A Hot Chevy With Nothing To Keep It Cool

In this video I have a look at a customers 2004 Chevrolet 1500 that has a complaint of “running hot and no power.” Doesn’t take long to discover it is completely out of coolant. A $0.99 part sure can cause a lot of troubles down the road.

So we got a chevrolet out here looks like probably an old 405.04 it says the guy told me it was overheating and lost a lot of power so i don’t know what that means but we’re gonna fire it up here and see what it sounds like first and foremost all right fire is right up that’s good well let me look under the hood and make sure that it has coolant in it it appears

To be pretty low so we’re not going to go on a test drive just yet i don’t really smell any coolant looks like it has a relatively new water pump on it i see that’s pretty shiny i don’t see any water running down the timing cover i’ll see it blasted up here under the hood like it was coming off the fan you know the belt’s not all slimy well that’s interesting the

Sides of the radiator look pretty dry usually these things tend to split and crack down the side of the tubs here from what i can see the face of the radiator it looks pretty dry well i say what we do before we go on a wrap we will pressurize the system because like i say i can see it’s quite low and we’ll see if we have any coolant loss if we don’t then what

We’ll do is we’ll fill it up a coolant and take it for a rip i see the money light time too so we should see if that gives us any sort of clue also well i must thought i just heard something it must be quite low because it’s taken well it’s not this big yet oh lady you got a problem where the heck is that coming from oh so just a lower hose maybe lower hose i

Don’t see the clamp being broke usually the clamps break but yeah well this guy might get away with it pretty easy it’s a short truck we don’t need that anymore this is a pretty great bit of kit folks if you guys are looking for a good coolant pressure tester plus vacuum fill if you’re in the vacuum filling haven’t ran across the vehicle yet i have a hand adapter

For it’s made by another other tools it’s your classic seven eight five eighty five let’s see if we can’t reach down here i’m i bet the clamp’s gonna break as soon as we touch it i don’t see a crack in it but usually that’s what happens here sir there it goes yep make it makes them real piss-pot but see if we can’t unhook this thing yeah the clamp broke that’s

What i figured there fella um yeah this sucks i don’t know if we’ll be able to get if we get the hose off it makes it quite a bit easier i don’t know how much you guys will be able to see let’s see what we can do once you get the hose back you can collapse the hose and get the pieces of the broken spring off there the broken clamp rather working it here a

Little bit don’t get much leverage up at this point here i’m gonna get a longer bar it seems kind of overkill but makes it a little bit easier for us come on baby we’re almost there we go there bottom half the clamp fell off and even hit the bucket even better pull off the top half of the clamp so there she is so that’s what happens the dang clamps break

And start peeing all over and this one doesn’t even really appear to be that rusty so that’s kind of interesting the one on the dodge trucks they always rust out here um let me just go get a regular hose clamp and we’ll be on the road your standard worm drive we’ll slip that baby over the hose and slip that hose right back on there there we go that will get

Us a long screwdriver here our nut driver see if we can’t get that twirl down i don’t know if you guys could see any of what we just did but you can use your imagination if you want and i’m not going through and doing all the hoses and selling them a radiator and replacing everything because i’ll be honest with you folks there’s a reason this truck’s not going

On the lift that’s because it doesn’t have a frame anymore so we’re just going to do this we’re going to fill it up i see he had some coolant in the truck looks like he’s got some green universal stuff going on here some days the repairs are just too easy and i typically don’t bring you guys along with stuff like this but i’ve been trying to not discriminate on

The repairs because this is just you know the day-to-day this is what kind of stuff happened this was not a scheduled appointment the guy just dropped it off there for a couple days just had a chance to look at it so try to get them going here as quick as we can but we got quite a backlog foreign must have been dead empty because i put two gallons in it so far

His whole gallon well that was six quart for about 10 works right now right now the pressurizer we didn’t lose much i bet i don’t have a cord of it on floor you know so that’s kind of interesting i just looked in there and the engine light was out it was on when we pulled it in the oil doesn’t look completely black so that’s good doesn’t smell like it went

Nuclear we’ll just make sure the oil is full we’ll take it for a drive she doesn’t do anything funny yeah we’re just just about at the full mark so that’s good cool it’s full we pop our mess here let’s take it further up there and make sure everything’s cool and uh go from there i guess so there’s the rest of that clamp like i said you can see that just the

Random crack one of these got me one time it was on a dodge pickup i remember i had it in just for service and of course it’s smoking hot it’s getting ready to do an oil change on it and i think i just went over and squeezed the upper hose and i didn’t realize the clamp was broke and the whole hose blew off covered me with hot coolant it was pretty awesome just

Because of some stupid little clamp like that maybe that started my extreme hatred for dodge i don’t know i’m gonna make sure we’re gonna have some heat coming out of the dash here it’s just starting to warm up there oh yeah it’s starting to get a little bit of warm air here oh she’s the basic am fm rubber floor no four wheel drive thing either oh boy yeah that’s

Pamela anderson’s forward splash she just stopped by it for a minute foreign appears to be just fine got good heat coming out of the dash time for gauge is nice and steady chevy thunder and i think we’re safe to leave it at that folks i’m going to get out check under the hood make sure everything looks good there i’m sure it will and that’s it yeah like i said

Kind of an easy fix but sometimes when we go out and grab these parking lot we don’t know what we’re getting into and until we get into it how profound of a statement is that and uh why don’t you guys go leave me a profound statement down in that comment section we’re down there the questions this is for the insty this is for the facebook the concerns the comments

Anything you got dump it down in the comment box there’s more viewers if i can do it you can do it thanks for watching foreign

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