Acura NSX Races an FD RX-7: JDM Hero Showdown // THIS vs THAT

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I fit in this hardly and it’s about as stock as it gets it’s got an exhaust both these gonna blow their cars up before they even race max is fired i am fired we’re fired up we can cut that part out let’s do this that’s it’s not even lunch time yet anyway welcome back this first thought and i’m gonna go ahead and say this is hands down the best episode we’re

Ever going to make you should just stop watching the program after this is that what i’m supposed to say forget the unicorn forget flying finish tell us why nads as shortly as possible that’s our guest being annoying two terrible hosts two 90s cars both red both jdm gods both mostly stock and definitely the cover of car and driver motor trend automobile road and

Track somewhere in 1993. let’s get going with it then look at these two dudes standing in a parking lot i’m still blushing because we got called favorites let’s interpret our favorite who gets to be this who gets to be that oh you are it parked into this position it has nothing to do with anything yeah i just figured that out yeah is there a lane choice though

No no the this gets the rules there’s no rules there’s no rules how long have we been doing i don’t know i just go like this i think that’s part of the problem that’s what everyone complains about we’re not going to flashlights or lights all right let’s rip apart this car yeah so this is my my new to me 1991 na1 nsx it’s all stock except for it’s got kw club sport

Two ways and uh i took the seat cushion out so i fit and uh exhaust it’s got a muffler on it can i point out that back in the day everybody with the na1s did the na2 the fixed headlight conversion yeah no way now i’m liking the pop-up headlights more now if i bought a o2 fixed headlight i’d leave it but i’m not going to convert front end to the front end because

For me it’s like this car is friggin beautiful the way it came so like i don’t want to change it too much you know the roof line is that most of our belts this is a race car bed yeah but it’s a sweet car it looks exactly like a race car bed race car bed just disappears and vinnie’s head’s at the top anyway you look over and it’s like a race car bed hoverboard i

Fit in this hardly hardly i’ll show you my mod in a second but yeah that’s my favorite part about this car if anything is just like how low the roof is because it makes any sports car look big other than that i mean it’s all stock i’ll show you my seat mod wait wait before you get there though and maybe nads can give this information for those who don’t know oh

I’ll hit it i know it oh yeah all right like what are the specs all right so nsx pop the thing like don’t get too easy i get that it’s stock don’t get into it right now this is a hundred percent stock says it’s got a k n air filter right there right there i was gonna peel the sticker 3.0 liter 3.0 liter six cylinder revs to 8000 rpm it’s a pretty cool motor a lot

Of people joke and say it’s the same as an accord motor but at the time this was like pretty ahead of its time i mean 270 horsepower factory in a 1991 was pretty huge is it a real 270 though because that was like just well the gentleman’s agreement there was a lot of people that just let me tell you this one it feels like a generous seven so it’s not 76. it’s not

Fast by any means but it’s a cool driving experience and like you know a lot with these cars are just like being bucket list cars like growing up and seeing them and being like crap i want one of those and then they like exploded in value and they were dumb to buy but i hunted out a good deal who helped with the suspension tuning in the development of this car

A certain race car driver named airton senna and it was liked by many open-wheel drivers alex zanardi as well you love these things there was an most badass drivers inaudible all time yeah they have a zanardi edition nsx it’s super rare i think they made like 75 of them the other cool thing about this too is like people don’t actually realize is there is a full

Trunk with this car like you have your engine and then you just have this huge like how are the jumpers how are the the dampers don’t work they’re blowing out the front ones working can you get your golf bag in this uh i don’t know what’s going on here with this braided line right here you got some sneaky nitrous let me tell you about that performance mod that’s

An oil oil pressure sensor because the stock ones rattle around because they’re mounted to the head and then you get batteries where’s the bar ron we’re not even at your car yet all right can we see the seat mod so the factory nsx seat basically sits on the ground but the seat cushion’s really thick and i have a long torso so my head was basically on the ceiling

So i pulled out the factory seat cushion and i put in my racing seat cushions from my bucket seats but you could see like it sits pretty much on the floor so like brian get in there with no c-pad get on in there i can’t wait when you sell this on bring a trailer and this photo shows awesome screen grab from this episode i was like no i’m gonna sell this anonymously

Because then people be like oh you did a burnout in it by the way i like that scotto hey man i just pushed the clutch and i think i broke your dash man you should have never let me in here i’m breaking everything it’s all right get out get out right now don’t feel me getting out don’t film him so if he breaks anything he’s held accountable oh he’s doing the scene

From wolf of wall street it’s fine no such thing as enough i’m giving my prediction already and it’s this guy in this corner we’ve got wrong car with the 1993 mazda rx-7 base model and it’s about as stock as it gets it’s got an exhaust oh number one mod for a turbo car countless downpipe this thing is you know what i don’t see you know what i will say that’s a

Safety mod oh back me up dan why back me up then because look what i found in the glove box it’s my game boy that’s a gameboy i don’t think anyone knows what it is oh wait that’s mine look at that i mean it’s pretty sick to see this thing like very stocked that’s how it came 255 horsepower for the us version even the air box yeah the air box yeah even the ratchet

