now this van has never been used but we do sell it as used all vmi

Dealers have to because vmi titles them that allows them to do the work to this vehicle so it still has warranty from chrysler and three year 36 thousand mile warranty from bmi so if you see uh just marked used that’s why it’s got 24 miles on it so uh definitely not used much just been titled by vmi that allows them to put the upfit them for mobility purposes so

All right let’s check out some of the nice features up here and hang with me here because i’m gonna i’m gonna hit them all it’s got memory seats so that’ll memorize where you leave your seat if you program it in there so if you have a couple drivers that’s nice to have the memory seats has power mirrors and windows and locks automatic headlights and then it has

A leather wrapped steering wheel with cruise control and it also has adaptive cruise control which is really nice that’s the cruise control where you set and if someone slows down in front of you it will slow down too that’s down here when you set the adaptive here is your hands-free connectivity and then this will control your center cluster which will show you

You know how many miles per hour you’re going how many miles to empty fuel mileage that kind of stuff all on there now it does have a 10.1 inch touchscreen radio i’m going to flip it in reverse here we’ll check out some backup camera here nice big color backup camera so you can definitely see behind you just nice now it does come with serious xm in addition to am

And fm it does have heated seats and steering wheel up here so i’m going to leave them off today it’s showing 92 outside so i don’t think i need that but you can control driver zone passenger zone and rear zone all from this control right here which makes it nice and then you got phone control and vehicle information right there automatic transmission in these

And then you do have buttons and knobs for your heat and air conditioning if you like buttons and knobs and you’re not so much a touch screen person they understand spot for phone and plenty of spots to plug it in all kinds of power 12 volt usb you name it and then a couple beverage holders here now this switch here will turn on those lights let me turn that on

And show you you see how bright see how bright that is it’s really bright i don’t think the camera’s picking that up and then you do have push buttons start in here so you just have to have the key in the ignition to do it and then this vmi button here will actually open that door and put out the ramp just like what we saw with the keyless entry so nice feature

There it does have programs up here for your garage door openers so yeah all the modern features well equipped and if you have any questions feel free to contact us we’ll be happy to assist you if you have mobility needs chances are we might have a solution for you we’ve got all kinds of vehicles to help you from full-size vans the side entry minivans like what

I’ve shown you today to rear entry minivans so a lot of options there so just take a look at our website and i’ll post the links down for you about that below thanks for watching everyone take care

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A Better Mobility Solution | 2022 Chrysler Pacifica | Power Ramp – Power Kneel! – Wheelchair! By Paul Sherry Conversion Vans