A Quick Owners Guide To The New Hyundai Kona Electric

A quick owners guide for customers collecting their new Hyundai Kona Electric cars from our showrooms. This model is the 2020 Premium version.

Hi i’m gareth from sg patch i’d like to welcome you to this short video in this video i’m going to be talking through some of the key features of the hyundai corner electric specifically the premium model first of all we’re going to look at driver comfort and seat position this model of the corner electric has manual adjustments firstly we’ll start with the lumbar

Support which is electric this button to increase the lumbar support this one to decrease the lumbar support we’ll then move on to the backrest adjustment which is this lever here you lift it up and you can lay the seat backwards all in seat forwards this handle pumps the seat up and down and finally underneath here to move the seat backwards and forwards now

We move over to the steering wheel to adjust the steering wheel pull the lever down and move the steering wheel into position the steering wheel has rake and height adjustment finally lock this back up in your desired position moving on to the controls on the steering wheel firstly on the right we have this button which allows us to move through the menus on

The dashboard and this button which allows us to scroll through the menus on the dashboard using these controls you can adjust the display to suit your own personal preferences just next to that you have your cruise control and speed limiter selector and below are the ways of setting those the bottom button cancels the cruise control and this button sets the

Distance between you and the car in front for the smart cruise control please refer to your owner’s manual on how to set this on the left hand side we have the voice command button the mode which changes the audio source the answer and the decline buttons your volume control for your radio and the one to change your radio stations or cycle through your songs on

Your mp3s just behind the steering wheel we’ve got two paddles the left hand pedal increases the recuperative braking and the right hand paddle decreases the recuperative braking system also behind the steering wheel we have two stalks on the left-hand stop we have our indicators up for right and down for left we also have our light controls which comes with

Automatic lights and automatic dip beam on the right hand stock we have our wiper functions with automatic front wipers and screen wash just to the right hand side of the steering wheel we have some more buttons at the top we have the traction control button and the lane keep assist button we have the auto lock mode selection button blind spot detection system

Infotainment brightness selection and angle of the headlights for more information on these settings please refer to your owner’s manual to start the vehicle place your foot on the brake and press the start button which is located to the left hand side of the steering wheel moving over to the center unit we have your automatic driving mode selectors p for park r

For reverse and for neutral and d for drive just down from the automatic drive mode selectors you have your handbrake switch to apply the handbrake put your foot on the brake and lift the switch up and to take the handbrake off foot on the brake and push the switch down as you you’ll hear there’ll be a audible noise when the handbrake is applied and taken off just

Down from the handbrake you have three buttons the first one switches on and off the vehicle’s parking sensors or hold allows the vehicle to put a semi-permanent handbrake on and finally you’ve got your drive mode which which is between eco comfort sport and if you hold it down eco plus for when the battery is on low life moving up we have our climate control area

Starting at the top left we have our auto control button the button to switch the air conditioning off the mode selector the button to activate air conditioning the climate control button which shows the climate control on the infotainment screen and at the bottom we have the driver only button which puts the aircon on the driver’s side the front thermistor the

Rear divister the heat button and the air intake button we also have two dials either side which activate the heat and temperature control and the fan speed now i’m going to introduce you to the infotainment system starting with the buttons below the screen on the left we have the map button a navigation button a custom button the seek and track which change the

Radio stations or a music file radio button which turns on the radio media which selects whatever media is connected such as bluetooth music and setup button which brings up the settings menu near the buttons we have two dials the left hand dial is the power and volume button and the right hand dial is radio frequency as well as tuning zooming in or out while on

The maps starting with the radio as you can see there will already be radio stations loaded into the radio you touch the one you want to listen to or push the star to favorite the radio station next i’m going to move on to the sat nav here we have the map screen where you can zoom in or out using the right hand dial to set your destinations we will press navigation

Address select your country and enter your city name or the postcode of where you would like to go once you’ve entered your postcode or town name press ok and start gardens this will then navigate guidance to your chosen destination to cancel the route we press stop guidance when you’re on the home screen you can navigate through the home screen sliding your finger

Left and right and access the map and navigation etc that way the car also comes with hyundai blue link which is an app you would download on your phone which would allow you to check the location and charge status of your car as well as putting on your air conditioning if it is connected to a charging point from the home screen if you push the setup button it

Will bring you up into your settings where you can change the time and also change the sound position you can fade the sound to the back or to the left or the right of the vehicle adjust volume levels adjust live dynamics and also adjust your base your mid and the treble for your radio now we’re going to look at wireless charging and bluetooth connectivity if

Your phone is wireless charging compatible simply place your phone onto the pad and as you will see the phone step begins to charge when your phone is wireless charging if you turn the engine off and open the door the car will give you a polite reminder that your device is left in the wireless charger in order to connect your phone to the system via bluetooth we

Simply slide through the screen select phone for hands-free and audio you then simply follow the instructions shown on the screen to set up apple carplay or android auto connect your charging cable to the usb socket next to the wireless charging pad and connect to your phone you will need a unlucky phone to be able to use apple carplay when the phone is unlocked

The car will give you some notifications and then you select either android auto or apple carplay from the menu when you’re on the apple carplay or android auto screen you use the notifications button to select the apps that are available for any more questions on using the infotainment system please refer to your owner’s handbook your charging cables will be

Found in the boot of the vehicle underneath the base of the boot you will find your emergency charging cable which can be used when you are unable to obtain any charge from a charging station this can be plugged in at your home using a three pin plug to access the charging port push the e on the front bumper which will open the charging slot if you remove the

Black cap this will give you access to the charging port use the bigger end remove the cap and plug the cable in tightly when it is connected to a charging port the outside of the charging socket will turn green and the light on the battery indicator will blink this indicator shows you how much charge the battery has on the vehicle thank you for watching this

Video on the hyundai corner electric i hope you found this helpful your specification may differ so please refer to your owner’s manual you

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A Quick Owners Guide To The New Hyundai Kona Electric By SG Petch