A Fighting Chance: 2022 VinFast IRONMAN World Championship Ep. 1 presented by Wahoo Fitness

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Foreign welcome to the big island i am greg welch and this is a fighting chance presented by wahoo this is the world famous dignity beach the start of the vinfast iron man world championship we’re coming to you with all the race festivities all the action around town and everything that’s happening right here in kailua kona coming up on our very first episode

Daniella reef the five-time iron man world champion and the favorite in our women’s race sebastian kinland the 2014 iron man world champion saying goodbye to kona for the very last time sky munch the u.s champion will she have the goods on race day to take the u.s title or will it be someone else chris nickich first person with down syndrome to finish an iron man

Triathlon and now the first ever to attempt the world championship yeah it definitely feels great to be back in kona it’s been way too long i mean would who would have imagined that in 2019 that it takes so long that we can go back i feel grateful to be back and um i’m hungry for for that title my preparation was um really good i had three weeks in maui and i need

The time to get used to the humidity and the heat and i definitely feel like i put all in kona courses brutal maybe that’s also why it suits me i would say the bike is the for me the strongest part you need to be strong and be able to push a good gear for a very long time and i still have a huge respect from the race um even from the buy course so i never feel like

It’s an easy one i always have the biggest respect of this race of all the other races i think this year is going to be very tough i mean we have laura phillips showing a great season so far having a app absolutely crash in in hamburg then lisa norden she can really swim well and really ride very strong we have annie hulk she proved it she can do it well i actually

See her as the strongest competitor having your family and having a team around you i feel like it can really bring up your your energy level and having moments you you create and then sharing them together is um i mean one of the best feelings and the biggest pressure which i always put which i feel is actually the one from myself and the more you invest the more

Of course you want to show it and i did invest a lot this year so um i always remind myself it’s a race it’s not going to be the end of the world if you can’t perform but in the same time you want to make it as like it’s really important because otherwise you can’t get the best out of yourself and this to find this balance is i find the hardest part but um yeah

That’s the also the most interesting part of being an athlete foreign you’re watching a fighting chance presented by wahoo aloha the most important gas station on the whole island how you feeling now uh actually quite okay um usually when you end up in this gas station you want to have it all like the slogan for this year is kuliki it’s stronger together

What’s your interpretation of that family um i think the last one was ohana right so they stand together always means family from for me first especially now since i’m a dad on the way to the start line it’s a it’s a team effort if you’re not standing together it’s like no chance i would say and have you done anything differently to prepare for kona this year you

Know it’s always different at this time of my career it’s not so much much about what i want to do it’s more about what i can do if i would do what i want just kept writing probably now it’s probably more about being patient smart using your experience not really my strengths and then we come back to um stronger together you have to have people around you that

Just help you with these weaknesses but um in terms of who’s competing for the win my chance is probably around about wow that’s a two percent maybe it’s not zero but i think it’s um probably one of the most exciting editions ever because we have no maybe um let’s say 10 guys would not be a surprise to win but you’re no stranger to winning here you know what it

Takes what would winnie mean to you more than uh to anybody else probably thank you here we are just kind of shaking off the travel getting a recovery active recovery day and so seeing the iconic kona aquatic center for the first time in real life how does it feel to be here so good and it’s kind of surreal like looking around you see the ocean realizing like

We’re on this tiny island and it feels really weird that we’re going to be doing a big fat race here it’s crazy i guess because i’ve never done it before you know it feels surreal it’s kind of strange being a rookie when you’ve like done so many iron mans better late than never kulike is uh one of the slogans for the race okay stand together or stronger together

What does that mean to you like what is your interpretation of that we’re all trying to accomplish the same thing and even though we’re out racing each other and we want to win and whatever you know like we’re competitors out there we’re also kind of like a team right i take a lot of strength from my competitors actually knowing that they’re going through the same

Thing i am because i just take a lot of comfort knowing we’re all kind of going through the same thing yeah i think it’s powerful who’s your biggest competition out there well we can’t not match daniella reef she’s back to her dominating ways it just seems like the depth of field this year is just so so deep so many women who are going to be fighting for the win

And definitely fighting for the podium and there’s always going to be women who they’re not on anyone’s radar and they’re just gonna show up right and surprise some people so you know it’s all about the day so i’m just excited for the challenge and excited to see what happens excited to see what i’m made of out here on the big island so i’m definitely going into

This race confident and totally open-minded about what i can do well good luck to you thank you bye after my uh good morning sweetheart come on it’s time to go for a swim let your girl go come on say goodbye yeah so this morning we’re gonna test the swim course um we’re gonna do half the course and the goal is to see how fast he can do it so we have some

Idea uh what to expect on race day so the goal is to do it under 50 minutes which puts him at an hour and 40 minutes for the race and if he does that that gives him 40 minutes of uh extra time just in case so we’ve been having fun we’ve been here four days right buddy tell them what you did when we tackled hobby mountain what’d you do with the mountain it’s hard

Scary painful bye guys i’m ready you’re ready yes you are so far chris has done um in four days he’s done 140 miles of bike riding it’s three times up and down javi he did queen k um he’s done two runs for approximately 16 miles and he’s swam three times for approximately about five miles so he’s uh he’s acclimating really well and he is definitely ready every

Day our progressions have picked up significantly i mean you know with down syndrome there’s a little bit of an acclimation period where he’s got to kind of train his brain and get used to it we call that processing and his processing has picked up faster than i’ve ever seen it before um so i mean we’re making so many improvements physically but we’re also seeing

The mental improvements too which is key important to chris getting his dreams when chris starts swimming you know this in 140 145 with me um he’s no longer just struggling to make it through he’s now competing and that’s a beautiful thing well that’s it for episode one of a fighting chance presented by wahoo stay with us all week for an insider look at what’s

Going on around the big island we’ll see you tomorrow foreign

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