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Audi’s first fully electric sportscar, the e-tron GT is quite remarkable. It has athletic looks and the exciting performance to match – both in terms of driving power and charging power.

Welcome to hereford audi and now i’m going to walk around and show you the fantastic audi e-tron gt at the front of the etron gt you can see the matrix led lights being the vorsprung this has the laser light option which has the ability at certain speeds above certain speeds to double the main beam depth of view and you’ll never experience it on anything else

But something like this below here apart from the obviously you’ve got the front parking sensors you’ve got other cameras and centers for adaptive cruise control and so forth the alloy wheels on this car are 21 inch which gives you amazing appearance of the car makes the car look very very sporty from the side but also allows it to fit the wider tyre um the low

Profile tile which gives you much better steering response and performance walking down the side of the car and the first thing we come to is one of two flaps that hide the charging point it has the normal home charging plug on the other side there’s one similar but also the ability to go to a direct current charging point the dc charging point which is where the

Fast chargers are that you see on motorways and so forth and nipple feature you just noticed here there’s a little flap here this actually is actually taking the hot air out of the brakes and down the side of the car we’re going further up privacy glass on the back glass and there’s even a glass panel on the roof but you’d see that more from the inside as i said

Earlier the flap on the near side is the same as the other side but for one thing you can have direct current charging you need this feature here and that will allow you the fast charging this car can take i think a charge of up to 270 plus kilowatts an hour so one of the fastest charges as i say in six minutes it will put over 60 miles of charge into the car in

23 minutes it would charge it from 5 empty to over 80 full which is phenomenal really and makes you know having a cup of coffee and sticking 60 miles on the car having a cup of coffee and a bite to eat and filling the car up it’s fantastic starting at this side what i’d like to show you is is a style in this design of the car that makes the car look like a coupe

Look like a sports car as i move back this line that comes out of the rear door widens over the wheel arch which gives the car a really wide staunch and then goes across and with the aid of the oled rear lights makes the car look very wide and squat and low it’s a genuine five-seater car but as you stand back and pan back you’ll see how just how wide the low the

Car looks and the wide tyres and yet this is a five-door family saloon car if you so wish now looking just at the back of the car in detail you’ve got the led lights with a big single light across the back obviously giving you a brake light there is a high level brake light at the back in the rear window and then below that they’re in under here is a rear camera

Which is linked to other cameras in the car giving you 360 camera view all round on this vorsprung model and then below that low diffuser which helps clear the air out at the back of the car helps the back window not get too dirty but also it has enhanced the appearance of the gun how it works the boot on the e-tron gt can be opened in three ways you can do it

By just touching the normal button underneath as you would a normal boot there is a button on the driver’s door that will release it but you can also do it by two pressings on the keys which will open the tailgate there’s just over 400 litres of space in the rear of this car you have the ability if you need to fold the rear seats down two thirds one third shut the

Boot you just press one button and then it goes okay so i’m now sitting behind the driver seat in my driving position and i tend to have the seat quite far back and as you can see i still have plenty of knee room legroom the seats are very comfortable they’re very sporty they feel like a bucket seat in the front actually so as a four seater car it’s actually very

Roomy although there is the ability to carry five some of the features on the car obviously you’ve got isofix fixings on the two outer rear seats um you’ve also got air conditioning control for the rear passengers and the rear outer seats are also heated which is a nice feature also in the car and i’ll just press the button and i hope release it you have an arm

Rest which also contains cup holders another nice feature when you sit in the back of this car which you don’t normally experience in a lot of cars the full glass roof is the roof of the car so you have this a massive amount of light and airiness in the car um headroom is not an issue uh yes you’re conscious but it’s it’s feels very because of this roof it feels

So light and airy in the kites no claustrophobia at all it’s really spacious feeling very roomy very very comfortable you could quite imagine traveling quite a distance in this car in the back getting out feeling quite refreshed so this is an ad e-tron gt4 sprung four-wheel drive air adaptable air suspension which the coast is clear um and has approximately

