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A Timeless Aston Martin DBS Finished in Magnetic Silver – A Walk Around With Stuart

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Welcome to hw master martin today we have for you our demonstrator dbs superleggera coupe this car was registered a short time ago and has done 500 miles and is available on the timeless program it’s this car is a really sort of quite a cool under the radar specification with some nice touches so it is finished in magnetic silver which is sort of a modern era a

Modern era gray for rastan it is a really nice sort of super flecky um dark silver slash gray and what we’ve tried to do with the spec of the vehicle is to sort of highlight um the look of the car really so um dbs’s standard has a carbon fiber front and rear diffuser the side seals are body color but they they’re in quite an aggressive design so what we’ve done

Is we’ve had the gloss black ultra lightweight wheels with the um bronze calipers behind and as you can see from the side profile of the profile of the vehicle we have the black dbs badging on the fender here along with the gloss black um curlicue on the side we also have the gloss back mirror caps roof strike and roof so that gives you a nice black gray black

And so it just highlights the performance and also the muscularity of the vehicle as well moving around the front of the vehicle we have the new wings finish for aston so we have this beautiful black finish wings badge on the front and as i say you got the name derivative on the side and then as we move around the back of the vehicle you can probably see we have

The aston martin script in gloss black as well really nice just to set off that theme that’s on the vehicle we also have the smoke tree lights on the back of the vehicle along with the black tail tips which are standard on dbs in any case but what we’ll do is we’ll give you a bit of a look around and then we’ll take you through the inside of the car so we have a

Really stealthy interior on this vehicle so we have the onyx black leather interior uh finished and i believe the create finish so you could have slightly firmer leather than what you would do on the inspire interior so this is the second level of interior on on on the car we have a match to leather stitching but what you do get is you do get all the seat design

With the creating tourists so you get the seat perforation and you also get all the detailed on the quilting as well an embossed head rest logo on the back of the seat we also have a black roof lining which matches uh the seat center so we have the directional arrows on the headlining as well and the gloss black veneer for your door cards and also your center

Dash standard on db dbs is the dark chrome jewelry pack so that is your vents around and also your buttons and switches and also your dark finish paddles as well we have multi-adjustable seats here with lumber and bolster support heated seats and in sort of your usual technology that you find on dbs the premium audio satellite navigation as well as sort of your

Bluetooth streaming of music and your 360 cameras if you want further details of this vehicle do give us a call here at the showroom or you can visit our website which is hwm aston

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A Timeless Aston Martin DBS Finished in Magnetic Silver – A Walk Around With Stuart By HWM Aston Martin