Acura MDX/NSX/RLX 5×120 Wheel Spacers|BONOSS MULTI-STAGE Hubcentric Design

BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Acura Wheel Spacers with multi-stage hubcentric make the spacers more closely fitted to the wheel hub, greatly reduce the vibration of high-speed caused by the inaccurate hub centric.

How does acting cooling function works on wheel spaces as a professional wheel spacers manufacturer bonus has created the world’s first active cooling technology based on years of experience breaking the long-term single function of the wheel spacers through the rotation of the wheel spacers the external cold air flow takes away the internal heat so as to achieve

The purpose of active cooling improve the braking efficiency and reduce the risk of driving safety the back of the wheel spacers is designed with disassembly glue then make the spacers easily to remove and install improve work efficiency what’s the difference between bonus multi-stage hub central oil spaces and others hub central wheel spacers offer a better

System of support and stability and i decided to make a smart connection between the wheel and vehicle hub reducing the high speed vibration and ensuring safer driving compared with others the multi-stage hub-centric design makes the installation more fitting and safer wheel spacers are just the automobile accessories that installed between the wheel and

The hub the wheel locks apply a clamping force to secure the spacer and wheel to the vehicle hub just like wheels tires and brake systems as long as you use high quality wheel spacers and install them properly they are safe bonus is always concerned about the safety we use forged aluminum alloy 6061 t6 material models in single machining by 0.02 millimeter

Tolerance the multi-stage hubcentric design fits a wheel hop better meanwhile the match will start adhere to iso standards grid 12.9 and iso standard grade 10 lug nuts all of our products have got more than 50 sgs and 2v authority test reports the natural stars on the wheel spacers are made of forged scm-440 alloy steel which features high temperature stress

Resistance structural stability fewer harmful elements and fuel surface effects they have achieved iso standard grade 12.9 the matching lug nuts apply the 40 chrome material which adheres to the iso standard square 10. each of the natural stars or wheel nuts have unique bonus engraved which proves that the source of the products can be traced compared with

Others bonus has a professional factory to ensure the quality of bonus wheel spaces they’re made of hygro 6061 t6 aluminum alloying formed by withstanding continuous strong pressure that improves the strength of the wheel spacers and the aluminum alloy has many excellent characteristics and performs good mechanical properties compared with the ordinary aluminum

Alloying 6061 materials the testosterones and ear strands are about three times higher how sick where spaces do i need using a metal ruler place a straight edge on the outer part of the rings where the wheel comes closest to the fender then measure from the outside wheel to the straight edge this distance is a size spacer you’ll need to achieve the look that

Flushes or nearly flush with the filter line can customize wheel spaces only in three days bonus owns an independent oem factory so their custom oil spacers can be completely within 30 days oem and odm is available if you are looking for an unusual thickness or bolt pattern conversion to fit custom oils bonus offers non-normal thickness customized service

Three millimeter thing to 160 millimeter thing are available there are a large amount of options with our customized pcd conversion wheel adapters bonus has been 10 years experience of designing and manufacturing wheel spaces professional production experience and excellent product quality make us confident to provide a super long warranty service up to 10

Years with bonus forge active cooling wheel spacers on you can feel the gap in your fenders and get a more aggressive and powerful look thanks for watching if you want to buy this bonus wheel spaces please click the link below to get more information see you next time bye

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Acura MDX/NSX/RLX 5×120 Wheel Spacers|BONOSS MULTI-STAGE Hubcentric Design By BONOSS Wheel Spacers Unofficial