Depending on which mode you’re in about 486 brake horsepower there is a boost mode if you really want to be very fast and for a few seconds in launch control it goes up to about 530 brake horsepower that’s a lot of power and the advantage the first advantage i think you’d ever notice in this car when driving is because of the air suspension um and the fact that

The batteries which are the heaviest part of the car probably are slung low between the front axles wheel would like um means the center of gravity is extremely low it means that the car doesn’t roll it allows you therefore to have quite a soft suspension even though you’re running on what 20-inch 21-inch alloy wheels um and this sort of power it is extremely

Quiet and comfortable electric motor helps but it does mean that you get fantastic ride comfort for this sort of car it’s a high performance car it’s a comfortable limousine car and you have adjustments with the suspension um where you can stiffen the suspension up with the drive select buttons and these buttons go through various modes from comfort efficiency

Dynamic and individual in an individual you can personalize it by bringing up various modes in the car adjusting the drive system the suspension system and even the same profile very nice steering at low speeds it’s very very light but very direct now it’s got a nice direct rack not too many turns it’s very easy to drive it does weigh up and it gives you give

Quite a good feel considering you’ve got drive on the front wheels and the rear wheels it tends to be more re-biased the quattro system you know it’s a separate motor for the front and the separate motor for the rear um it does tend to be more bars to the room you can actually make it more so if you wish the car’s battery is about 90 i think at the max state

At about 97.98 kilowatts what it basically means is that um the range of this car is around 296 miles um optimum um but in true thing average you’re probably going to get around 270 miles um what we’ve found with this car which is not always been the case with earlier electric cars i’ve tried is that if it says on the fuel range that it’ll do 242 miles and you

Drive sensibly you will get 242 miles most people’s average journey is 20 odd miles per day um and in this car you’d only just come home and plug it in and top it up every night knowing that in the morning when you leave to go anywhere you have a fully charged battery and the maximum range the car can do but the ride is fantastic you could literally and drive

This car without ever moving out of comfort mode because it’s so good um it doesn’t roll around corners we’re sweeping around corners at the moment and the car will just go through it absolutely flat it is really really impressive sat nav benefits from the google earth option which means you get the trees the fields the rivers the churches points of interest

Which is sometimes quite useful you’re trying to find somewhere you can usually if you zoom the map in pick up the item right at low speeds this car emits even from the outside a sound which is meant to help with pedestrians and people that they hear the car because the worst thing you want is something so quiet that somebody would step out in front of you yes

There is a pedestrian monitor at the front which will apply the brakes somebody tried to do that but it is very useful to just have that noise at the lower speeds and this car’s got a adaptive cruise control on it if i set the adaptive cruise control if car would maintain the distance from the car in front if that car slowed down i would slow down if it speeded

Up when faster than the speed i designated it would let it go if it was still not as fast as i’d wanted to go particular motorways it would stay the distance behind it so it feels very at one i feel very sporty i have the ability to change my the appearance in front of me from a big map to a small map to big dials um i can have that telling me my computer my trip

Meter what radio i’m listening to what my telephone is doing and so forth fantastic almost you could drive this car with just the steering wheel and the controls on it and the doors in front of you it makes it a very safe car to drive yes you’ve got a lot of personalized stuff you can set in the car this is almost like a little bit like an ipad most of us are used

To i’ve had you’ve got apps on it to play with the radio so you press that and up come your radio stations just like an ipad you slide it up you select the radio you want to listen to you press it and up comes the radio station you can store that then if we go back from there the apps i’ve got media this is where you might select something bluetooth stream from

Your phone or you might be going into something on a hard drive a usb memory stick telephone this is where you connect your phone through the mmi it just takes a few seconds to do and then all your calls in and going will come on there we move across to navigation we’ve seen that what you have down the side is those top four buttons are shortcutted here so you

