A Tour of the Tesla Model X

Our good buddy Dirty Tesla was kind enough to stop by, and give Sandy a chance to review his Tesla Model X. Be sure to give his channels a follow as well!!

Well boys and girls we got a special treat here for you uh chris has brought his um uh his brand new model x and how do you like it it’s amazing everything about it is really nice which you probably know from the plaid well the the plaid is one thing but as you probably know i i really wasn’t a big fan of the back seat this on the other hand is um the ultimate

Back seat as far as i can tell and so i’m i’m really looking forward to hearing uh what you have to say about it and everything else like that i like the color i’m a big fan of white white vehicles i don’t know why but that’s uh to me makes this car look i don’t know the best yeah so how long have you had it about a month we ordered it february 2021 and we took

Delivery march 2022. this is really and truly the first time i’ve uh yeah so it’s locked right now it got confused by me being kind of close to it but if i click here that should open up and it does everything is automatic including the doors so then if you click right there and this is the one i want to see because i’m pretty sure that that front seat is going to

Be the exact same as all the i didn’t know this is a three row seating yep this is a six seater two two two wow oh my god these seats are identical does this still have that pedestal thing yes it does almost identical this is where this is where elon’s getting his economy at scale well let me just jump in here for a second okay so um you’ve heard me say this

Uh probably too many times i think that the tesla front seats are the most comfortable seats on the planet so i already know what that one’s going to be like because this one here is great i’m just going to jump back i want to sit in this one back here oh this is starting to look familiar um actually this may be this a little tight but um this feels better

Somehow than the um somehow this feels better than that than the model s the back seats of the model s yeah the backseat of model s and me didn’t really get along this one here is uh this is not bad how much did you pay for this thing this one’s around 100 grand is what we paid but tesla’s raised prices a lot since we ordered in 2021 so this exact spec is going

To be close to 120 000 i believe and that’s without full self driving that’s without full self-driving yep just base autopilot on this one really well um the uh the appointments inside here definitely are uh definitely are uh are luxurious there’s no question about that it’s too bad the price went up but i mean everything’s gone up everything oops oh i’ve just

Ruined your your carpet here so you can also if you want if you want to stay back there you can move the seat here and there’s a setting so you can click it once but because we have child seats here normally we don’t have that so you can hold this and move the seat out of the way ah and this may be a little nicer spot for you to get out of that’s hard to say it

Was easy getting in from the front and this that’s a big hole so yeah it probably is there you go so how does your wife like it because that’s more important probably than so how do you get it back same thing yep same button wife is obsessed with it i joked about because prices have gone up so much i joked about selling it and i asked her what gas car she would

Want instead and she laughed at me basically oh really so uh yeah no gas cars you have a good marriage then yeah yeah i’m really impressed i i like i said this is the car that uh this is the car oh you got a yolk as well oh my gosh that’s perfect oh this is just like the s so the front will be very similar to the s except much more space head room uh i think a

Bit wider as well maybe not even in place for my my phone here this is uh you know not a big deal but i love the fact that i can charge this thing um uh continuous so that’s one of the things that i miss on the uh on the on the rivian i don’t have uh it’s got a thing for plugging it in but it’s really nice to just lay it down and get that uh that done wow so

Can uh can we take it for a little ride of course yeah you want to drive it i yeah i do yeah let’s do it so this is the long range not the plaid but it’s still got a pretty good kick it still has insane mode sport mode and chill mode and then it also has a drag strip mode so we don’t have to do that today but it’ll warm up the batteries and everything and lower

The front end so it’ll do all that stuff i’d like to just drive it around and get a feel for it so all doors like i said are automatic so if you want to just put your foot on the brake close it forward oh that is cool so is it have ludicrous as well or is it just insane and then goes to track mode or this is just insane as the fastest and then it has sport mode

Below that and then chill mode below that um this windshield is huge but you know what’s even better is it swings right over the top of my head see i just went through the looking at the mercedes and um it’s got blue lights that you can turn to red and green and all kinds of other stuff and and it’s got uh more buttons and dials and whatnot than you could

Possibly imagine oh wait a minute you went and looked at it didn’t you that’s a minute yeah i uh that is not my kind of car this on the other hand i like this i like subdued elegance i think is is a is a good way of putting it out i mean i don’t need to have um a lot of bling and whatever it’s just crazy the acceleration unlike older teslas you still have it

After 60. like really good yeah this thing uh this thing handles you know i could be i’m sure it’s exactly the same as the s but for some reason or other it feels more uh it just feels better i don’t know what the right word might be but it feels better yeah it’s a big car but it handles like a sports car boys and girls we’re in for a treat yep it’s not every

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Have it everything is good except i got soap in my eyes i just like good engineering i like it when i like when people do things really well there’s no reason why i mean it doesn’t usually cost more to get the job done right it’s always though it’s always somebody that wants to get it done in a cheap way or uh or a slow way or i hate it when people say well

