A Look Inside the Lightnings Mega Power Frunk | 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning | Mac Haik How-Tos

Under the hood of the all new F-150 Lightning lies some serious capability—14.1 cubic feet of space, hauling capabilities up to 400 pounds, four 120V outlets, two USB chargers and 2.4kW of power. The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning comes ready to work.

Foreign folks so now let’s move on into the mega funk and show you just how capable this front end of this vehicle is popping the rubberized button underneath of the hood or the frunk as you will the trunk will open up it is all power so you can do it by key you can do it by the button or we can do it from the infotainment system in the inside now as i mentioned

Previously we can haul up to 400 pounds in the mega front that’s insane now this capacity is about the same size as your current sedan this trunk is actually quite massive hauling up to two sets of full golf clubs it’s quite incredible and if your buddy or your friend or neighbor has happens to need a charge on jumper cables there’s a section for that 12 volt battery

It’s an access port right here and then also stated here is ford’s first electric ev we’ve ever created which was in 1913. now we’ve been in the manufacturing process for over a hundred years so you can trust that when we build something in mass production it’s going to be absolutely impeccable and you do have a light button right here which is also rubberized

So it’s waterproof and so if you want to go incognito you can click that button or if you need that light you can certainly turn it on and of course there is an escape button as well so if anyone ever tried to close you in the mega front just jokingly around you can always click that and it is wrapped around a glow-in-the-dark outline so you can certainly see it

While you’re stuck inside there now i can’t call it a mega frunk without it having mega power so this vehicle is equipped with 2.4 kilowatts of power that’s four household outlets at 20 amps and then i’ve also got a usb type a and a usb type-c inside of here so then under this cover is actually some more storage space and as i mentioned before if you forgot 400

Pounds hauling in the front 400 liters so they go ahead and give you that data up front in case you forget and then also you’ve got a ruler up here in inches should you need to use that and then also some cup holder slots as well which is actually quite convenient now this panel does come off to reveal where you can if you’d like to keep your storage bag for your

Charging station and then you come with a couple of adapters as well to help you in charging now this one comes equipped with the tesla adapter which is great so if you find that dc charging station and it’s only tesla you can use that adapter to go ahead and power up your ford lightning and then in addition to that down here in the bottom there’s a drain so i

Can fill this thing up with ice down here put my cold beverages pop my mega frunk right at a car show or wherever i may be baseball game grab those cold drinks and have a great time this mega frunk is power so you can operate it either the push button rubberize button right here you can do it from the key and you can also do it from the infotainment system where

We’ll show you later on how that operates foreign

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A Look Inside the Lightning’s Mega Power Frunk | 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning | Mac Haik How-Tos By Mac Haik Automotive Group