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Alfa Romeo Stelvio Nero Edizione

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Alpha Motors a family-owned award-winning business for over 39 yrs are proud to present for sale this superb Alfa Romeo Stelvio Nero Edizione TD AWD Auto.

Hi welcome to alpha motors here in wigan my name is dominic and today i’m excited to show you around this lovely 2019 69 plate alfa romeo stellium now this is the nero edition which is basically a black edition car so you get nice additions to the exterior the car itself is finished it is stunning and highly desirable gray metallic paint work now with the black

Edition you get the upgraded special a style headlamps so lots of styling cues from say the quadrifoglio so you’ve got the led strips though you’ve got the black within the center grille we’ve got the upgrade inch alloy wheels which are five twin spokes we’ve got gloss black on the window surrounds we’ve got the roof bars on this one privacy glass to the rear

And then just looking through to the bottom there you’ve got the nice sporty side skirt as well now coming through to the rear we’ve got our privacy glass we’ve got gloss black exhausts surrounds as well so nice sporty styling to the rear we’ve got a full electric tailgate so just press of a button and that glides up like so we’ve got our reversing camera found

Just up there but loads of luggage space in the rear so we’ve got our parcel shelf we’ve got split folding rear seats down here you’ll find a collapsible spur wheel with all the kit to change it as well we’ve got our inflation kit at the bottom but press of a button and that glides down like so a fantastic looking car plenty of space as well so a nice big boot

Is coupled with a spacious rear so in the back here it’s a lovely half leather cloth sport seats we’ve got isofix in the bottom for our child seats as well central armrest with cupholders and the alpha romeo script looking at the backs of the front seats they’ve not been kicked and scratched to death they’re in nice order and then coming through to the cabin

Inside we’ve got our four electric windows electric mirrors a full leather multi-function steering wheel so we’ve got our starter button there lane deviation we’ve got our front cruise control with the adaptive function as well volume controls media controls now as we’re doing this video today this vehicle has only covered let’s have a look 15 871 miles which

Is absolutely nothing to one of these then coming through to the center we’ve got our full satellite navigation we’ve got our full dab radio as well media phone navigation car that’s all found up on there climate control with a conditioning automatic box with the manual mode as well dna dynamic drive electric parking brake and usb ports in the center as well

But fantastic fit and finish all throughout the cabin you can tell the car’s truly been cherished by the previous owners no signs of any sort of rips or tears on these seats it’s never been smoked in never had any sort of pets in the wreath and then just quickly i’ll show you through for the driver’s seat so we’ve got the alfa romeo script embossed looking at

The actual seats themselves they are in superb order but a a lovely looking thing so if you’d like anything further on this vehicle you can give us a call on oh one nine four two two three one one two three you can email us at sales at uk my name is dominic so i’ll happily look after you there’s also my colleague graham and lee but if you’d like

Anything further on this vehicle please do give us a call but thank you for watching and we look forward to your inquiry

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio Nero Edizione By Alpha Motors Wigan