Let’s sit down and consider all of the options really yup you pay for it later when you do it then you always do always and he never learned they keep doing the same thing over and over again thinking somehow i’m going to get a better answer i think it has something to do with how many mbas you’ve got in your philo in your in your factory or your in your in your

Corporation you know what once around the parking lot i want to see what so in the ribbian if i hit this yeah it’s i in the riviera i’d go flying but this one here just oh it’s working better okay that’s good yeah and we took a we did a study on the f-150 the silverado and the uh and the ram and we ran around the parking lot before we had it all paved and redone

And uh wow the silverado about sent uh cory said stop the car i’m gonna puke excellent so how will we park it oh yeah you know what this is really a beautiful car i can uh i can guarantee you that your wife is always gonna this is this buying one of these things is the last car you ever have to buy ever yeah you’ll never have to do anything anything again ever

There’s nothing gonna fall apart or die um the the battery pack is gonna last a million miles regardless to what uh what any of the um any of the guys on um what is it what’s the name of that cnn uh the guy there that continuously throw rocks at tesla yeah i mean i’m sure he knows something but he doesn’t know this this is really spectacular anyway thank you so

Much for letting me drive it around i’m really really impressed i like this i like this better than yes i really do i i think if i was gonna do something this would be the one i really do you made a good choice thank you it’s great so much room comfy quiet and i can just get the door for you there yeah yeah yeah you’re trying to get the child locks on back there

Oh yeah so can you open this with the gulls open sorry can you open this oh yeah you can open everything all together yeah okay well i wanted to see the front actually sure let’s have a look at this first okay there’s only one thing one thing that i wanted him to steal from ford motor company it was that drain i want this is now this is really fancy though this

I don’t know if i want to fill this up with ice but i just think that and this is a family car really you don’t want to have you don’t want to have loads of beer in the front here with it but that’s the only deal i probably you know drill a hole in there and put a drain in well an f-150 i love how all of this lifts with it yeah everyone needs to steal that as well

That’s two good things because you know what when you’re you’re trying to actually the f-150 rides a little higher right the lightning does so um it makes it easy to do that kind of a deal this if i if i drop this down and put it on to the uh onto the bonnet the bonnet um then what happens is um i don’t have that same intrusion uh i i’d like to have more if

You like i’d like to have more crash worthiness here so i might i might skip that off the uh the lightning but definitely the maquis the little drain hole that would be something that um i definitely would uh would uh ask elon to drill another hole in or something yeah so is this also automatic or is there no it’s not this is all the other tesla’s it’s manual

Yeah and look at that i managed to close it first time let’s just have a i just want to have a look at this uh deck lid here button just like uh on the s like i had that back there for demonstration i can move it for you because no that’s fine there’s like normal oh there’s something underneath oh yeah of course oh you should have shoved it in here i brought the

Dirt to put in the riviera people wanted to see something in the in the bed so yeah you have this shelf here you can also if you want you can lower this shelf down so that you can have two two stages on left and right you have more storage over here and then of course the seats can go down if you like oh it’s called a smuggler’s smuggler’s cab what the seats

Can go down as well if you like which is normally how we have it but if you put them down there’s no good way for them to come up you can like crawl in there press this button again and yank them back up so that’s something they could definitely improve on that’s that’s probably my biggest complaint is these are annoying to to put up and down really yeah huh i

I just you know if i’m gonna spend the money it’s uh the mercedes was a hundred and forty thousand dollars i i’d save the extra 20 grand and buy one of these i i i don’t know this is this is really a nice car this will have similar range supercharger network of course yeah software updates and all that uh yeah this is probably a much better value well i like

Everything about it so where do we find the button for clothing is right there oh what a good idea i shouldn’t have my sunglasses on look up you can’t see anything and that’s the wrong thing because you still got a bag of stuff that’s good i didn’t get it later i’m not worried about it okay so i gotta tell you i i’ve changed my mind um on uh i’ve changed my

Mind on what’s the best car i’ve i’ve decided to move away from the model s plaid don’t send hate mail i like this better i like it a lot better i’m really really impressed with this i uh i’m sure that your wife is not going to switch for anything i even like the color so uh this is uh this has been brilliant um thank you again chris for of course wonderful

Wonderful experience i wish i had a little longer to play with this thing but but anyways um anyways thanks for watching um if you uh want to contact chris and see his channel is dirty tesla so by all means go out there and have a look at what uh what he’s having to say i’m sure you’ve done a number of different things with this right yeah on your channel and

More coming up and more coming up so there you go i can hardly wait to see that cross-country tour so so anyways thanks for watching and stay tuned and we’ll have more for you on monroe live thank you bye you

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A Tour of the Tesla Model X By Munro Live