Can go straight to sat nav there’s lots of settings in satnav and google earth mapping to voice control and so forth in how you how you enter addresses that you want to go to i’ll come back to phone apps in a minute because that’s where you’d move into apple car play a lot of people are familiar this is where basically the apps on your phone get transferred to

Here and then you can go into your spotify or your podcast your text messages and so forth that you would normally acquire from your phone it’s quite useful but needs to be set up very carefully because obviously from safety point of view we go to car and this is where you get into playing with the car the drive select we mentioned when we were driving the car

In the individual settings they basically allow you to change how the drive system more rear biased suspension dummy comfort and the same profile dynamic or subdued it’s quite fun but you have shortcuts where you get it and here it’ll tell you how the suspension is being raised or lowered the car can rise from normal ride height in comfort or off-road situation

By as much as 20 millimeters four centimeters say or it it can come down by over 20 millimeters it actually doesn’t sound much but it can make quite a difference to the appearance the stance of the car and the comfort of the car then you’ve got where you can change lights and vision the charging efficiency i have an electric car quite important this this is where

You can do settings on charging you can choose at the moment we’ve got this just targeted only to charge you 80 this is quite good for efficiency but say you’re going to london tomorrow you might need a full 100 charge of the battery for tomorrow then you can basically move that across so i’m being let’s go into back into charging and basically you can do that

If i go back to there this is me charging there we go so you can do timing on the charging if you wish uh you can select the days so you can do it all automatically and select the time departure time so you can have the car charged and ready to go from whenever you want the other thing you can do with this is when it’s charging and it’s a cold morning you can

Set the car to start up and warm up the car de-ice it warm everything up to a set temperature before you leave the house so you’ll get down into the car and it’s all toasty warm and ready to go and the advantage that is you’ve not used any of the battery to do that which means once you’re driving you’re reducing the load on the battery that’s moving the car the

Range it wants to do running things like air conditioning heated seats you won’t need to do it but as i was saying before you can set the target you charge to takes longer but the efficiency of the car the battery is better and more efficient if you try keeping it charged between the 20 and 80 percent until you need it but that extra 20 obviously is for long

Distances and you can preset for that every time you ever do something like this and you’re oh what do i do you’ll get a little explanation it’ll understand and explain how that and what you’re doing with the battery charging in the distance just going back efficiency assist is quite useful it’s manual but you get predictive messages recuperations automatic if

You do it manual i’ve got some paddles on here you think they’re for gear change they’re not they’re for actually recuperating it’s almost like something had a formula one as basically you’re coming off a motorway and you’re slowing the car down instead of just putting your foot on the brakes you start pulling these paddles and you’ll see this moving down into

The chart charge and what it’s doing is using the engine braking to slow the car down and putting charge back into the battery so extending the range of the car and then you only use the brakes to actually bring the car to a stop almost fantastic for brake pad wear and disc hardware much more efficient uh and takes a little bit of use to drive it but like all

New things it’s good fun and once you get it right you can this is how people have driven 60 miles to somewhere and actually ended up only doing 50 miles of fuel of the of the battery usage because they’ve been using recuperation actually quite clever tell a long story about pike’s peak and so forth how they already did that now there’s one other thing in settings

That’s quite fun and that’s the display having said how fantastic this display is and you can change it around the other thing you can do with it is you can choose what sort of dials you have so believe it or not at a touch of a button you can see what i’ve got here at a touch of a button if i press that and yes change now all of a sudden my screen changes to a

Completely different readout now and then i can then go and change it to a sport version and i say change now and all of a sudden we have back to something we saw before but this is the more sporty version and then i can go to the classic and change now you’ll hardly see much difference here but it is a bit of a difference in the appearance of the dials if you

Would like any more information on the etron gt please contact virtuemotors.com forward slash audi or ring hereford which is oh one four three two three seven five three hundred thank you you

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