A Sijo review of the 2019 Hyundai Ioniq Electric (Korean Haiku)

Sijo poems are 14-16 syllables per line with a maximum of 46 syllables in the entire poem. This review consists of 19 poems, feel free to kkip to the poem you’re most interested in:

Welcome to my review of the hyundai ioniq electric flatly spoken in shijou the korean form of haiku korean haikus have longer stanzas and more syllables 46 total syllables last spring i acquired this 2019 hyundai ioniq since then i’ve racked up 30,000 miles and adventure the car is fared quite well despite the hell i’ve put it through 20 19’s most efficient vehicle

Was ionic the tax credit made the electric cheaper than the hybrid the mainstream affordable boring and bland evie has arrived despite the low price it features impressive engineering the forced air thermal management system is highly effective which enables the 29 minute dc fast charge time every korean appliance sings you a song on start or stop thankfully

Ioniq doesn’t play 30-second interludes that would go against it’s inoffensive and compliant nature a 7-inch infotainment system is standard equipment it supports android auto and apple carplay mirroring the system will lower fan speed if using google assistant infotainment system manages several schedules the departure climate control and time of use charging

Control it also displays energy consumption and history an offensive design exemplified with the battery gauge lacks a percentage reading to quell range anxiety the gauge has blocks in white and red like every other hyundai 13% charge triggers ionics low battery warning it is represented by the last two red blocks on the gauge loan red block triggers tortoise mode

Charge battery asap the dashboard layout and color scheme differ between drive modes normal uses blue hues sport uses orange and eco is green also regeneration can be customized for each mode hyundai ii these regenerative braking is unique paddle shifters let you select none low medium or high it acts like manual transmission coasting and engine braking with

Regeneration disabled a peculiar thing happens the car rolls backwards like a manual transmission enable auto hold to prevent creeping and keep it still on hills configure the regeneration to the highest level brake lights auto deploy when the accelerator is released timed right this will give you a one pedal driving experience blending into the crowd very few

Noticed this electric hyundai mainstream means bland boring which best describes ionic the ideal rental ride share or corporate fleet vehicle tire rack sells a set of tires for less than 300 bucks $26 cabin air filter is a diy job good windshield wiper blades run a little over 40 dollars the led tail lights are cool but the halogen headlamps suck the base cloth

Seats lack of lumbar on long trips leads to back aches the charge port resides in an inconvenient spot but has a light otto de fogging system eats up range thanks resistive heater the car must be plugged in for scheduled climate control to work the vehicle engine sound system keeps pedestrians safe the 12-volt auxilary battery is a weak link so underpowered that

Hybrid models have a jump start button the electric dot aux battery saver plus and free towing i have a black car hex and it has infected the poor hyundai smashed the driver side mirror then two accidents front and rear let’s not forget the 12-volt failed and the dc fast charge the dealership experience was the only silver lining any hyundai dealer with hybrids

Can service the electric the ioniq can be serviced in more states than it is sold would i buy it again probably i loath front-wheel-drive though has it been a good car absolutely has been a good car i’d buy another hyundai but i want it to be all-wheel drive my name is chris maxwell and you can call me the e-coat leave i aim to create informative and useful

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A Sijo review of the 2019 Hyundai Ioniq Electric (Korean Haiku) By ecodweeb