Test which i had to replace a couple little pipes because the vacuum system for this twin turbo is insane so 255 horsepower stock so what do you think it’s pushing now with all the mods 257. because i got it detuned for safety tuned before a race the ecu’s tuned for 93. this is tuned for 91. it’s already starting already starting but the games begin what’s yours

Away 3000 pounds i have no idea what this weighs what about suspension uh we got we got t-37s with the period correct ride height and correct offset is there a story to these teams there’s no story no story okay okay you don’t want to tell it you don’t want it what why can’t you tell the story like this i bought original gymkhana 3 te37s we had like 60 of them

We kept like four sets of show wheels and the rest of them they had to get rid of so i was like ken i’ll get up on a little discount and ken being the very generous guy that he is let me get him hit him with the little bronze and here they are whoa whoa whoa hold on hurts homesick yes literally homesick hurt but hurt i just need you to help me with something how

Many turns no stop it stop it stop it actually turning the knobs this stock brakes i’m gonna wreck by the end of this anyway the ken block t37s and some toyo r triple hours okay hold on so let’s recap this for the people this man has got a twin turbo car with catless downpipes a tune drag racing tires and te 37s you have a supercar you have a supercar you have

More leaders hold on i hope you guys have enjoyed that probably like 55 minutes of excuses caveats name calling and i think it’s time to race yeah thousand feet heads up 1000 feet maybe 1500 1500 whoa 1500 straight up 1500 gives you some room because it isn’t aerodynamics but one of the problems with the american version of this was that had bad gears this is

Very tough for me these are both my children for the predictions oh god all right kids you know they always say always root for yourself i don’t know where do i go these are my childhood heroes well i wouldn’t say childhood because i haven’t been a child since you know way back in the day i gotta go honda i gotta go so chiro’s best then don’t let me down don’t

Let me down you’re representing the mark here how many of those have you had he’s been drinking those all day i’ll make it real easy i’ve known been longer i’m gonna go with ron oh i’m team mazda yeah it’s just a huge miata to tell look vin is a phenomenal driver and really what this is coming down to you’re one of the best drivers at hoonigan and it’s my race

To lose i understand that so i’m gonna pick the rx7 this is a tough one i know it’s not this is a tough one ron is lying and sandbagging it’s not i’m not the rx-7 is gonna be faster but i can’t root against art and senna so i’m gonna go nsx yo hurt i know you’re home sick but we need the prediction nsx rx-7 vinnie versus ron hondas are slow rotary till i die i

Hope you don’t die right now you look like you’re dying feel better bud easy there fast and furious both of these gonna blow their cars up before they even race let’s go grab off trying to go right now do you want to go i wouldn’t want to get any exhaust on that pretty face are we taking bets are they going to smoke tires or clutches off the line the race is

To this cone brown you one you good okay hey that was one hell of a jump yeah man hey chase is a race chase chase is also right here hey what’s up yeah that seemed like a super fair race to me ron you knew he was gonna cheat yeah i was like you know what i was such a gonna be that when i heard your car go i was like i can’t believe he went for it how am i

Not gonna go for it i’m not playing anything all right no go go no go vinny buy like half a car yeah i also missed third let’s run it again let’s go right back into it same race same race i want to do a real heads up yeah you’ll win what i have to cheat or i won’t win it’s all oh i have the reaction time of a dead moose right now i’m really tired so all right

Let’s do what you need my head some human horsepower there you go then if you win then we’ll do something else okay okay all right um two cars i think vinnie missed the gear yo and that that launch ron’s long boy that was that was a launcher yeah you know the thing about ron is uh ron’s best as an underdog he has to lose and then he’s got to come back

So uh yeah i think we’d do a roll race down yeah that was three he beat you by three cars who is down there i have to have a word with their manager because that was not three cars it was like a car and a half you want to count them right here watched watch you watch what that is three cars that is three cars all right well done sir we’re all done well done that

Thing sounds good that full catalyst brace exhaust roll race this is for the win it’s one one first gear we’ll do like a ten mile an hour home and ten but they’re stock turbo and stock cars all right he knows what he’s doing who’s pacing who he pretty much has a power question he only do one shift the real way for vin to win this if he was smart you just keep

Doing races over and over and over it’s going to explain yeah no just explode apex seal straight up fall starts fall starts all right for the last race good old-fashioned roll race about like a 10 mile an hour roll which we all know means like 30. why are they starting so far back don’t die chase get out of the way so close wow so close so close literally a

Bumper that was like one of the closest races so you won but buy a nose later it was honestly it was only because of the gearing because i heard you do that three shift and my car is still in like mid-second gear yeah yeah yeah don’t shift don’t jump don’t jump you were gaining on me on the top end and then the only reason you didn’t keep pushing is because you

Had to shift yeah i saw the nose of your car go like this well thank you guys yeah jdm dreams yeah thanks for having us out guys really appreciate it yeah yeah we’ll never have you back level is seriousness

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Acura NSX Races an FD RX-7: JDM Hero Showdown! // THIS vs THAT By Hoonigan