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If you’re looking for a large and luxurious electric vehicle that can transport the whole family in comfort and style, the Mercedes Benz EQB should be top of your list.

Hello and welcome to virtue mercedes today i’m here with the eqb 350 amg line premium this vehicle has seven seats and is fully electric so along the front of the car we have led high performance headlights along with the blue iconic mercedes eq trim detailing we also have the famous black panel grille which again is famous across the eq range along with

Parking sensors and chrome trim at the bottom here we have the 19-inch amg alloy wheels that are five spoke these are aerodynamically optimized we have the eqb badge which is in the blue iconic mercedes eq color we also have electrically folding wing mirrors and keyless entry you can see the patagonia red is sparkling in the sun and along to the side we have our

Charging port so we’ve got our ac and our dc charging for rapid and quick which will allow up to a 257 mile range because this is the electric vehicle they have redesigned the entire back with the led light strip as you’ve seen previously on the front of the vehicle as well this one is the 4matic and the 350. this also comes in a 300 as well the car also features

Reversing sensors as well as a hidden reversing camera there are three ways to open this boot you’ve got the handle which is hidden underneath the mercedes logo there’s also a button in the driver’s front door and you can also do it on the key which i personally find the easiest on the boot lid you can also adjust the height so if you click this button on the way

Up and lock it into place the boot will now only open at that height as this is the seven seat version this will give you a big capacity of 465 liters if you choose the five-seater option it will increase your boot capacity to 495 and with the seats down you’ll get a boot capacity of 1000 just over 1 700 liters a couple of features in the boot you’ve got the usbc

Ports for the users in the back seats with the third row of seats if you just pull these levers and it will bring it up and you can see that this does reduce your luggage capacity that was the features outside of the car so now let’s just take a look inside so as you can see plenty plenty of space in the back just a couple of features i wanted to highlight we’ve

Got the amg trim so we’ve got the leather and the suede here for you with the red stitching it also has a rear armrest which features a cup holder which can fit my drink you’ve also got climate control here in the back here for you along with the usbc ports in the back now we’re in the front of the car and first impressions are just well immediately drawn to

The ginormous display the new mbux infotainment system the display obviously you have your dials in the front of you which are all digital you can change the view from miles an hour to your mileage you can also have a full screen display as well for you which looks pretty cool and you can also change what you want on the sides as well so you can have things like

Your radio trips journeys your average consumptions and different eq stats as well so as this is the electric car instead of the teal you’ve got your miles and your range on here for you on this side of the steering wheel everything will can control the media display so you can go back to your home page you can use the touchpad to navigate and swipe along with

Answering and declining phone calls volume and the new mbrx system has a really cool voice feature so hey mercedes how may i help you navigate me to mercedes-benz of ascot here is what i found on the new mbux system um you’ve got things like your phone so you can easily connect your phone you can have a different one connected for music you’ve got your navigation

So the map is very large and you can change the view whether you want a 2d 3d view on here for you actually also with the nav because this is an electric car it will show you your electric charging points nearby so it’s actually quite clever so it will assist you so you don’t have to worry about where to charge your car you’ve got the radio so you’ve got a huge

Huge list of radios here for you along with a media that you can connect your phone to for music comfort you’ve got things like ambient lighting so we’ve got 64 different colors of ambient lighting which you can change around here now this is the eq button so what this will do will also help you with search for charge stations your consumption you’ve got your

Energy flow and in your settings you can turn off the features such as lane keep assist your interior motion sensors parking sensors and you can change all the light settings in your car as well you also have the stylish air vents which also um contain uh ambient lighting so when you change the heating of the car they’ll change color from blue to red depending

Whether you want cold or warm along here you’ve also got the gloss black of your climate control so i can have it one temperature and my passenger can have a completely different temperature as well so here you can change the heating on my side of the car you can also have your menu on the screen above it will bring up the different fan speeds where you want your

Air and also the temperature as well following on we’ve got a wireless charging with a usb c port as well this car also comes with apple carplay and android auto you also have two cup holders as well in the front more storage here containing two usbs as well for you and a lot that you can put in there so with the premium package it comes with the blinds in the

Front and the back and it also comes with a sunroof this is where you change your gears so you go up for reverse down for your drive and at the side we are driving the eqb350 this car has a 66.7 kilowatt hour battery it has 292 brake horsepower with a naught to 60 of just six seconds and with an electric car what’s very different from a petrol or diesel car

Is just the instant response so the second you put your foot down there is no delay it’s just so quick also you can change the recuperation there’s different modes that you can have for example you’ve got one pedal driving which is the most um most intense form of the recuperation so that’d be a d minus minus which is your ultimate recuperation and then you’ve got

A d plus which is your gliding modes if you wanted the car just to do it itself there’s something you can put it in a mode for d auto and what that will do is just based on on the road and your driving and just the conditions it will do it all for you and that’s all done via the paddles on the back the ride is very smooth feel quite high up on the road obviously

It is fairly compact suv like one of our smaller ones but it’s comfortable they’ve obviously thought a lot about comfort in this car we can change the dynamic modes so in eco let’s see if we can put this in sport and my goodness does that give you an extra bit of oomph that just wants to go for any more information on the wonderful eqb please visit virtual mercedes hyphenbenz.com

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