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A little Apple CarPlay – 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 from Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale

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Visit Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale today to see this 2017 Iridium Silver Metallic Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class GLE 350. This Mercedes-Benz includes: PANORAMA SUNROOF Generic Sun/Moonroof Sun/Moonroof Panoramic Roof Dual Moonroof PARKING ASSIST PACKAGE Back-Up Camera Automatic Parking PREMIUM 2 PACKAGE Keyless Start Smart Device Integration HD Radio Navigation System AM/FM Stereo Power Door Locks Keyless Entry Blind Spot Monitor Pass-Through Rear Seat MP3 Player Headlights-Auto-Leveling Lane Departure Warning CD Player Satellite Radio Auxiliary Audio Input Hard Disk Drive Media Storage INTERIOR SPORT PACKAGE Floor Mats Bucket Seats BRUSHED ALUMINUM RUNNING BOARDS Running Boards/Side Steps, Apple Carplay – *Note – For third party subscriptions or services, please contact the dealer for more information.* Want more room? Want more style? This Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class is the vehicle for you. Pull up in the vehicle and the valet will want to parked on the front row. This Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class is the vehicle others dream to own. Don’t miss your chance to make it your new ride. Put away your phone and focus on the road, your new vehicle has navigation. This outstanding example of a 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE GLE350 is offered by Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale. Want more room? Want more style? This Mercedes-Benz GLE is the vehicle for you. There’s a level of quality and refinement in this Mercedes-Benz GLE that you won’t find in your average vehicle. The Mercedes-Benz GLE GLE350 will provide you with everything you have always wanted in a car — Quality, Reliability, and Character. Just what you’ve been looking for. With quality in mind, this vehicle is the perfect addition to take home.

All right welcome to mercedes-benz of scottsville across the street from fashion square this is slovenian misto and today we’re going to talk about this beautiful iridium silver gl e350 2017 alright this goe 350 comes with led active lights 20 inch wheels camera and backup camera front camera and side camera that is actually surround camera that includes your

Parking pilot as well in addition to that it has the panorama roof you can see right there parking pilot it’s also really great if you are in a in the area that you want to do a parallel parking you just drive by and the car will actually tell you when you can when you fit in a specific parking spot and it will pork it for you that is just a few features on the

Outside of the car that are beneficial to you but now let’s go to the interior this car is extremely unique well not extremely because you do have a lot of options with mercedes benz when it comes to the interior but this particular car it has a leather interior that is porcelain leather with black and black accent lights such as the wood interested poplar wood and

The carpets are also black so it gives a really nice feel inside this car is equipped with navigation heated and cooled cup holders right here heated seats as well in addition to that it has apple carplay that is really really great feature these days because you can actually connect your phone to this you would be here and your screen the screen of your phone it

Will populate on the screen here and you can send text messages if you actually read your text message and you can reply by just voice so you won’t need to take your eyes off the road at all i wanted to mention is the ambient lighting also the harman kardon sound system and now the feature of this car is the blind spot in addition to that has the illuminated door

Door seals earlier i mentioned the parking pilot for this vehicle now take a quick look at the video and see how i work as you drive along a row of parking spaces your vehicle can tell you which one’s a good fit the advanced parktronic system with active parking assist uses ultrasonic sensors to measure each open space as you drive by at low speeds when a spot

Is suitable an arrow on the dashboard lets you know once you select a space and shift to reverse active parking assist becomes your electronic valet it teams up with the cars electric power steering to virtually park the car for you hands-free all you have to do is operate the gear selector the accelerator pedal and the brakes the surround view system can give you

A live bird’s-eye view of the area around your vehicle four cameras look out from all four sides of the car their images are instantly composed into a single overhead view of your immediate surroundings active on-screen guidelines preview the path your car will travel as the wheel turns including how the front end will swing when you back up alright guys if you

Want to look this beautiful car go to md scottsdale com type in our search engine in stock number m12 891 and will populate the car with some fabulous pictures thank you so much you have a beautiful day and come visit us

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A little Apple CarPlay – 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 from Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale By Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale